Friday, December 10, 2004

Blackmail at it's most disgusting.

Countries that refuse US immunity 'face aid cuts' - World -

George Bush is going to cut humanitarian aid to countries that wont grant the US immunity from a future war crimes tribunal. By doing this hasn't he basically admitted to war crimes? If not, why would he do something so drastic? I know that the US are guilty of atrocious acts during the war, even though the mainstream media in Australia won't peep a word of it. It's because I care, I enough to find the real truth, and not some fake story telling me the American's are doing a noble thing. The problems run right into the American Army culture, the music in the comms, the kind of culture that instills killing people as an ok thing, and a way to create peace. Sorry you don't have to be a rocked scientist to realize invading a country does not equal peace, especially when it involves a large amount of civilian casualties. This really does prove that George W. Bush has no compassion.