Thursday, December 30, 2004

Good by Bakhtiaris

Well in the middle of the night at about 1am the Bakhtiaris were whisked out of Australia on a chartered flight, the government wanted to hide from the media attention, and the outrage of the unfair treatment of Australia's highest profile Asylum seekers. They were sent on their way to Pakistan despite their pleads by them, activists and others that they are in fact Afghan. They speak Farsi, they look Afghan, and there is evidence that they are, provided from sources within Afghanistan. Why couldn't the government see that? The thing is, if the government finds them to be Afghan they would have had to let them stay, this is the extent the government are willing to lie to avoid showing compassion.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hmm...some thoughts

The tragedy of the earth quake and tsunami in Asia is devastating, I haven't yeet said much about it, but my thoughts go out to all the people out there, with the death toll ever rising, I thank all the countries, organisations and people that have pledged aid to the countries affected. The death toll is coming towards the total of the death in the Dafur region in Sudan. It makes me wonder where there aid is, why hasn't our government pledged millions of dollars to them, I think with more than 75,000 dead and over 2.3 million homeless that the people there could really do with that. Where is the TV news specials for them, why is the situation there seem so much less important than the Tsunami. I still feel for the people in Asia, but why can't we feel for the people in not just Sudan, but Africa as a whole, because their devastation is not a suprise, but a daily occurance, that people seem immune to.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just a note.

I'm still here, just been busy with christmas and the like.
I wrote a poem tonight, which can be found at my site,, and I did a little bit on my novel (refer to meter at left).
Also I got a digital camera for christmas, which is great. But I'm having trouble, getting the photos onto the computer, I even wasted $30 on a compact flash card reader. The thing is, it's my computer. Well in the process I managed to make my computer faster, give it more free space, and remove some virus' and spyware, but still no pictures to show you. It's a shame, I really want to change my profile picture to something less formal. I'm still alive, are you? Leave a comment if your still here reading.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas to all

This is just a note to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there who celebrate it also gretting for anyone else who is celebrating something else this time of year. Well I finished to article, and sent it to the editor, I'll keep you posted on where you can find it.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Break and reflect

I'm taking a small break from writing this article to write this short post. I am having mixed feelings about a lot of things at the moment. I haven't blogged since Monday, which is also a worry, however minor. Between writing tonight, there was a period of stoppage, where I ended up in bed, and saying to myself that it's a waste of time. This has nothing to do with me, or my writing, but my family. I was interupted when my sister wanted to use the computer, but I was busy and I stressed to her that I needed to finished this. She didn't care, my dad got involved, and they were all arguing that I was hogging the computer, that I should give her a go. What was she going on for? to talk to friends. I was writing an article. Big difference. I feel with my political involvement and with my journalism, I'm doing something bad, like I'm taking drugs or going out stealing or something. My parents act as if me caring about things is wrong. My family, except for my bitchy sister lean to the side of 'mortgage is all that matters, and if your a muslim, your a terrorist.' I have learnt to avoid political discussions because they lead to full-blown arguments. But now I find I have to shut up about what I'm doing, like I'm doing something wrong. So I took to much time writing this post, so I wont fix gramma or spelling mistakes. By the way, Merry Christmas to you all.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Just a link

Middle East Times

I don't like talking religion, so I won't, I'll just leave you with a link to a story in the Middle East Times.

Real problems take second pillar to the problems of the Bush dictatorship

Sudanese troops raiding Darfur: African Union - World -

Darfur is not getting any better, further raids, including by air have ravaged the region. The African Union are trying desperately to enforce peace in the region, but unlike the Iraq situation, international assistance is limited. With 70,000+ people dead and over 2.3 million homeless, isn't this a real problem, instead of a problem the US created in Iraq, they invaded them, not the other way around, why should they get help. But yet again the media falls silent on real problems, in favour of quibbles that feature the dictatorship of George W. Bush.

Friday, December 17, 2004

The government once again avoid others finding the truth

Mental fears for hunger strikers - Immigration -

There are fears for the mental health of those hunger striking at Baxter Immigration Detention Centre. An alliance of independent psychiatrists and GP's have been formed to access those hunger striking, including those who have sewn their lips together. But the group has been denied access, the government claims that there is to much hype about the ordeal, and they shouldn't be negotiated with. Does the government have any compassion, for someone to take such a drastic stand would require some sort of severe suffering. Dr Newman said: "This latest outbreak of despair and self-harm is entirely predictable. Long-term detention damages psychological health and the prospect of indefinite detention results in hopelessness and mental deterioration."

