Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What is worse than terrorism?

Annan Warns Chaos Looms in Violent Darfur (washingtonpost.com)

This is easy, the situation in Darfur is far worse. Whilst I feel for the vicitims of Terrorist attacks, the situation in Sudan recieves vastly less attention then the 'War on Terror' or the Iraq (which isn't even against Terrorists). How many died in 9/11 ...2,000 ...3,000. Yeah that's alot. But try around 70,000 people dead and millions homeless. But no one says much about that. Why? Because people only care when American's die. We all mourn the death of Americans but we are cut off from feeling compassion for people over the other side of the globe. Tell me where would troops be better off. In Iraq, fighting an unnessary war, or in Sudan protecting the people. No, not invading Sudan, but going into the Darfur region and protecting them and providing food and care. That would make a real difference.