Monday, December 06, 2004

News in review

Scathing Putin brands US a dictatorship - SMH
Russian president has labeled George Bush a dictator over global affairs, saying a unipolar world would only worsen the threat of Terrorism. I whole-heartedly agree when the Russian leader says, "Even when dictatorship is beautifully gift-wrapped in pseudo-democratic phraseology, it has never been capable of resolving systemic problems. On the contrary, it can only make them worse,"

Trail of al-Qaeda fades away- SMH
The search for Osama bin Laden has gone cold, and the Pakistani president has said the US bears a large amount of responsibility for that. He said that there was a lack of troops in the region to fill in the 'voids.' Mr Bush said there was "nobody more dedicated" to tracking down bin Laden. That I agree with, as Mr Bush seems to think Iraq is more important than tracking down a mass-murdering Terrorist.

Images of Fighting in Fallujah Compel at Different Levels - Washington Post
A Blogger's coverage of the Battle of Fallujah is much more graphic and truthful than a US military slideshow. Isn't it a sad time for the media, when the main-stream media fails to adequately show the effect this war has on civilians and it is left up to a part time blogger to tell the world the truth. 'Iraq in pictures' gives a more in depth and truthful look at the horrors of this war. (Warning: Some pictures are extremely disturbing)

Egypt using laws to 'stifle' free speech - Middle East Times
Egypt's opposition left-wing party is moving to remove laws that ban gatherings of more than five people without the approval of the government. This has the effect of removing the threat that is faced from opposition demontrations.

Israeli, Palestinian doves spread message - Middle East Times
There is re-newed hope for piece in the region, when prominent groups from both sides of the divide will air presentations promoting peace to region prompting new talks.

Israel, Egypt Swap Prisoners in Sign of Warmer Ties -
Egypt-Israeli relations have been given a boost with the swapping of political prisoners.

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