Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hmm...some thoughts

The tragedy of the earth quake and tsunami in Asia is devastating, I haven't yeet said much about it, but my thoughts go out to all the people out there, with the death toll ever rising, I thank all the countries, organisations and people that have pledged aid to the countries affected. The death toll is coming towards the total of the death in the Dafur region in Sudan. It makes me wonder where there aid is, why hasn't our government pledged millions of dollars to them, I think with more than 75,000 dead and over 2.3 million homeless that the people there could really do with that. Where is the TV news specials for them, why is the situation there seem so much less important than the Tsunami. I still feel for the people in Asia, but why can't we feel for the people in not just Sudan, but Africa as a whole, because their devastation is not a suprise, but a daily occurance, that people seem immune to.