Wednesday, February 23, 2005

(No title is offensive enough to that lying rodent)

PM defends backflip on troops - National -

Before the election Howard promised that he would keep interest rates low, well he stuffed that one up. He also said that he wouldn't substantially increase the number of troops, well guess what he's done that too. He has made a $300 million dollar decision to send 450 troops over there. What the hell is wrong with this guy, other than the fact he's right wing nut-case. I mean, he's commiting political suicide. I'm not complaining, people are going to be pissed off at this, like I am, but it will be the general public. We've had enough. No more lies, no more Bush ass-licking, no more violent, corrupt or dishonest actions in the name of a capitalist government that treads of the little guy.

There is going to be a huge rally at Hyde Park on Sunday March 20 at 12 noon. This will coincide with similar events all over the globe as organised by various political and anti-war groups. It's going to be big, there is atleast more than 6900 from the Herald newspoll that disagress with howards decision. Show it.