Monday, February 28, 2005

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Seven

Word Count: 12,386

I did some more writing this afternoon and during the early evening. Like I said in my previous post I knew what I was going to write so it just flowed from the beginning. I was really happy about that, not to stare at a blank screen with a blank mind, but this time, not to stare at a blank page with a blank mind. There was one difference I think that contributed to a nice little flow of words today, the environment. I thought a change of scenery would unlock something and it did. I went into my room, closed the door and blared some Marilyn Manson for the mood, and I wrote in my notebook. It was strange writing by hand again, I hadn’t really done it since my exams last year, and it hurt. I had to stop every so often to shake my hand, trying to stop some of the stiffness in my hand. I wrote about half of what I wrote today on paper, I had dinner and typed it up on the document and just kept writing. In this part of the story my main character was trying to understand what was going on with my other main character, who is psychotic and born in another time. He kind of speaks differently, in a jerky and rambling fashion. Most of the time that would be bad, but the nature of this character allows me to surpass boundaries and create my own. This can have a downside, as I am unknown writer publisher’s are less likely to gamble on me if I break limits. But things can be fixed with the re-writes. I have taken a break, and might get back to it later tonight.

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter six

Word Count: 11,105

Yesterday Afternoon, with no net connection I sat down to write. I wrote 500 words, and although that doesn't seem much it's better than usual. I finished the chapter, which again was about 1000 words, 1,082 to be exact. The chapter is ok, and will be better with editing, as will the whole novel, I'm slowly revealing more about the character and trying to set trends of behavior, I read somewhere about body language with character's, like in terms of little mannerisms that add depth. The most significant thing is that I know what to write for the next chapter, maybe this is a sign that my writer's constipation has found some fibre.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sexiest Blogger Award

I've bowed to pressure from a few in the blogospere and am now hosting the sexiest blogger award. Yes me, doesn't make sense, I know tuff shit. If you have a blog and think your pretty fine looking nominate yourself even or nominate another sexy blogger. No real rules just you gotta look good and have a blog, easy. There will seperate winners for male and female

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Conspiracy theory or not?

Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth, by William Clark, updated: Jan 2004

I found this via a blog surfing through blogexplosion called "Powers not delegated" The article is suggesting that the real reason for the Iraq war was to control the geopolitical climite of the middle-east because it was central to the oil industry. Bush needed to do this because OPEC was shifting towards trading oil via the Euro and not the US dollar. This could have the effect that was seen in Germany after the war. Mega inflastion. I don't know how accurate this theory is, but seeing Bush is a greedy and rich bastard it wouldn't suprise me.

A question

Yes I have a question for everyone who reads, or is here from blogexplosion on a 30 second crusade for half a credit. This might only apply to lefties but it's not a politics question. I am trying to figure out the source of my writer's block or writer's constipation, if you will. The story is a gory, violent, bloody, evil, sadistic, Stephen King type of novel. I have written these stories since I have been writing. I got involved in politics a while after this, and it mainly involves human rights and promoting ideas about non-violence, peace, love and all that, I'd like to call myself I real hippie. Now as you can gather my writing mind and my political mind clash, yeah it's weird I know, but I think it's my political conscience that is holding me back from writing a really good book, the idea I have is great. I think I'm trying forcefully put in a message at the end to try to trick myself that I'm not a totally twisted individual.

Now for my question, do you think it's wrong to write gory stories, especially since you fight for human rights? I'm messed up. I know

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Compassion does not excist in the Liberal party

Airlines won't fly her, now woman, 104, ordered out - National -

Stuff the Liberal party having liberal values. This party is the most right-wing and uncompassionate government in a long time. A 104 year old chinese woman has been refused a visa and cannot go home because she is too frail to fly. Without a visa she is an illegal immigrant and presumably she could be held in immigration detention until she dies. She cannot get access to public health services without a visa and because of her age, her medical bills are a big problem. The family of the woman has called for some compassion.

