Thursday, September 30, 2004

the road to surfdom

the road to surfdom

Hey I found this blog because it was mentioned on Counter Spin, a Sydney Morning Herald election blog. I provides some good opinions on the election and politics. Well worth a look

Johnnie can't face the truth

link to article

Today I bought the Sydney Morning Herald in firm belief that I would find this article. The Liberal government denying that the information given by the Edmund Rice Centre was legitimate. They wouldn't know the first thing about what happens to the detainees that are deported, because until know no one has researched it. They need to stop discrediting other policies and actually publically admit that there policy is inhumane.

Today I...

Today I went to hire a formal suit for my Year 12 formal on November 19. I went in and looked at a few, and tried some on. It's always difficult to find clothes for me as I am unusually thin, but I persevered and I found a suit and it's all done. Also I went shopping for a digital camera, I found one I really liked but when I looked at the minimum specs for it I wasn't sure whether this old computer would handle it, but when I went home I found that it easily accommodated for it. So I'll go later in the week to put it on Lay-by. Later tonight I'm going off to watch the whole first season of 'The awful truth' a series by the great Michael Moore.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A healthy reminder

Just a reminder that on Sunday, it's the 'end the lies' rally to protest against the currupt government under John Howard for more info visit

Vote for me!

Hey on the side bar above the 'Powered by blogger' button is another button, click it. This vote will count to my rank on, a site where it ranks my blog with other blogs.

More damning evidence

An article in today's Sydney Morning Herald gives further evidence to the inefficient and inhumane nature of the Liberal government's refugee policy. This report extends to the government being accused of giving the detainees they are deporting false identification in order to get into other countries. This evidence will be presented to the UN, which is a promising sign seeing Australia is quick to condemn breaches of Human Rights by other countries and then sweep it's own breaches under the carpet. Maybe now the issue will be given some priority by the UN and more pressure will be but on racist and uncompassionate government.

link to 'Deported to Danger' by the Edmund Rice centre

BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market

BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market

I found this site when I was searching what sites link to my site, it's a fantasy stock market game where people trade shares in blogs, and my blog is listed. I'm worth about 28c per share last time I checked

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's in!

Today I finally posted off my application for Uni. This is a great weight off my shoulders as the process is so complicated. Now it's study, study and more study in preperation for my HSC. However it's not all that boring this holidays. I'm off the a party tomorrow, 'End the lies' rally on Sunday and the Motor show next week. This is because too much study is bad for you and you shouldn't over do it. But this does mean that there will be no new stories anytime soon, but maybe a poem or two.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Today I edited 'McSean', 'Off the Rails', and 'Blind Lust and Raw emotion' for my application to University. The major changes have been done to 'Off the rails' where I cut large and irrelevant slabs of description out, this story was checked by my english teacher Mrs Chapman. 'Blind Lust and Raw emotion' also underwent a change, with the replacement of the 'Feds' to 'cops' so it wound be more realistic. McSean's changes were only minor grammatical ones.

Previously I have not given direct links to my writing's, as it is a geocities site, and the .../stephenkingofoz/...htm looks tacky, but I will anyway now.

or alternatively you can view my works on by going to my author page.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

It's all over

Well, after yesterday I finished my days at High School (except my 7 exams for the HSC.) It was a teary occasion for all, but we are all looking forward to the rest of our lives. This occasion was cause for celebration and me and my friends all have sore heads after last night.
So after I recover from last night, I will begin to revise for the exams, so good luck to all other HSC students

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kool quotes

Hey I found a great post by my good writing friend Karen Lee, a.k.a. "The Scribe". She gives few quotes on life that are very inspiring and true. My favourite is:

"We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some
are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors....but they all
exist very nicely in the same box."

link to post

RKP Hunt's Literary Works

RKP Hunt's Literary Works

Hey RKP Hunt contacted me today about his homepage, with basically the same purpose as mine. So I've added it to my links page, and I mention it here. This site is jam packed, so much that with all my last week of school fesivities I wont have time to browse the site and read all the stories, for a while, but this site is packed with alot and you all should definitely go to it, and read some stuff.

Monday, September 20, 2004

'Humanity lost behind the razor wire'

Hey I think I might be getting the hang of this poetry thing, this is my second poem. And I've managed to vent some of my thoughts about this topic into a poem. So if you click on the link back to my homepage, and then click on Writing and there you will find the poem, plus heaps of other stuff.

