Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I think some people are missing the point

link to smh poll

Although this SMH poll shows support for Labour education policy, I think with a lot of the news and headlines today, it is mainly pointing out the fact that there will be cuts to rich private school, which I support. But the main point is the funds are being taken away to fund more needy schools. Such as the public school with the bad reputations. They have the bad reputations because they don't have the funding like the private schools to hire good teachers and provide their students with top of the line facilities that elitist private schools such as Kings can provide. I think private and religious schools is one of the reasons for an increasingly intolerant Australia. Public schools provide for a mixed blend of cultures and social classes, where is Private schools do the opposite and divide classes and cultures, that is certainly not good for the welfare of Australia.