(No title is offensive enough to that lying rodent)

PM defends backflip on troops - National -

Before the election Howard promised that he would keep interest rates low, well he stuffed that one up. He also said that he wouldn't substantially increase the number of troops, well guess what he's done that too. He has made a $300 million dollar decision to send 450 troops over there. What the hell is wrong with this guy, other than the fact he's right wing nut-case. I mean, he's commiting political suicide. I'm not complaining, people are going to be pissed off at this, like I am, but it will be the general public. We've had enough. No more lies, no more Bush ass-licking, no more violent, corrupt or dishonest actions in the name of a capitalist government that treads of the little guy.

There is going to be a huge rally at Hyde Park on Sunday March 20 at 12 noon. This will coincide with similar events all over the globe as organised by various political and anti-war groups. It's going to be big, there is atleast more than 6900 from the Herald newspoll that disagress with howards decision. Show it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Six

Word Count: 10,585

Well I wrote about 500 words tonight, seeing I have written very little lately this is a start. It's late, I've been waiting for the caffeine to wear off (another bad habit.) The thing that got me out of this writer's block was a bit of a flashback, with my character this is very relevent. I stopped writing as I realized I was getting choppy, a little rambly and distracted by other things. My creative moments, are rare at the moment and only last for a short while. So it's best for me to use them in a hurry. Get things down when they're there. No one is going to be home tomorrow, so it should be a good chance to try and get something down, just need to find a creative key that doesn't expire in a hurry. Funny how I can write endlessly here and not for my novel, maybe it's my inner critic.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Need to change my lifestyle

I'm disgusted with myself really. My weekdays consist of sitting here, procrastinating about writing, mediocre job hunting and plain being lazy. I can't find a job, (I could try harder) so without Tafe on a monday night, and sometimes Socialist Alternative of a tuesday night I'm at home doing basically nothing. I think finding a job would lift me up a bit, and maybe speed up my writing progress. The Scribe has challenged her readers to write for at least an hour a day. I don't do that, and I should if I'm going to call myself a writer. So I have accepted her challenge, and I will try. So if you guys have a job for me, please please, help me out here.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Stephen King's Dead Zone

I borrowed this movie from the local library because it had something to do with psychic ability and I thought it could help inspire me for my novel, well I did solve my writer’s block but that’s a different story. The movie is an adaptation from the Novel by no other than Stephen King. It’s about a guy who has an accident and falls into a five year coma, when he wakes he finds he has an amazing ability to see things from the past, present and future. The movie is great, especially at the end, but I won’t give it away. Charlie Sheen plays a chilling senate candidate that almost resembles George W. Well worth a look.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Five (10,000 word mark)

Word Count: 10,013

Well I've passed the 10,000 word mark and into 5 figures. That is somewhat pleasing. I think I've finished chapter five unless I get a sudden burst of inspiration to add more. But in my current creative state it looks unlikely. I’m lacking inspiration, and the words still aren't flowing. This chapter was only 836 words, is that too short considering two chapter ago I wrote 3,000 plus. Most chapters have been around the thousand word mark except for the prologue and Chapter three which were reasonably long. I think that's ok, as they are key chapters. My Ukranian character has started speaking English, which is releaving, the moments before when he spoke was in Ukranian and it was difficult to convey what he was saying whilst also allowing my other character to understand also.

Now two problems: Is the thousand word chapters ok? And How do I revive some of my creative inspiration so the words can start flowing?

