Friday, April 29, 2005

Google Adsense

I have added a small block of ads to this site in the off chance of someone clicking them and making me some money. If it turns out crap, I'll remove them.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

You cannot silence dissent

Thousands rally in Sydney fight union fee change - National -

There have been more VSU rallies in Sydney today with thousand from uni's across Sydney marching to oppose a dogmatic policy that will come when the Liberal party takes control of the senate. Some protestors said that they had never been to a protest before but felt so strongly about this issue. In effect, the attacks on the 'everyman' have become so profound that slowly the government is killing itself by awaking the power of activism. This will be followed by upcoming protests and strikes planned by Unions across the country.

Writing Romance

Depending on how well you know me will depend on how odd you might find this. I have expressed interest in exploring other genres including Romance. I had an idea for a story based on similar feeling from a previous relationship, that was a bit of a joke, but did arise some strong feelings that became subjects of two poems, New Feeling and Darker. I'm about 1,400 words into it and it's going ok, but some of the dialogue may need to be revised. The problem with myself writing these types of stories is, no matter how hard I try it always seems to sound corny, cheesy, lame. I want to submit these piece to a few magazines, but if it's unsuccessful I will gladly publish it here and on my homepage.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm it!

I've been tagged, that's right. I've been tagged by Mick Arran, at Arran's Alley to do a very interesting meme. It originated from Dylan at Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane where I have to pick five people, dead or alive, that I would like to see blog. My hit list will include elements of both political genius' and creative genius'

1. Daniel Johns - frontman from former Aussie rock band Silverchair. In my opinion he is a creative genius, just listen to the lyrics from Diorama. He is a creative inspiration to me, his insight into his life and music is inspirational. He also gives a shit about issues such as refugees, the environment and other stuff

2. John Butler - For virtually the same reasons as above. He's a musician with a bottomless creative mind and he is very focused on political issues, such as peace, human rights and most notably the environment. The difference between Johns and Butler is that John Butler's lyrics are heavily political, i.e. perfect hippie music.

3. Stephen King - Great Writer and the first adult writer I really got hooked with, and I can safely say that he is where I firstly developed some of my own writing style.

4. Gandhi - He was a very inspirational man, his determination to fight for people's right is something that any activist can look up to. Though, as a Socialist, I cannot agree completely with 100% non-violence, he is still an inspirational fighter,whose words would rise activists

5. Karl Marx - A Socialist's expected choice. You either agree with the guy or you don't, I do. His ideas are great, though as with Gandhi some modernization can be expected, language especially, reading Marxist literature is not easy reading.

With the lat two being dead, I wouldn't expect them to have taken the leap into the blogosphere. I don't know about the top three though. You guys could help me with that.

Now I get to tag three lucky people, The Scribe, Celeste, and Marcus. Tag your IT!

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter Seven

Word Count: 18,174

Well I'm still working on Chapter Seven, and it's becoming apparent that this may well be a vital chapter. It's really going somewhere, and I'm liking this chapter alot. I only wrote a little under 500 words tonight, but I was never initially in the mood to write tonight, the infamous time thinking in the shower sparked something, but it slowly faded. Will do some tomorrow, hopefully.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I have returned with my final answers to the great 20 questions meme.

Hi all, it’s been a busy long weekend for my mates and myself. We went down to Myola, on the south coast, near Jervis Bay. It was an awesome time. We went fishing, and hired a boat and had a generally awesome time. It’s back to being home, bored and unemployed. So I’ll take the time to completely finish my 20 questions meme tonight. So take the time to read.

First question is from ‘lefty’ who didn’t give me a URL, but thanks for the toughie.

You believe you have stumbled upon information that may bring down an evil and repressive government. However, to release this information to the general public would mean the certain death of one of your family members. What do you do?

Umm…hmm…well…uhhh…you really put me in a tough situation. Evil repressive government…bad. Certain death of a family member…bad. Depending on how bad the government was, how certain it is of bring down this government, and the feelings I had towards that family member. This is not an easy question, I may have to take a rain check, but it would be good if readers could answer it for themselves. That would be interesting.

Next three questions are from DickDNile from

1) In your opinion, between the chicken and egg which did come first? Show your working...

Well, according to science and logic, the chicken came first. You can’t lay a chicken’s egg without a chicken. Where did the chicken come from then? You ask. It evolved from some other species that evolved from some other species, and the cycle went from there, and you get yourself a chicken.

