Tuesday, November 23, 2004


What a better late night topic than the drink that keeps people glued to their computer screens doing mind-numbing things such as surf on blogexplosion rather than write the novel of your dreams. Well I went to the city today with two friends, mainly because it was a fare free day. This is because the trains are crap, so crap that this legal secretary got on the radio and told the whole of Sydney to not pay today. The Premier backed down and made it official. Anyway we caught a train that went half way round the world before arriving in the city. This really sucked because we were busting for breakfast at Maccas. So we got of at the quey, and bolted to the Maccas across the road. We arrived at 10:31 (I'm not joking), but there were three bacon & egg Mcmuffins left. Anyway back to coffee, my friend Ben wanted to go to the bank on Pitt Street, and next door happened to be a Starbucks. Now I have always been skeptical about chain coffee shops, mainly because chain hamburger places aren't as good as the local hamburger shop. Well since it was early (10:45 is early for me now, since there is no school) Me and Mitch got a small cafe late (pronounced in a strong aussie accent to avoid sounding like a stuck up yuppie) and it was nice. I mean one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. Why does globilisation have to taste so good. I think they're building a Starbucks at our local shopping centre with the Krispie Kreams and the ice rink. Well it's late, I have an annoying virus on my computer that I haven't been able to get rid of for weeks and I'm too lazy to make a cup of coffee to keep me awake. (Sorry for the spelling and gramma mistakes and all the annoying brackets)