Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Six

Word Count: 10,585

Well I wrote about 500 words tonight, seeing I have written very little lately this is a start. It's late, I've been waiting for the caffeine to wear off (another bad habit.) The thing that got me out of this writer's block was a bit of a flashback, with my character this is very relevent. I stopped writing as I realized I was getting choppy, a little rambly and distracted by other things. My creative moments, are rare at the moment and only last for a short while. So it's best for me to use them in a hurry. Get things down when they're there. No one is going to be home tomorrow, so it should be a good chance to try and get something down, just need to find a creative key that doesn't expire in a hurry. Funny how I can write endlessly here and not for my novel, maybe it's my inner critic.