2) Is vegemite all that Australians in the UK make it out to be, or is it just vegetable marmite?

It depends on personal preference. Myself, I am a huge fan of vegemite, that now happens to be bought out by Kraft, which now makes it no longer ozzie owned. But it is still Australian in the heart. Marmite is horrible and tastes nothing like Vegemite which is awesome. You’d have to try it for yourself though.

3) Have you ever been to the opera house, and if so, what did you see?

I’ve been to the Opera house to see a show twice. First I saw a play, a restoration comedy, which I can’t remember the name of. It was boring but I had to see it for drama. The second was also for drama, I saw Howard Katz, which was good, but depressing. The Opera house itself is spectacular and it looks great. Actually when I went to see the first play, it was the day after two anti-war protestors painted ‘No war’ on the roof.

The final question is from Karen from and I’ve been waiting for it for a bit.

Why do you want to have a novel published?

This is my ultimate dream. I have been a storyteller since a little kid. At first it was a cartoonist. I bought a scrapbook and created characters. I drew a picture and made a profile about each one. Then I would write stories, but only this time it was the pictures I liked the best, and also creating a book. I’ve held onto this for a long time, even when I went off writing and reading at the first few years of high school, I would still hold on to it and sometimes remember and start a novel that may have gone a few pages, but no more. My English teacher revived my love of writing to a whole new level. I began to read again, and write. I started up a website to show people my stories, then a Blog to document my dream, and me and now I’ve started. For me, creating something of my own for people to read would be awesome. This is something that keeps me going sometimes, especially when I’m not in the best moods, knowing that someday a book with my name on it may be on the shelves if I work hard enough. It is not for the money or the fame, although both would be nice, it is for the joy of creating something of my own.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spain legalize gay marriage

liberalizing Spain to legalize gay marriage - World -

Some great news today for the people of Spain. The socialist-led government has voted to legalize gay marriage. This is a step forward in rights for all people regardless of their sexual preference. They are the third European country to legalize same-sex marriage in Europe, after Belgium and The Netherlands. It's really a good sign, and it can be related to other campaigns, such as the rights for Indigenous Australians, women, and the decriminalisation of homosexual behavior. I'm just hoping it will be sooner rather than later before other countries follow suit. There has been criticism from religious sects, most notably the Vatican, with they're new homophobic and dogmatic ideas. They need to realize that not everybody follows their rules and so it is not for them to decide.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Script writing

Script Templates with MS Word

I managed to write the first two scenes last night, after I learnt how to format word into a template with the above link. It was about 500 words, but it looks good. I only did that and I was finished before 10, and because my mum is being incredibly frustrating and she is trying to restrict internet usage, so I went to bed early because I couldn't be bothered.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Script format

Script Format

I have found out that writing scripts should be done in a format different from a script you might pick up from the library, which is the format that I wrote my movie in when I was in Year 8. The link at the top is an example of the format that should be used. One day I might go back and edit my script from year 8, I should the idea was genius, but the writing was a little shabby.

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter Eight and Chapter Seven

Word Count: 17, 746

I am very happy, I have a flow and the story looks like it's going somewhere, but more importantly it's come from somewhere. After I worked on Chapter Eight last night I went back to a section of Chapter Seven. I felt the paragraph, where my main character explains how he got to where they are now, was too short and brief. So I went back and deleted the paragraph and replaced it with one and half pages and I’m still going. So last night was fairly productive, I will do some more today or tonight, that’s will not maybe. Also, I got an awesome idea for a short film. It will be simple in terms of set, so I may be able to produce it. I’m going to start to write that today as well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rau treated less then human.

Rau cell had spy mirror, inspection finds - National -

We all know Cornelia Rau must have gone through hell, and treated less than human. The mentally ill Australian was locked in Baxter Detention Centre in a case of mistaken identity. She was locked in an isolation cell for the majority of her stay. Today it is now known that there were mirrors and cameras in her cell, allowing for Guards to see every nook and cranny, including the shower and toilet, not only was she deprived of her liberty, she was deprived of privacy and stimulation and this contributed to her illness. The sad thing about this, it took an Australian to be locked up in it's own hell whole for an inquiry to take place.

More Questions

Here's five more questions for you to read. Only five more to go, I'm enjoying this, but I don't know if you guys want to labour through this.

AbandonedHero from

If you could only choose one of these, which would you pick:
1. Ending poverty forever.
2. Eliminating the AIDS virus.

