Thursday, December 02, 2004

Australia and it's cheap and dirty trick for not taking responsibility

Most Iraqis on Nauru win refugee status - Immigration -

Good news on the refugee front, 27 Iraqis have been granted refugee status, but the problem is not fixed and this announcement doesn't come without it's problems. Australia will only settle 11 of the refugees, that were detained in Nauru. Leaving the others no better off, they have to find countries that will have them. Why doesn't Australia except them? This is the problem with the so called 'pacific solution' They use Nauru to house Asylum seekers and they are not held accountable because they aren't with in Australian borders. How cheap and cruel can the government get. These people are fleeing persecution, they desperately seek protection and we lock them up, and try as best as we can, even after it takes us three years to find them as refugees, to not have them in our country. THREE YEARS! The government took that long to realize that these people were genuine, come on give me a break Vanstone and get some fucking compassion.