Detention causes severe psychological damage

Psychiatrist seeks check on detainees - Immigration -

A study has found that immigrants locked in immigration detention are twice as likely to suffer symptoms of mental illness including severe anxiety, depression and a risk of suicide. This follows the detention of an Australian mistaken to be an illegal immigrant. She had suffered schizophrenia before hand and her 10 month detention aggravated her illness, especially since she was locked in isolation for 18 hours a day. Refugee Advocates are calling for a full, independent and public inquiry into mental illness in Immigration detention. I think it is appalling that the treatment of Cornelia Rau had changed so dramatically between when she was thought to be an illegal immigrant and when she was discovered to be Australian.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Habib left with severe psychological scars and an unfair stigma of guilt

I'm no terrorist, but I won't say why I was there - National -

Habib may have been tortured: Downer - Anti-Terror Watch -

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib appeared on Sixty Minutes last night to tell the world of his torture at the hands of the American government. Sadly the news following the interview has all been hysteria towards whether or not he's a terrorist despite being released because there was no evidence against him. Torture included shock treatment, beating, drugging, and even telling him that they had killed his family. Today the majority of coverage focused on his refusal to verify his intentions when he was in Afghanistan. They claimed that he is obviously guilty because he didn't say anything, but anyone who knows anything about the law would know that doing so would adversely affect his court case which aims to re-claim his passport and clear his name.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ben picks up Bronze.

Ben picks up a bronze medal Posted by Hello

This happened a few weeks ago, but I just got this pic of my camera now. My friend Benjamin Harris picked up a bronze medal at the Youth Olympics at Olympic Park Sydney. He placed in the bronze medal position for syncronised Trampolining. He is ranked very high in Australia for double mini tramp.

Oh and he is turning 18 tomorrow with two other of my friends that are turning 18 this week.

Jumbled priorities at the White House

Bush rejects Korean call for two-way nuclear talks - World -

This is a very confusing situation. North Korea has announced publicly that they have Nuclear Weapons. America is reluctant to hold bi-lateral talks. The North Korean leader is clearly nuts and every piece of diplomacy must be attempted before there is a dire situation. But what puzzles me more is the fact that they are arguing intervention in Iran when there is no solid evidence. Let me get this strait, North Korea, officially nuclear and the US avoid talks, and Australia calls it a bluff. Iran, no solid evidence and the US are pushing hard to intervene. Is he really that stupid? Hmm, I think it's something to do with oil.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Samantha!

This is just a note to say Happy Birthday to my sister Samantha. She turned 10 today. She probably wont read this unless I show it to her, if she sees it she will think she's famous.

Also, I changed the middle picture of my header to one from Radio 2UE (notice the Microphone), the first one received some comments about it's appropriateness for a political blog and it's un-flattering representation.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Judgement

What do you think of the new design
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Kool, need to change the header pics for sure

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Message from the city

Hi, I'm writing thois message from a computer cafe in the middle of Sydney. I went to a rally outside the department of immigration. We were calling for a full and independent inquiry into the detention regime. It was dissapointing that around only 50 people turned up. I'm still here because I'm doing a promotional stall for Socialist Alternative at 5pm, at Town Hall.

Hope you guys like the new design, the header pics will change later on, when I get the best pics.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Warning: Things are not as they seem

Just a note to say that things around here wont be as normal for about 6 hours or so, I'm going to be in the middle of huge re-design, the first stage will be a blank template then I will add things as I go. Hi BE users, just pop back and things will look snazy and new.

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter Five

Word count: 9,517

Haven't had one of these in a bit. I don't think I even did one for chapter four. Well I finished chapter four, it was a short chapter, but very eventful. I'm onto chapter five now, and I'm a little stuck, it's moving too slowly for my liking. I'm lacking inspiration, you know, like a creative energy. Music can sometimes give it to me, or I had a real big boost a creative energy one time when I saw an interview with Daniel Johns and Andrew Denton's show 'Enough Rope.' He's not a writer but he is still a creative genius. If you listen to Silverchair album 'Diorama' you'll know why. Daniel was the front man for Silverchair till they broke up, and now he's teamed up with Paul Mac to form the Dissociatives. They played that night and I was impressed. Now if only I had a tape of that interview, I'd be back in the right mindset. Might get some rest and see if I've got it in the morning.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Some changes

I have made some changes to my sidebar, no shoutbox, changed a few of the fonts and my reading list is syndicated with, more for the convenience of the instant html code rather than the money.

