Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Changing phases

Well I only have 7 days of actual high school left, not including exams. It's kind of scary, as I'm moving into another stage of my life, Uni and work. I have been frantically trying to prepare a portfolio for my application to Wollongong University. I want to do a double degree, Bachalor of Media & Communications (Journalism) and Bachalor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing). To get into Creative writing you must submit a 10-12 page portfolio of creative writing works and then to an interview. Funnily enough at a essential moment, my printer decides it doesn't want to co-operate. Well, I have almost enough, I just want to write one more poem. My first published poem on this site 'Thoughts', is available to read on my homepage. So go check it out and send me feedback through the form at the bottom of the writing page. I would really like to know whether people liked it, at this key time.