And the results are in.

Well I got my HSC results today, for those who are saying 'HSC? What the...?" it's my final year results. My mum was hassling for me to get up early so I could see them, I didn't, I just went on sleeping, amidst being mildly annoyed by my mum's nagging. My results are fine, nothing special, I'm just writing this post because I think that this is a major event and must be reported on, and my UAI is in tomorrow, that's my rank for University admission. Oh yea, I didn't write last night, my sister was on the computer so I watched lame slasher flicks till 1am.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where have I been?

Monday was the last time I graced my presence on here. This would be for a variety of reasons, 1. Monday was the last night I was home. Tuesday night I was at a friends watching iRobot after an exhausting day at the beach, and last night I went to my school's presentation night, where a few friends got awards. and 2. I have spent any other free time bludging and not even bothering to do much at all except indulge in a bit of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Whilst watching iRobot, which has a cool message at the end, I came up with a little bit for my novel when I was daydreaming. So tonight I'm ready to keep typing away, at the detriment of my parents, who find the 'tatter tatter' of the keyboard increasingly irritating.

One other thing, my results are in tomorrow, so I'll be on the net in the morning in a rush to release the pressure, and then either party hard or drown my sorrows.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Public opinion survey

Well the HSC is over for me. But not my sister, she is now on the same voyage I have now finished, and she needs your help. She is doing a research project on the refugee issue for one of her subjects, and for it she, with my help, has made a survey to record people's opinions. So please go to: and answer a few questions, it will only take two minutes or so. If you know absolutely zilch on what the whole refugee issue is, please visit The Age's achive on the issue at or

They're crying out load for our support.

Baxter protest from the rooftops - Immigration -

An Asylum seeker from Iran has been seen protesting on the roof of Baxter Detention centre screaming, "I am a Christian, and I cannot go back to Iran.", he is part of 22 other detainees who have been on a hunger stike for just over a week, five stiching their lips together. The man said his rooftop protest was the only way he could show his plight to the Australian public.

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter One

Word Count: 3353

Last night I got writing again, it was only a little bit, and I did a little bit more this evening. Tomorrow I'm off to the beach, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to do some more, but then again I might get into it tonight, I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter 1 (and other stuff)

Ok, the prologue is done...for now, and I am about to move onto the first chapter. To tell you the truth the prologue was done a while ago, but I'm at a loss as to how to start the first chapter. It has given me some time to think things over, and the story is forever changing in my head. This is a good thing, because my story is constantly gaining more and more depth, I'm coming up with more stuff that adds interest to my character's and sub-plots that make it easy to string to story together and keep it moving.

With no writing, you'd think I'd be doing nothing, but I have been doing something. I have been working on an article for a webzine, from the US. The article is on the Australian refugee issue, and it's basically an overview of the whole issue. I sent the article away to the editor for a first look and he sent it back with notes for me to fix it up, this experience is extremely enjoyable and worthwhile.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Blackmail at it's most disgusting.

Countries that refuse US immunity 'face aid cuts' - World -

George Bush is going to cut humanitarian aid to countries that wont grant the US immunity from a future war crimes tribunal. By doing this hasn't he basically admitted to war crimes? If not, why would he do something so drastic? I know that the US are guilty of atrocious acts during the war, even though the mainstream media in Australia won't peep a word of it. It's because I care, I enough to find the real truth, and not some fake story telling me the American's are doing a noble thing. The problems run right into the American Army culture, the music in the comms, the kind of culture that instills killing people as an ok thing, and a way to create peace. Sorry you don't have to be a rocked scientist to realize invading a country does not equal peace, especially when it involves a large amount of civilian casualties. This really does prove that George W. Bush has no compassion.

After 10 years to problem doesn't get any better.

UN lists children's fatal legacy of hunger, war and disease - Health -

UNICEF have released a report detailing the suffering of Children in the world. It produced some heart-breaking statistics, and makes you worry, with all the starving and sick children inhabiting the world's poorest countries, why aren't countries such as the US, Australia, UK and other healthy countries helping? They say it's not their responsibility to help out. Maybe countries should stop caring whether or not their responsible and just help out because they can. I mean the main way they do help, is to give out loans, but this leaves the country with a debt that is hampering the country from climbing out a vicious hole of poverty. A main source is conflict as stated in the report: "Fifty-nine wars were fought around the world between 1990 and 2003, and 16 of the world's 20 poorest countries suffered violent conflict in the past 15 years."