I hope to soon create my own template, start off with a basic one, add my own fancy sidebar headers and a wicked header. I want to minimise my sidebar and make it neat and professional, so expect some changes around here in the coming month or two, I have alot of spare time on my hands due to the fact I'm only writing and doing tafe four hours a week until I get a job, which is becoming frustrating, because I can't find one.

Rau is hopefully the catalyst for more media coverage on a shocking policy

'It's torture, it's sheer torture' - Immigration -

Following the Cornelia Rau case, more reports of human right's abuses in Baxter Detention centre. Hassan, an Algerian man, fled amid torture in his home country. He was locked in Baxter because his paper's weren't in order.

"When they came to check out what was happening they came in force, that is the immigration officials, the guards there, and they made him strip," Ms Milne told ABC radio.

"They examined him and there were two females there, one was a psychologist, another one was an immigration officer.

"And the humiliation of having to bend over and be internally examined by people who are watching you as well as being on a video camera, he just felt was the greatest humiliation in his whole life."

Monday, February 07, 2005

First Day of Tafe

I started tafe tonight, I wasn't looking forward to it. I wanted to go to uni, but instead I'm stuck doing a four hour per week course at tafe for 18 months. Then maybe I can go to uni. The course isn't bad, we were there from 6 to 9, and the teacher is a bit of lefty, so we should get on fine. I would just rather be doing something full-time. I'm waiting on a traineeship at Bankstown Council for Journalism, that would be better. For now, I'm going to spend my vast amounts of free-time looking for jobs, writing my novel, and doing political stuff.

She is Australian so now we care!

My sister lost her mind, and Australia lost its heart - National -

Chris Rau, the sister of Cornelia Rau, or also known as 'Anna' has spoken out about incarceration of her sister at Baxter Detention Centre. She says:

Which brings us to the shameful double standard Cornelia's case illustrates. While she was an unnamed illegal immigrant, the only treatment she received for mental illness was longer periods in lock-up as punishment for bad behavior. From the information coming out of Baxter, the lock-ups led to a worsening of her condition and worse behavior.

Yet, magic! As soon as she became an Australian resident she was whisked away to a teaching hospital, seen by consultant psychiatrists and medicated. During which leg of her flight from Baxter to Adelaide did she suddenly gain the basic human right to medical treatment?

Over the years we have heard of immigration detainees being denied access to psychiatric care, some with horrific mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies. How many cases like Cornelia's will it take until they receive the care they deserve, or more importantly, are taken out of conditions which in themselves lead to mental illnesses?

This asks a lot of questions, ones the government seems to try to evade. They won't issue an apology and defend their actions saying she spoke German so she must be German. Is that the stupidest thing anyone could say let alone someone running our country. They also said that they're own psychological analysis found that she was mentally ill, but other detainees and advocates saw her sitting in the dirt, eating it and saying how she wanted to die. It is a disgrace to be Australian when the only way we can publicize the atrocities of our government is by having one of our own locked up.

The stupidity of our government

US Court Ruling Makes Farce of Ruddock Bill

Our government is so stupid it backs a US court when the US finds it's illegal. Yes, Ruddock passed a bill that legitimised any Australians charged through the military commission at Guantanomo Bay, but a US case found that the commission breaches they're constitution. Are we really that stupid. It just shows that we do anything to suck up to these profit hungry Americans, when will we think for ourselves. Maybe after there's a socialist revolution. Wake up people.