I'd pick poverty, I think poverty affects more, and poverty a lot of the time can aggravate AIDS because people are in such a dire situation.

Julia from

1. Fraggles or muppets? (please explain why)
Muppets, because I don't know what the hell a fraggle is. Muppets are cool though
2. What is the soundtrack of the revolution?
Sunrise over Sea - John Butler Trio. It has some very cool words and riffs and stuff, almost new-age hippie stuff. 'Something's gotta give' is awesome, the revolutionary song
3. How will you dance to it?
I don't really dance, unless intoxicated and at a club. It's more a sit, listen and occasionally move your head in a way that demonstrates that the music is 'totally rad,' This would change on the event of a revolution, where it would turn to a chanting informal march as we took the country for the people.
4. How do you feel about the your governments decision to start taxing tampons a few years ago?
I didn't know what you were talking about until my mum explained (I haven't been politically conscious for that long.) But I see it as a greedy, profit making government taking advantage of women because they have basic necessities.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Not meant to be

I got a call from the job I picked up last week today, I was meant to start training tomorrow, but to my horror they have cancelled training, and will ring me when they decide to resume training. This just isn't fair, can anything go right, or stay that way. I am now back to square one, unemployed, at least I have uni which qualifies me for some welfare, but at the moment there is no sure fire way that I will have income. It's just not fair.

Monday, April 18, 2005

20 Questions - more answers

No more questions, I got my quota of 20, and the last one from The Scribe is a beauty. I'll answer 6 tonight.

First two are from Aunt Annie at

Do you believe more in "justice" or "revenge"? Why?

I'd rather justice over revenge any day. Revenge is such a savage and pointless concept. Justice works towards things being resolved fairly. Revenge just acts as an aggravation.

If you won a trip to visit 5 countries, where would you go?

I'd love to go to Europe, so Britain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and for the reason of being a very left leaning government, Sweden.

The next four are from Captain Platypus at

First impression, which is more important: looks or personality?

The way a person acts is far more important than the way a person looks. Although some will argue that it is an impulse to judge someone instantaneously by the way they look, in some situations this can be the case.

Name a song that has made you cry or get over emotional.

My mum has told me that as a kid, Eternal flame by the Bangles used to cause me to shed a tear, myself being a solely rock fan, I can admit to having a certain soft spot for this song. I also try to limit my consumption of Marilyn Manson as it can make me feel over angry.

Worst movie you ever paid to see.

I can't remember very far back just now, but the latest movie that made me leave the cinema unsatisfied was Elektra, I was dragged along with my group of friends, a few were Jennifer Garner fan's and even they weren't impressed. My all time most hated movie is Blair Witch project, I didn't pay for that one, my dad hired it.

Have you ever been in a fight?

I had to clarify this one, he means physical fight. Yes, but not real big ones, just little pushes and shoves in High School, my mate however seemed to get caught up in them fairly often, he liked to take on the school yard bullies.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

20 Questions (cont'd)

The questions have been great, some real thought provoking ones and a few that have stumped me. There's still time to ask a few more, but now it's time for some answering.

The first four questions are from Stolly, who didn't supply a URL for me to link to, thanks Stolly.

Warning: this is a long post, I admire those who will read the whole thing.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

Hopefully working at a newspaper somewhere, or any other media type company, this does not include The Telegraph. By this time I will also hopefully have submitted a few novels to publishers and/or agents, whether successfully published or not

What are your feelings about the liberal party "wet" faction, i.e. the more centrist and less conservative politicians like peter Costello and Joe hockey?

Myself being as left as Hitler is right, I still don’t like these people, who still tow the party line of the Liberal party. My feelings towards these people are similar to that of the Labour party, you cannot sugarcoat Capitalism, in some regards this can be extended to most parties.

What are your favourite 5 literary works of all time?

I am very ashamed of myself when it comes to an extensive amount of reading. I am a slow reader and until recently, I had gone off reading since I was in primary school. Since, renewing my passion for a good book or play, I have enjoyed some treasures.

