Saturday, December 04, 2004

Morale question solved and my FAQ

In a previous post I questioned whether or not it was a worry that I wrote gore and horror, yet in reality I'm a human rights activists. I got a few responses to the question. Paul Moment was kind enough to direct me to an interview at the Nanowrimo site where this question was addressed. It said "No one ever accuses Stephen King of fantasizing about being an axe-murderer." and Jay made a comparison to me and Roald Dahl. Who writes disturbing adult novels, whilst also writing moral stories for children. I think you must highlight the fact that there are sick people out there and that brings awareness to the need for human decency. I am trying to weave a moral message of humanity into my novel. Yeah I know a horror novel with a moral to it, don't be surprised it's been done before. I'm still worried about me though.

On another subject, some bloggers have had readers submit questions to compile a FAQ on themselves for other readers. I am interested in doing the same, so please leave some questions so I can get started.