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The truth comes out, but what's going to come of it.

Senate inquiry finds PM misled public - Immigration -

A senate inquiry has officially found that Howard had misled the public during the 2001 election campaign over the children overboard claims.

Mr Howard and other Liberal MPs claimed that children were thrown overboard when the SIEV X 4 sank on route to Australia, full of Refugees. They used this as a major political tool to deceive the Australian public into attaching an unfair stigma to Asylum seekers. I didn't need an official inquiry to tell me that Howard lied.

But what will come of it? Will the media actually report on this adequately, the report came out at about 5pm this afternoon, and I still haven't heard anything about it except for from the Age. Isn't it a shame that I have to search articles from a Melbourne newspaper to be adequately informed when I live in Sydney, isn't it even more of a worry, that I have to turn to an amateur journalist/blogger to get some truth about the battle of Fallujah via

A great book has been published on the SIEV X tragedy where hundreds of Asylum seekers were left to drown outside Australian waters because if the government saved them they would have to bear the responsibility of their claims for Asylum. I have put the book on my chrissy wish-list. I just hope my racist grandparents won't realize what the book is all about and then decide not to get it for me because they are too ignorant to care.

update: since writing this major news sources around Australia have made a mention but not much.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

In the spirit of Christmas

In the Christmas spirit and as a new tradition between me and my friends, we have got our photo taken with Santa. Yes, I know we are 17-18, but we don't care, it's nice photo, don't you think?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What is worse than terrorism?

Annan Warns Chaos Looms in Violent Darfur (

This is easy, the situation in Darfur is far worse. Whilst I feel for the vicitims of Terrorist attacks, the situation in Sudan recieves vastly less attention then the 'War on Terror' or the Iraq (which isn't even against Terrorists). How many died in 9/11 ...2,000 ...3,000. Yeah that's alot. But try around 70,000 people dead and millions homeless. But no one says much about that. Why? Because people only care when American's die. We all mourn the death of Americans but we are cut off from feeling compassion for people over the other side of the globe. Tell me where would troops be better off. In Iraq, fighting an unnessary war, or in Sudan protecting the people. No, not invading Sudan, but going into the Darfur region and protecting them and providing food and care. That would make a real difference.

Absolutely disgraceful

Vanstone defends family's treatment -

An Indian family that migrated to Australia are facing deportation because their son is Autistic. When their visas expired, they had to apply to the immigration department to stay in Australia. The discriminatory system has the ability to reject applications if people aren't of sound health, this includes this family because their son is Autistic. Is this really fair?

New story

To keep my novel from going stale, I have turned to writing a different story. I wrote this just now, it's under 1000 words, so it's not long. It's called 'His father's words', have a look and tell me what you think. For Blogexplosion users, the story open's in a new window.

Monday, December 06, 2004

News in review

Scathing Putin brands US a dictatorship - SMH
Russian president has labeled George Bush a dictator over global affairs, saying a unipolar world would only worsen the threat of Terrorism. I whole-heartedly agree when the Russian leader says, "Even when dictatorship is beautifully gift-wrapped in pseudo-democratic phraseology, it has never been capable of resolving systemic problems. On the contrary, it can only make them worse,"

Trail of al-Qaeda fades away- SMH
The search for Osama bin Laden has gone cold, and the Pakistani president has said the US bears a large amount of responsibility for that. He said that there was a lack of troops in the region to fill in the 'voids.' Mr Bush said there was "nobody more dedicated" to tracking down bin Laden. That I agree with, as Mr Bush seems to think Iraq is more important than tracking down a mass-murdering Terrorist.

Images of Fighting in Fallujah Compel at Different Levels - Washington Post
A Blogger's coverage of the Battle of Fallujah is much more graphic and truthful than a US military slideshow. Isn't it a sad time for the media, when the main-stream media fails to adequately show the effect this war has on civilians and it is left up to a part time blogger to tell the world the truth. 'Iraq in pictures' gives a more in depth and truthful look at the horrors of this war. (Warning: Some pictures are extremely disturbing)

Egypt using laws to 'stifle' free speech - Middle East Times
Egypt's opposition left-wing party is moving to remove laws that ban gatherings of more than five people without the approval of the government. This has the effect of removing the threat that is faced from opposition demontrations.

Israeli, Palestinian doves spread message - Middle East Times
There is re-newed hope for piece in the region, when prominent groups from both sides of the divide will air presentations promoting peace to region prompting new talks.

