Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Exam reflections: Legal Studies

Well, today was Legal studies, my final exam of the 2004 HSC. I was pretty confident about this one, and I studied for it yesterday with a few friends at the Library. I had to do a do a multiple choice section, a couple of short answer questions on the law, a few extended response questions on crime and two essays on Family Law and World order. Funnily enough the essay were my favourite, in one I got to argue for gay marriage and the other I got critisise America and their involvement in foreign affairs. So I did fairly well, but more importantly it's all over.

I have finished school completely, returned my textbooks, that include three just for modern history. I am free, and it hasn't really sunk in yet, hopefully Uni next year and a new experience for me. But in the meantime it's my novel, parties and a few protests, visit's to detention centres and promoting causes. Basically until March next year, I will be having a lot of fun.