Thursday, December 02, 2004

The racism and tolerance problem is getting worse not better

Police probe KKK-style attack - National -

Ok, my politics posts have been kept to a minimum, but today will be an exeption, there are some good news and bad news, so read them, learn and bear with me:

Today there have been reports of a KKK style attack in The Age, "A man and his son were yesterday accused of tying a noose around the necks of two Aborigines...After they broke into a hut...Aboriginal leaders have claimed the youths had nooses tied around their necks and wrists and were dragged around while being beaten for almost an hour along a river bank."

This is a good example of the recent influx of racism against aborigine's. There was an incident where an Aboriginal man died in suspicious circumstances, causing to community to riot. I naively thought that the racism problem was gone for the aboriginal people but it's being brought back up again.

How can someone judge someone based on what colour they are. To put them in a stereotype. This is a fundamental principle that some people fail to understand. Aborigine's are stereotyped as drunk no-hopers, Muslims are stereotyped as angry terrorists. Please this is a problem that deeply troubles me. So before you judge someone, you better have to right knowledge to judge them, otherwise quite bluntly. Fuck You!