Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I have returned with my final answers to the great 20 questions meme.

Hi all, it’s been a busy long weekend for my mates and myself. We went down to Myola, on the south coast, near Jervis Bay. It was an awesome time. We went fishing, and hired a boat and had a generally awesome time. It’s back to being home, bored and unemployed. So I’ll take the time to completely finish my 20 questions meme tonight. So take the time to read.

First question is from ‘lefty’ who didn’t give me a URL, but thanks for the toughie.

You believe you have stumbled upon information that may bring down an evil and repressive government. However, to release this information to the general public would mean the certain death of one of your family members. What do you do?

Umm…hmm…well…uhhh…you really put me in a tough situation. Evil repressive government…bad. Certain death of a family member…bad. Depending on how bad the government was, how certain it is of bring down this government, and the feelings I had towards that family member. This is not an easy question, I may have to take a rain check, but it would be good if readers could answer it for themselves. That would be interesting.

Next three questions are from DickDNile from http://ihaveneverplayuk.blogspot.com/

1) In your opinion, between the chicken and egg which did come first? Show your working...

Well, according to science and logic, the chicken came first. You can’t lay a chicken’s egg without a chicken. Where did the chicken come from then? You ask. It evolved from some other species that evolved from some other species, and the cycle went from there, and you get yourself a chicken.

2) Is vegemite all that Australians in the UK make it out to be, or is it just vegetable marmite?

It depends on personal preference. Myself, I am a huge fan of vegemite, that now happens to be bought out by Kraft, which now makes it no longer ozzie owned. But it is still Australian in the heart. Marmite is horrible and tastes nothing like Vegemite which is awesome. You’d have to try it for yourself though.

3) Have you ever been to the opera house, and if so, what did you see?

I’ve been to the Opera house to see a show twice. First I saw a play, a restoration comedy, which I can’t remember the name of. It was boring but I had to see it for drama. The second was also for drama, I saw Howard Katz, which was good, but depressing. The Opera house itself is spectacular and it looks great. Actually when I went to see the first play, it was the day after two anti-war protestors painted ‘No war’ on the roof.

The final question is from Karen from http://www.fantasyscribe.com/ and I’ve been waiting for it for a bit.

Why do you want to have a novel published?

This is my ultimate dream. I have been a storyteller since a little kid. At first it was a cartoonist. I bought a scrapbook and created characters. I drew a picture and made a profile about each one. Then I would write stories, but only this time it was the pictures I liked the best, and also creating a book. I’ve held onto this for a long time, even when I went off writing and reading at the first few years of high school, I would still hold on to it and sometimes remember and start a novel that may have gone a few pages, but no more. My English teacher revived my love of writing to a whole new level. I began to read again, and write. I started up a website to show people my stories, then a Blog to document my dream, and me and now I’ve started. For me, creating something of my own for people to read would be awesome. This is something that keeps me going sometimes, especially when I’m not in the best moods, knowing that someday a book with my name on it may be on the shelves if I work hard enough. It is not for the money or the fame, although both would be nice, it is for the joy of creating something of my own.