Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Age has nothing to do with it!

Recently thanks to my mention on 'Counterspin' on the SMH site, I have received a lot of traffic to this blog. One viewer goes by the name of 'PaulM', he posted comments, quite rightly, to my topics forwarding he views (although racist and inhumane) about some of my views. Now although he has every right to, and if I didn't want him to I would have turned the feature off my site, he made a very unreasonable comment.
He said I was too young to have an opinion, and I couldn't make a proper judgement. Well that was the purpose of my mention on 'counterspin' for young people's voices to be heard. I am 18, responsible and interested enough in the topics I comment on. I research these topics, whilst also providing first hand views on issues. I don't think I am too young to make a comment after all I'm old enough to vote.