Israel, Egypt Swap Prisoners in Sign of Warmer Ties -
Egypt-Israeli relations have been given a boost with the swapping of political prisoners.

And that's my wrap, also my post on the refugee issue has been cross-posted to In Search of Utopia

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Novel Update: First Draft - Prologue

Word count: 2903

Well I have basically finished the prologue. I think that more of what happened prior to the main part of the story can be explained during the story. It is finished for the time being, and will undoubtedly require tweaking/re-writing like the rest will when the first draft is finished.

Tomorrow I will turn to other writing projects like an article from an ezine on the refugee issue, and I will also finish a poem, that started with two stanzas that popped in my head at 3am, when I was trying to sleep.

Oh and one more thing, leave questions for my FAQ.

Political Rants.

Prime Minister John Howard said today that civil liberties must be compromised for the Aboriginal community, saying it is less important than staying alive. His statements are completely absurd and divert attention away from the need for further economic involvement by the government. It seems putting lots of money into blowing stuff up over in Iraq is more important than protecting the people that rightfully own this land.
from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The new photos of prisoner abuse in Iraq sicken me. My grand-father said in relation to the Abu-Graib torture scandal, "But it's only physiological", well this is a lot different even if you think psychological torture is ok. Why are the right supporting this? Also the resistance "problem" isn't getting better for the US, so get the fuck out of there it isn't your country.

I sent his letter to the Sydney Morning Herald in regards to this article, where students have defended the reputation of the school, criticizing a rape victims actions and this hit me with anger:

In response to the article titled, "Students challenge rape victim's story", It disgusts me to think people can put the reputation of a school above the well-being of this victim. It is not acceptable to cover up her story, and then make excuses for the rape. Rape isn't excusable no matter what, and the school should be held accountable for it's reckless actions. Private schools receive little admiration or respect from me for their ability to keep students from connecting with different cultures and socio-economic classes, and therefore institutionalizing a lack of tolerance in their education. The fact that they cover up a rape and then try to defend the reputation for the school, lowers my view of Private School further.

Sorry Cow

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Morale question solved and my FAQ

In a previous post I questioned whether or not it was a worry that I wrote gore and horror, yet in reality I'm a human rights activists. I got a few responses to the question. Paul Moment was kind enough to direct me to an interview at the Nanowrimo site where this question was addressed. It said "No one ever accuses Stephen King of fantasizing about being an axe-murderer." and Jay made a comparison to me and Roald Dahl. Who writes disturbing adult novels, whilst also writing moral stories for children. I think you must highlight the fact that there are sick people out there and that brings awareness to the need for human decency. I am trying to weave a moral message of humanity into my novel. Yeah I know a horror novel with a moral to it, don't be surprised it's been done before. I'm still worried about me though.

On another subject, some bloggers have had readers submit questions to compile a FAQ on themselves for other readers. I am interested in doing the same, so please leave some questions so I can get started.

National Treasure

Tonight I expected to sit on the internet all night, doing brain numbing things like browse blogexplosion for hours. Instead I got a phone call from my friend, Ben (no I'm not friends with myself). Me and four other friends went to the local cinema to see the new movie 'National Treasure'. I thought yeah, it might be alright, probably nothing special though. Boy I was so wrong. It has to be one of my favourite movies of all time, next to Braveheart and The Green Mile, among others. The fact that it was PG turned me off, but once you were hooked you forgot about that. It had suspense, action, history, mystery and a little bit of romance and comedy. It let your mind wander. For those who haven't seen or heard about the movie, it's about a treasure that has been passed through civilizations through the years (like right back to ancient Egypt). Until finally the founding father of the US declaration of independence hid it. Now Ben, (just a coincidence) played by Nicholas Cage, is on mission that has been passed down from his great grandfather to find the treasure.

Also I little piece at the start allowed my mind to wander to a solution to one of my holes in my novel, and things are slowly falling into place.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Novel Update: First draft - Prologue

Word count: 2680

Ok, I really am trying to get into a rhythm when I'm writing this, I have brought a big event to start the story, this is a way of hooking the reader in. I have developed my character, and now seems very 3D, but he can be so even more. As I sleep every night, I usually get thoughts on stuff that can happen, filling in more doubts so as I write I am getting even more confident.