1. The Green Mile – Stephen King. This book is by far my favourite; it really tears at your emotions throughout the book and is a marvel in language. The movie was described as a masterpiece, but the book, as always, trounces the movie. I loved this book so much that it was my monologue for my final year drama exam, the adapted monologue can be found on my homepage.
2. Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett. Until this play, albeit being a drama student, I had not found many plays I enjoyed, and one I can relate to and furthermore establish my beliefs solidly. I seem to have a tendency to my depressing plays, novels etc. This is one of the more depressing. Atheism is a very depressing belief at times, this play doesn’t help to come to terms with it, just put it in a darker detail, though the language, and imagery and metaphors are superb. I studied this play for my HSC
3. Asylum – voices behind the razor wire – Heather Tyler. This book in my opinion is the number one piece for outlining the tragedy of Australia’s immigration policy. It describes in detail the pain and suffering the detainees go through. It also removes some of the myths that fuel the debate from the other side. I used this as text for my HSC.
4. On Writing – Stephen King. This work is starkly different to the three before it, 1. It was not used or studied in conjunction with my HSC, and 2. It is not a depressing tail, except for King’s admissions about alcohol and drug abuse throughout his life. This book is a great handbook for any writer; it details the craft and the demands on the person. I must read it again, and most probably buy it.
5. Odd Thomas – Dean Koontz. I’m afraid I do not have much to choose from, but in some regards Koontz’s writing is better than King’s. His horror writing may not be as out there or strange, but his style is far more clear and concise, and for me it was quicker to read than a King novel, because Stephen King is such a complex writer that it makes it difficult to follow sometimes. This book, was great with a classic twist at the end, and as a whole was very entertaining.

We know your thoughts about America and its role in world affairs, but do you approve and support the terrorist response to those actions?

Terrorism is a word that has been thrown around too much. In my opinion the difference between the violence of a terrorist group and a government is the fact that the terrorist group has made it’s own group, and is not recognised as a state, but rather a group with a similar cause. Both terrorist groups and governments should be condemned for the use of violence on innocent people. I do support the Iraqi resistance when they attack US troops, but it must be noted that those who attack innocent Iraqis and even people signing up to be police should be condemned as they are doing a favour to nobody, and violence is not the answer.

Thanks for those questions Stolly I hope I answered them adequately, and I will answer more question in subsequent posts.

University activism still alive

Huge rallies to oppose uni fees law - National -

There has been massive rallies at Universities in Sydney to oppose the government's new VSU legislation. The legislation effectively removes student's voice and allows for bureaucratic bullshit to take over. This is one of many anti-people, pro elitist legislation to come from the Liberal government to come when they gain control of the senate in July. This attack on the student's right to voice their opinion as a mass has awoken the full force of student activism, and I expect more of it as we get closer and closer to July. Howard is not doing himself any favours by attacking further and further the liberties of the common person, it's only allowing for more and more to get pissed off.

Who's Your Inner European?

Your Inner European is Dutch!

Open minded and tolerant.
You're up for just about anything.

Friday, April 15, 2005

20 Questions

You may have seen this meme around the blogosphere, well it's my turn. Here's how it works. You guys/gals ask me up to four questions and I answer the top 20 (if I get more than 20 questions) Ask anything, within reason. In future posts I will give my answers. This is a way for the blogosphere to get to know eachother better.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter Eight

Word Count: 15, 775

Now this is strange. Two novel updates in quick succession, and not just one's proclaiming my procrastination or meager word counts. Today and tonight I wrote just over 1500 words. I really feel like it's going somewhere too. I could probably keep on going but my back hurts and I need to sleep. I was so anxious to aim for 16,000 words but I was pushing myself. I just can't type fast enough.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The pilgrimage that represents equality

(c) Maher Steitieh 2005 Posted by Hello

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine arrived back home after a very long holiday. My friend is a Muslim and he did what all Muslims have to do at least once in a lifetime. Make the pilgrimage to Mecca. I got this photo to show you, I am not religious at all, in fact I am atheist and my beliefs reflect that of the play 'Waiting for Godot.' But I do find this event inspirational. 3 million people in one place for the same purpose. What I also find inspiring is under Islam and especially during the 'Hajj,' as it is called, everyone is equal, they all stay in tents and the men all wear the exact same garment, two towels to symbolise everybody is equal. There are so many misconceptions about this religion that should be solved. Maybe I will take the time one day to remove them all because prior to 9/11 so much has been lost.