BTW: This is my 50th post. Yay!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Farenheit 9/11 again!

I have never seen a movie at the cinemas twice, well there's a first for everything. Today me and two friends saw Farenheit 9/11. And the experiece wasn't lessened because I had already seen it. What was really interesting to see one of my friends backflip his opinion on America and the War on Iraq, because he didn't know any of the truth that Micheal Moore had revealed. His attitude now is that he really wants to expose the truth like me. I am pleased that by showing him this movie I have converted him to have a more humane and compassionate attitude towards everyone on this screwed up earth of ours.
It is not the fact whether terrorists are bad or not, or Saddam was evil or not, or whether Asylum seekers are illegal. It's the fact that everyone deserves to be treated with a certain sort of decency. And justifying your cold blooded revenge, racist beliefs, and hatred for Muslims or any other person, by saying they were the inhumane first doesn't make you any less inhumane then they are.

Comments enabled

After a brief break, I have now enabled comments to be shown again. I think 'Paul M' has got the hint that we don't wont to hear about his biased and elitist opinions. So now people feel free the make comments (valid ones), on my posts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I think some people are missing the point

link to smh poll

Although this SMH poll shows support for Labour education policy, I think with a lot of the news and headlines today, it is mainly pointing out the fact that there will be cuts to rich private school, which I support. But the main point is the funds are being taken away to fund more needy schools. Such as the public school with the bad reputations. They have the bad reputations because they don't have the funding like the private schools to hire good teachers and provide their students with top of the line facilities that elitist private schools such as Kings can provide. I think private and religious schools is one of the reasons for an increasingly intolerant Australia. Public schools provide for a mixed blend of cultures and social classes, where is Private schools do the opposite and divide classes and cultures, that is certainly not good for the welfare of Australia.

Changing phases

Well I only have 7 days of actual high school left, not including exams. It's kind of scary, as I'm moving into another stage of my life, Uni and work. I have been frantically trying to prepare a portfolio for my application to Wollongong University. I want to do a double degree, Bachalor of Media & Communications (Journalism) and Bachalor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing). To get into Creative writing you must submit a 10-12 page portfolio of creative writing works and then to an interview. Funnily enough at a essential moment, my printer decides it doesn't want to co-operate. Well, I have almost enough, I just want to write one more poem. My first published poem on this site 'Thoughts', is available to read on my homepage. So go check it out and send me feedback through the form at the bottom of the writing page. I would really like to know whether people liked it, at this key time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

This is not an advertisement

Hey I'm sure most people have seen that smiley central ad around the web lately. Well serioulsy I downloaded and it's really good. Particualy the pointers, I've got a quill cursor at the moment to go with the fact I'm a writer and all. So maybe you guys should go check it out.
N.B. I was not payed for the above comments, I wish

Writer's online journals web ring

Hey If you look down the bottom of my page there's a webring. It links you to other great journals of writers like me. So go check it out.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Writing comp

Hey a few of people at my high school are conducting an online writing comp, at, it should be great so be sure to check it out.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

New poem

Hey I finally managed to vent some of my thoughts into a poem. Strangley enough the poem is about my thoughts. It is kinda angsty, but I'm happy with what I've produced. Don't worry there isn't anything seriously wrong with me, just my head works overtime. Writing is just my way of expressing it, as it's better written down then floating in my head

New look!

I'm proud to present to you the new look for my site. I worked hard to create a new look that made my site look proffesional and classy, and the blood red colour is to give it the horror touch. I hope you guys like it, I do

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Finally I've seen Fahrenheit 9/11 for myself and it was brilliant. I cast aside all those cynics who think it's a untruthful piece of anti-bush propaganda. It has relevant facts and delivers it in an entertaining way in the Michael Moore style.
It mixes both comedy and bits of emotive documentary footage to portray the hidden truth in the world. So before you criticize the film see it for yourself.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Plans for a .com

I have been really happy with response this site has received since I opened it in April. Now I have a small collection of short stories from me and other friends and I'm listed on Google. Now since I am getting about 20 visits per day to my home page, I am seriously considering purchasing .com, or .net domain name. The main advantage is of course to avoid the annoying URL cloak associated with and also the annoying pop-ups. So I would like to ask all you out there to send any suggestions for a domain name to

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well 'PaulM' seems pretty keen to prove me wrong, and others who have similar views to my own, so this a great chance to start the great election debate. Go to my website and join my forum then enter the politics forum and the election topic is there for all to put across their view, plus there's a poll so people can say who they are planning to vote for.
N.B. you don't have to be 18+ for this

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Age has nothing to do with it!