A need to be green

Greenpeace Forests

I have always been a greenie at heart. From a young age I have always wanted to be involved in environmental projects, even collecting littered cans for recycling. I have kind of lost touch as of late, but I had the urge tonight to visit the greenpeace homepage. I browsed around, and came across a branch site of theirs about the logging of ancient forests in Papua New Guinea and other pacific island nations. It really enlightens you to the greed of big name companies. I am going to try and buy green products mostly.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Change of scenery

I'm starting to get a little irritated by this template, I have used it since my blog started last July, because it looked very writer-esque. I think I might change, but I will wait until blogexplosion announce they're winner for a free re-design who knows I might win. Hi to all BE users. Stop and look around, and please if you can, leave a comment.

also I think my PBA blogroll is making my blog load slowly, if my blog is loading for you, tell us.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ladder 49

I saw a movie last night, Ladder 49. My friend picked and I didn't think I'd like it, I thought it'd be a 'macho-macho- firefighter type movie, but it wasn't what I expected. By the end me and my tow mates either side of me were wiping there eyes. It was an incredibly moving movie. I don't like to give too much away, but it was all about a firefighters rise from a rookie to a brave firefighter, and it told of the dangers associated with the job. It made you look up to people who risk their own lives everyday to save others. I'm not talking about the army, but real heroes, people who save lives instead of take them.

'Anna' is Australian

Solved: mystery of detainee 'Anna' - National -

Me and other refugee advocates have been trying to publicize the tragedy of Anna. The mentally ill girl that has been locked up in isolation within immigration detention for 18 hours a day. Well we have now found out that she is fact Australian. She was originally thought to be German because she was found to be babbling in German. In fact she came to Australia when she was one. She is schizophrenia and has a fear of imprisonment. This is the first time a immigration story has made headlines in a while. One difference, the girl is Australian, so all of a sudden everybody cares that an Aussie was locked up in a hell hole. But everyone is just going to forgot the 80+ children in there. This really hightlights this countries xenophobic attitudes.

Friday, February 04, 2005

As I've said before, the army has a culture problem the reflects on the rest of the world

Shooting people? Yes sir, it's a hell of a hoot - World -

An American Lieutenant has said the shooting people in Iraq "it's a hell of a hoot". This is not the first time I've reported on such instances. It is this kind of attitude that leads to a kind of culture that says that the solution to the world's conflicts is to blow your enemies up. Sure they think killing lots of terrorists will end up killing terrorism. What would you say if they said the same thing. Killing all the imperialists will rid imperialism. I can see all you right-wing loonies standing up right now and saying that you will never stop fighting, that if they killed more of you, they you'd get real pissed and there'd be more fighting. Duh, that's what happening. You kill one, you piss off the whole of the Arab world and now there is this culture of conflict between the two sides of the world. No leader is looking to resolve problems, just blow people up that are different on both sides of the debate.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Iraqi election

There has been a lot of talk about the election, most of it unfortunately coming from right-wing nut jobs. For those who think the election is a true exercise of democracy, you really aren't that smart are you. If people would think for themselves rather than listen to biased, pro-government media you would clearly see that you can't have a free and fair election when you have a foreign occupier. America has a history of bodging democracy when in foreign occupation. We only need to look back to Vietnam where the US boycotted the vote for fear of communist victory. How can an election be fair when there are so many candidates, and most of them unknown clearly to the voters. Only around 50% voted, is that fair? Also you had to go through American scrutineering to run for government! That is not democracy.


For whom the bell tolls - Immigration -

Can I ask the Australian government one question? What will you achieve by deporting this man? He will be killed for fighting for democracy. You and Bush try to ensure democracy in Iraq but when a man flees Iran for fear of his life. You lock him up.

"Iranian security caught me," he says. "I was put in a small cell, one metre by two metres. I cannot see outside. The window is very high. Always there is a strong light shining outside. I had no visitors. At night I hear guns. Many people were executed in Evin prison. I hear people screaming. I do not want to think about this time."

Don't tell me he came here illegally. What everone fails to see is, under international law you have the right to apply for Asylum and whether you came here legally or not has nothing to do with it. This man is an inspiration. He needs our help, support and protection. Not years of unjust incarceration only to be sent back and most likely killed in the name of Democracy.