Sunday, February 27, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Seven

Word Count: 12,386

I did some more writing this afternoon and during the early evening. Like I said in my previous post I knew what I was going to write so it just flowed from the beginning. I was really happy about that, not to stare at a blank screen with a blank mind, but this time, not to stare at a blank page with a blank mind. There was one difference I think that contributed to a nice little flow of words today, the environment. I thought a change of scenery would unlock something and it did. I went into my room, closed the door and blared some Marilyn Manson for the mood, and I wrote in my notebook. It was strange writing by hand again, I hadn’t really done it since my exams last year, and it hurt. I had to stop every so often to shake my hand, trying to stop some of the stiffness in my hand. I wrote about half of what I wrote today on paper, I had dinner and typed it up on the document and just kept writing. In this part of the story my main character was trying to understand what was going on with my other main character, who is psychotic and born in another time. He kind of speaks differently, in a jerky and rambling fashion. Most of the time that would be bad, but the nature of this character allows me to surpass boundaries and create my own. This can have a downside, as I am unknown writer publisher’s are less likely to gamble on me if I break limits. But things can be fixed with the re-writes. I have taken a break, and might get back to it later tonight.