Friday, December 03, 2004

Novel Update: First draft - Prologue

Word count: 2680

Ok, I really am trying to get into a rhythm when I'm writing this, I have brought a big event to start the story, this is a way of hooking the reader in. I have developed my character, and now seems very 3D, but he can be so even more. As I sleep every night, I usually get thoughts on stuff that can happen, filling in more doubts so as I write I am getting even more confident.

But...There's always a but. I'm having a kind of moral dilemma. My writing especially if you read Spontaneous homicide, McSean or Journey out of this place is very graphic and disturbing. Now there are other writer's like this, but the thing that gets me is while I describe in vivid detail how my totally screwed character disembowels someone or hacks out their eyes with a toothpick. I am still someone who is very politically and morally challenged, and I strive for compassion, human decency and equality. Is their a problem with me?