Saturday, July 17, 2004

Finally some action

Great news for the Redfern Police department, when the announcement that 56 new officers would join the station to combat riots and other crime problems. Many have said that this long overdue and it is great to see some improvement in the problem. The article by the SMH also states that this is not a pre-empted move from the upcoming findings in the enquiry into the death of TJ Hickey, and nor should it be. The police have been given a much harder time prior to this and so the move was needed well before this incident.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


It is revealed in a SMH article today that not all children have been released from detention centres. In fact there are still numerous detainees in Villawood, and offshore detention centres. The latest move by the government on the refugee issue sees them trying to persuade mothers and children to move into residential housing project, leaving the fathers to be moved to nearby Baxter detention centre. This is unfare to the men, as I have said before in a previous post. On a more positive note, a man who was released from detention has been reunited with a cat named 'Honey' who stayed with him during his 18 months in detention, see article

Crossing the boundaries

In a Sydney-Morning Herald article today, Tony Abbot supported to screening of an abortion on the ABC in August, others Liberals supported it. Latham, however left it up to the people to decide.
I pose the question, Who wants to watch an abortion? Not me. Abbot, who is a strong Catholic opposed to abortion, wants to the screening in order to change peoples minds about it. It is in my opinion that abortion is right because, it's better than being born in a world where you arn't wanted and cant be looked after properly. The graphic content is aimed at turning people away, there is a war going on Iraq were people are killed and beheaded, but the government still continues on there don't they. It is not right to condemn an option in a free country such as Australia, if Abbot and others don't like abortion that is their choice, but don't go telling students that their choices, that are against his religion, a "National disgrace"

Friday, July 09, 2004 (Site)

Recently, I was told of book called 'Poems from the madhouse' by Sandy Jeoffs, it's a collection of her poetry written whilst she was locked in an Asylum. I have since ordered the book and it reminded me of a poet, Sylvia Plath. I had studied her poem 'Daddy' last year in English and have loved the poem ever since. So with this new burst of inspiration I looked her up on the internet and found this site. It contains ALL of her poems and information on her and her collections and biographies. Great site for a great poet.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What about the men!

In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, it is revealed that there is only 1 child in mainland detention centres. But Amanda Vanstone still denies there is a problem. The Liberal government are contorting their policies to make them sound better then they are, what about the refugees on Nauru and other offshore detention centres, and what about the men in the detention centres, sure your releasing the children because the experience will most definetely cause mentel damage. But Vanstone fails to recognise the Men in the detention centres, they are human too and they can also be seriously damaged. The remaining child is a newborn baby, because the mother doesn't want her and the baby to be seperated from her father. It's a breach of human rights, and even the the Human rights Commision has ruled this, and yet the government still denies there is a problem.
The timing and motives are most evidentely to do with the fact that there is an upcoming election and the people do not agree with the attrocities that are going on. The Liberal government have done a backflip in order to save their own skins.

Monday, July 05, 2004

We don't care what Latham did 15 years ago, Mr Howard.

In my daily browsing on the Sydney-Morning Herald site, I read this article.
Poor Latham, come on give the man a fair go, Johnny. I am several years younger than Mr Howard and yet I act more maturely then him. I will and think everyone else should make their decisions on policy rather then MPs private lives and altercations that happened 15 years ago. I recently was flicking channels and came to parliament question time on the ABC. When one MP comes up to speak the opposing party begin making lots of noise, this happens with both the Liberals and The Labor party members. The speaker then has to bring them to order. Can someone then explain to me why this bunch of overgrown children are running Australia?

Give me a break

I read an article in Sunday's Sun-Herald, where a girl was suspended from her private school for posing in a "comprimising postion." The e-mail was distributed as far as London.
Come on who cares, it wasn't that bad of a picture, all you could see was a bit of clevage, and they suspended her for it, when are private schools going to get a life and mind their own business. The only viable reason for suspending her was that she posed in her school uniform. But to the people who saw the e-mail it probhably didn't matter what school she came from.

John Blumenthal (Site)

A message posted to my yahoo group Net Author, by John Blumenthal revealed his homepage that includes excerpts from his published novels. Although I haven't had the time to read any others on the group have commented on his writing.
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John Howard Lies (Site)

I found this site via my free-the-refugees-campaign group on yahoo groups. This website catalogues the lies, distortions, untruths and misrepresentations that John Howard and his Ministers have peddled to us.
Very Interesting and well worth a look.
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Maroon 5 ‘Songs about Jane’ (CD)

I was mildly impressed by this band upon hearing their first single ‘Harder to breath’ Then further impressed when I heard ‘This love,’ But for me their stand out track is ‘The Sun’ I heard it whilst doing the sound for a Dance Assessment task at school. A mate of mine’s girlfriend was using it for the music to her composition. The track is brilliant, particularly the acoustic version that features on the single CD 'This love'. This album as a whole is brilliant, with no tracks that really disappointed me. The Album is very easy-listening bass type music that creates a very soothing mood.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Welcome to my blog

Hey this is a kool new feature I found through Dee's writing links it's a kool site with heaps of links for writers. As I said on the my homepage This will contain reviews on cds, movies, books, sites etc, plus my thoughs on politics and various issues.