Sunday, November 21, 2004

Update on me

Hi all. A lot has happened since I last spoke to everyone in the blogoshere on Friday Afternoon. It involved a formal, an after-party, and a cool new game.

Well when I left you, I was leaving to get ready for my formal on Friday night. I met my friends at a park in Campbelltown to drive a limo to the venue. When we arrived our parents were snapping lots of photos and video, Geez! We went to Appin House, a very cozy venue. Everyone looked great. There were some speeches, dinner, and then some awards. Our group of friends did well snatching 10 of this years awards, including me as Bachelor of the Year! What the...
Afterwards there was dancing, where we had a ball, it included a congo line and a wicked mosh pit.

But the night didn't end there. I went to a friends house, for a mediocre after party. It was fairly calm, not much drinking was done, but we did watch Robin Hood: Men in tights, Shrek, and Pirates of the Caribbean till about four the next morning, where I was woken up at 8 to go to the dentist, Grrr!

When I got back, I was meant to go a family barbecue, but after one of my friends pleaded me to go partying with him, I got out of it. I went to his place, where he was going for his license so we could get to this wicked party. Lucky being only luck, he didn't get them and three of us spent to night playing a new game that I've been dying to get!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game I have ever seen. You can do anything, I found myself acting very childish as I got all excited when I discovered a cool new feature. The character can now swim, instead of just drowning when he fell in the water. You character's clothes can be customized, including hair and tattoos. You have to eat, and work out, you character gets better skills with experience, and that game is two player. Wow, I am a mega game geek aren't I, well I might be getting the game on Wednesday.