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Eight

Word Count: 14, 257

Bet you guys didn't expect one of these for a bit. Well, neither did I. I half took The Scribes advice and thought I wouldn't try to write, you know take a break until things seem to clear out. But something very kool happened tonight. I just decided to write, no real bug or inspiration, it was moving along at a slow pace, half going somewhere. The scene was being played in my head like a movie. It was so real, the imagry unmistakable. Then it hit me. My story scared the shit out of me. You know those scenes in movies where the face pops from no where, like at the start of the grudge. It was like that, in my head. It was like 1-1.30 in the morning, basically dark except for the light from the computer, and I'm sitting here typing at 100 miles an hour, scared shitless from my own writing. I managed to get over 1,000 words out, and when I wake up tomorrow morning I think I can continue, but don't hold me to it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Moving and Shaking

Crap, alot has happened in recent days. With work and study mainly.

1. I still haven't been payed for the mobile phones sales, I'm seeking legal advice.

2. In a surprise I am now doing University. But, enrolement's over I hear you cry. I got offered to do a Bachalor of Communications from home via correspondence in Conjunction with Open Universities Australia and Griffith University. It's going to be hard work, but I'm up to it.

3. I have a new job, it's casual. I'm doing visitor/customer service kind of stuff, the details will become more clear after training, but what is clear is I will get a regular pay rate, and it's through Olympic park management so it's a fairly reputable group.

So lots of stuff has happened, I'm still poor for the time being. So I've added a donations button to my blog.

Keep up the good fight

Government penalises groups for having a voice.

Green army warned on politicking - Environment -

In another attempt to silence the growing opposition to the government and it's various policies, the environment minister has threatened to cut funding to environmental groups that partake in political advocacy. This, in effect, sees groups penalised for voicing their opinion. Is this really democratic? I think not, if a group cannot voice their opinion, especially if it differs from the abhorent government that we live under than we are turning towards a scary period of history where the right rule and people arn't going to fight back. We need to put a stop now and fight before it's too late.

Monday, April 11, 2005



Secrets need to be told
Hopes and dreams
Just that
Fears and regrets

Some secrets are secrets to me
I want to realise things
Hopes, talents, opportunities
Plodding along
Time running out when I’m only 19

I’m a confused little kid
Told I’m a frail old man
I’m searching, screaming
For someone, not just anyone
But I don’t know who she is
Or where to find her

I’m lost
Searching for secrets
I might as well be dead

© Benjamin Solah 2005



I found this site through someone else on blogexplosion. This site contains anonymous secrets posted by people. It's very moving and powerful, go have a look for yourself.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kool Quotes

"The writer may very well serve a movement of history as its mouthpiece, but he cannot of course create it." - Karl Marx

This is in a way is incorrect, but I still like it.

update: here are some more.

"If you wish to be a writer, write." Epictetus

"Writing is like sex. The more you think about it, the harder it is to do. It's better not to think about it so much and just let it happen." Stephen King

"Writers aren't exactly people . . . they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person." F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Writing is like the relationship with your bowels. First you can, then you can't. Finally, you must. Only then should you reach for the paper." Howard Nemerov

More evidence that the US and their sidekicks are not welcome

Troops out: anger marks anniversary of city's fall - After Saddam -

Tens of thousands of Iraqis packed the streets of Baghdad to protest the occupation by the United States and other similarly imperialist countries. Time and time again evidence shows that the US are not welcome in Iraq and never will be. How can you justify removing and evil regime when you've just set up one of your own instead, besides Saddam was your guy in the first place. The hypocrisy of the United States is evident in there claim that they were liberating the people of Iraq from an evil dictator and once he was removed calling those defending there country 'terrorists' If someone was invading my country I'd fight back too.

In other news, Bush's approval rating has dropped to 45% and there are plans for the US to develop a new nuclear weapon whilst it contantly attacks any other country who has plans to do the same.

Updated Header

In my state of boredom, poorness and anger I managed to update the page's header tonight, so what do you think? I was going to get another photo for it tomorrow instead of that one from the 2004 anti-war rally, but because I my poorness I can't afford to go to Villawood tomorrow for a rally.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

(insert angry expression here)

Warning: This post may contain profanities that may be expressed by a person that is not in a very good mood because quite simply Mr Solah is not a happy chappy.