Recently thanks to my mention on 'Counterspin' on the SMH site, I have received a lot of traffic to this blog. One viewer goes by the name of 'PaulM', he posted comments, quite rightly, to my topics forwarding he views (although racist and inhumane) about some of my views. Now although he has every right to, and if I didn't want him to I would have turned the feature off my site, he made a very unreasonable comment.
He said I was too young to have an opinion, and I couldn't make a proper judgement. Well that was the purpose of my mention on 'counterspin' for young people's voices to be heard. I am 18, responsible and interested enough in the topics I comment on. I research these topics, whilst also providing first hand views on issues. I don't think I am too young to make a comment after all I'm old enough to vote.

Why would any Uni student or future Uni student vote Liberal?

Lately the election has been a hot topic of discusion amongst many of my 18 year old friends, and most don't know who their voting for. I was shocked to find that some are going to vote Liberal on the basis they are currently in government and with the current climate of terrorism don't think it's safe for a change.
Well with many of my friends are looking towards University next year, why would you won't to vote in a government that is slowly putting University out of reach of students that are not so well off economically. This is of particular concern in my area of Campbelltown, where we are all not particuarly well off. How would the government even know how difficult it is because in the 80's, a Labour government had free University. This is a policy that the Greens want to return, and this is why their popularity is growing, especially among young voters.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Even the SMH use blogger!

- Counter Spin -

This is just a testament to the greatness of this service, even the Sydney Morning Herald use this service to update to the public with a fair and unbiased of the election. This is a great blog.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


link to poems

I have found something to suit both the political readers and the writing readers of my blog. Poems from the Asylum seekers. The above link is from RAC (Refugee Action Commitee) it is stuff like this that can tear at your heart strings and create disgust at the inhumane policies of the Howard government

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Blow to only Liberal stronghold

link to article

The only major thing that the Liberal party has going for them at the moment is their economy. This has been the focus of the recent ads and telivision interviews. Well now even this has taken a blow

Reports today in the SMH report that another lie has been told be the 'lying rodent.' Howard promised in the campaign to removed PM Keating from office that he would reduce the foreign debt, but in fact since Howard has come to office he has infact doubled the debt.

Most probhably the source of this debt is the purchase of outdated and grossly overpriced Weapons and Vehicles from the US.

So there is really nothing conclusive that the Howard government can say they will benifit the country with, so why are people still giving their nieve and ignorant support to him?

Friday, September 03, 2004

"End the lies" rally

When: 1pm October 3
Where: Town hall then a concert at Hyde park
What: A rally to protest against the inhumane corrupt Liberal government headed by that 'lying rodent' John Howard. A huge range of activist groups will be there including Chilout
For more information on the rally and details for other capital cities go to

Thursday, September 02, 2004

HSC is drawing ever closer!

Well the HSC is nearing closer. My first exam is english on October 19, and the pressure shows on everyone. Just to be sure how far away it is, I'm gonna add a countdown on my page. So please if you see a HSC student between now and the end of November feel for them, please.

Just another example of Liberals corruption

link to article

When are Australians going to stop being so ignorant and realize that the Liberals are going to continue to lie and stay in government, and people will keep them in because they are afraid of change in this climate of 'terrorism.' Our government is the reason why we have an increased threat of terrorism, out racist policy's and our strong alliance with the US have raised our profile to the terrorist groups and made us a target.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The US is an international disgrace!

In a previous post I told you of a great current affairs program, The Cutting Edge, and how the previous week it had broadcasted Part II of a documentary about George W. Bush. Well last night it was on again, in both parts.

What really shook me was the final images of Part I. Footage of a group of US soldiers storming an Iraqi Home were extremely disturbing as the whole family was taken outside and held at gunpoint. Included in this family was a young girl about 9-10. She was crying and looked extremely scared.

How can America justify such actions? Why does the armed forces need to hold a rifle to a young girl? Is she a real danger to the US? I think not.

p.s. The above comments are in no way condeming the American people, and only the Bush administration. I apologise if any American has been offended by my comments.