But...There's always a but. I'm having a kind of moral dilemma. My writing especially if you read Spontaneous homicide, McSean or Journey out of this place is very graphic and disturbing. Now there are other writer's like this, but the thing that gets me is while I describe in vivid detail how my totally screwed character disembowels someone or hacks out their eyes with a toothpick. I am still someone who is very politically and morally challenged, and I strive for compassion, human decency and equality. Is their a problem with me?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Where is the Fucking compassion

Detainees on hunger strike say goodbye - Breaking News -

Excuse the language, but the refugee issue has laid reasonably dormant, the last couple of days, but it has fumed up again. Read this:

"We have been locked up like animals for a long time and we are not criminal people.

"We want to live in Australia as free people. That is our reason for hunger strike."

The immigration department said the hunger strike was over-exaggerated.

Over-exaggeration! What the Fuck! Let me ask everyone who sits at their computer all day browsing through blogexplosion not giving a shit (this is not all of you) If you were going to be given the death penalty for being a Christian would you flee your country anyway you could? How would you feel when you arrived at a so-called 'country of freedom' and then you were locked up? This problem is not getting any better. Most of the world and even most of Australia don't know enough or don't fucking care. I'm sorry if I blew up over this, but I am very frustrated that this is being ignored on every TV station, that most newspapers ignore this, that most people are so cheap and greedy to forget that they are human and only see them as criminals out to take our welfare.

Australia and it's cheap and dirty trick for not taking responsibility

Most Iraqis on Nauru win refugee status - Immigration -

Good news on the refugee front, 27 Iraqis have been granted refugee status, but the problem is not fixed and this announcement doesn't come without it's problems. Australia will only settle 11 of the refugees, that were detained in Nauru. Leaving the others no better off, they have to find countries that will have them. Why doesn't Australia except them? This is the problem with the so called 'pacific solution' They use Nauru to house Asylum seekers and they are not held accountable because they aren't with in Australian borders. How cheap and cruel can the government get. These people are fleeing persecution, they desperately seek protection and we lock them up, and try as best as we can, even after it takes us three years to find them as refugees, to not have them in our country. THREE YEARS! The government took that long to realize that these people were genuine, come on give me a break Vanstone and get some fucking compassion.

The racism and tolerance problem is getting worse not better

Police probe KKK-style attack - National -

Ok, my politics posts have been kept to a minimum, but today will be an exeption, there are some good news and bad news, so read them, learn and bear with me:

Today there have been reports of a KKK style attack in The Age, "A man and his son were yesterday accused of tying a noose around the necks of two Aborigines...After they broke into a hut...Aboriginal leaders have claimed the youths had nooses tied around their necks and wrists and were dragged around while being beaten for almost an hour along a river bank."

This is a good example of the recent influx of racism against aborigine's. There was an incident where an Aboriginal man died in suspicious circumstances, causing to community to riot. I naively thought that the racism problem was gone for the aboriginal people but it's being brought back up again.

How can someone judge someone based on what colour they are. To put them in a stereotype. This is a fundamental principle that some people fail to understand. Aborigine's are stereotyped as drunk no-hopers, Muslims are stereotyped as angry terrorists. Please this is a problem that deeply troubles me. So before you judge someone, you better have to right knowledge to judge them, otherwise quite bluntly. Fuck You!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No big party alternatives in both Australia and the US

New-look Labor's pitch to business - National -

Labor has retracted today all it's policies that were mildly differing from Howard and his racist, right-wing cronies. They moved in line with the Liberal policy on industrial relations with would slowly phase out any union involvement and they even backed down on their policy to protect the old growth forests. The Labor party are making it worse for themselves not better. I can tell you quite simply why Labor lost. It didn't offer an alternative, they are moving further and further towards the right and now they fail the represent the middle and lower class workers and which they were founded. They're just a cheap right-wing alternative. Maybe my dad, a staunch unionist, will change to the greens now.

This is the same in the US, Kerry lost the election because he didn't offer and alternative. Most of the left-wingers in the US voted for Kerry even though he was going to sustain the war. He wanted to try Osama Bin Laden in a US court, like all the things he did to other countries didn't matter. He puppeted Bush on gay rights. And yet, the left still supported him. I love Michael Moore's film, but I am confused as to why he supported Kerry, when he was for the war. Nader had the best policies of them all, but Moore campaigned to have him off the Ballot.

And nothing will change until lefties get off their asses and do something. Protest, go see your local member and campaigning. Blogging has made a big influence in getting out messages across, but we are still trying to combat the large number of right-wing bloggers that offer their racist taunts and puppet Bush and Howard'ss lies and right-wing hysteria.