How do I put my anger, frustration, pissed off-edness in words that you can understand. Well I'll give it a go and for once this is not about politics, well kinda, but I'll get to that later. This is to do with work. My lovely job, I spend 4 days a week from 1pm to 8pm knocking on door after door to try to sell people mobile phones, only to be treated rudely and have a shit hard time selling stuff. That is not the problem though, I've been working there about 3 weeks now and should be earning between $100 and $200 a week, that's should be. The extent of my anger lies in the fact I have not been all! There is a whopping total of 46c in my account. When there should be about $110, with another $100-200 going in on monday. This money should have gone in last monday, and it hasn't, I'm poor and didn't go to work on friday because I couldn't afford my trainfare, with my life savings of 46c. I borrowed money of mum for a few days, but enough was enough, I wasn't going to work again, owe my mum more freaking money when I still haven't been payed. The job is shit, the pay is shit, and I don't even get paid. It's fucked, I'm not happy. Well that's Australia for ya. I could turn this into a political thing, I know I'm being exploited, and I can't be bothered telling you guys about it in some in depth Socialist analysis of my life, becuause I can't be bothered. If your a Socialist and inclined in that way you can probhably figure out all the problems here, and if your not I don't think you'd give a rats to see my point of view.

In summary Capitalism sux and so does life. I'm atheist...thank god!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hospitals suffer as another billion dollar surplus is announced

Budget surplus nearly $2 billion in February - Business -

This happens time and time again. Last year just before the election the government announced a huge surplus. Now once again another one is announced. The government just sent another billion dollar warship of to join Bush's bloody oil grab and we have money left over whilst people have to wait in emergency for hours, have to sent home and are on massive waiting lists because hospital funding is getting less and less, and if I hear one politician or right-wing dickhead say it's State responsibility I'm going to explode. Because quite simply I couldn't give a fucking shit who's responsibility it was, if the money is there fucking use it on something worth while. It's no use just sitting there so the government can gloat on their nice budget that only really reaps rewards for the rich whilst the basic right the healthcare is under compensated.

Monday, April 04, 2005

No more troops!

(c) Benjamin Solah 2005 Posted by Hello

Today me and about 20 other activists braved the rain, wind and cold to protest the deployment of more troops to Iraq. Although we seemed to be a very small minority, we actually represented the majority of Australians who don't want more troops in Iraq. Howard lied and told the public he would deploy no more troops. We weren't protesting against the troops, we were in the interest of the troops and their families. We were protesting against Howard's awful decision and we received support from alot of the Armed forces who came up to the fence to commend us.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lack of writing

What can I say? I'm very dissapointed with myself. I have not written much in a while, when was the last time I did a 'Novel Update'? A long time ago. I write a few words last night towards a short story and those poems I wrote last week were kind of...blank. I'm not in the same frame of mind I was last year, when my english teacher inspired me to take up writing again. The ideas are there, but for some reason I can't let them out. I've got a puzzle with lots of the good pieces, but I lack the little bits that make it whole. All the little technical bits, like starting off a conversation or moving from one critical scene to another are all missing and it's shitting me.

Another heart wrenching story

Corby suicide fears force sick father to dash to Bali - World -

I really don't know how to put this to you guys, Schapelle Corby is innocent, if she is convicted she will get the death penalty, and this ordeal has allegedly turned her suicidal and I'm not surprised. This has prompted her cancer-stricken father to travel to Bali to try to lift his daughter's spirits. Can you get any more heart-wrenching than that?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Even Liberals are outraged

Welfare provokes new tensions in the Liberal ranks - National -

Another Liberal MP has come out against another outrageous policy from the Liberal Party. Reforms to welfare and the minimum wage that would attack the well-being of the people in the interests of the rich and powerful have seen firm opposition from Labor and Left wing groups. But this is the first time a Liberal back-bencher has criticized plans to force mums into work when their child grows up and to loosen the requirements to pay people fairly. These attacks do nothing more than make it harder for the average family to survive in the interest of boosting profits for big business. This is simply not fair, and I'd like say to those who voted for Howard. What the hell were you thinking!


Here's another poem, enjoy.


Thoughts awoken
Wasted without paper
At my fingertips
Falling down an infinite well
Of lost thoughts

Dripping water
Unlocks my mind to the page
Not music
And not silence
A strange and surreal portal

It unlocked so much
But they were wasted in the well
I tried to fish them out
The line wasn’t long enough
The music wasn’t there to hold them back
Better locked up
Than lost forever

Still pointless thoughts
The deeper one’s lost
Or locked up
Thinking when we die
I can’t say:
I told you so
Those on a path to righteousness
It has a cliff at the end
You will be falling
A waste of a walk

While I sit and wait
Wait to die
Pass the time with thoughts
The ones that aren’t lost
Turn to words
For those to read and ponder
Whilst I wait
We all wait

The sound of water unlocks the thoughts
But I am still blank
In the end we all are

(c) Benjamin Solah 2005