Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Why would any Uni student or future Uni student vote Liberal?

Lately the election has been a hot topic of discusion amongst many of my 18 year old friends, and most don't know who their voting for. I was shocked to find that some are going to vote Liberal on the basis they are currently in government and with the current climate of terrorism don't think it's safe for a change.
Well with many of my friends are looking towards University next year, why would you won't to vote in a government that is slowly putting University out of reach of students that are not so well off economically. This is of particular concern in my area of Campbelltown, where we are all not particuarly well off. How would the government even know how difficult it is because in the 80's, a Labour government had free University. This is a policy that the Greens want to return, and this is why their popularity is growing, especially among young voters.