Sunday, October 31, 2004

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What's the opposite to writer's block?

Damn, so many ideas, thoughts, lines, themes, characters and a whole lot of writing waiting to burst out of my head. This feeling is what brings out great writing in me, and I haven't felt like this in a bit. If you think this is a good thing, I'm afraid your wrong because the timing really stinks. I have three exams this week and another the week after. Damn, my luck is really bad, just hope it stays with me till after my last exam.

Media get a blogging from internet pundits - US Elections -

Media get a blogging from internet pundits -

Yes we have a voice, this article in the Sydney Morning Herald today said that bloggers (like me) are keeping check on the bias news coverage of the mainstream press. I agree bloggers have a voice, but really we are biased, there are so many pro-Bush blogs out there backing Bush up, but even bloggers on the civil rights/anti-bush side, we seem to be inherantly biased. Though I think the difference is, although we are biased, I speak the truth. My biased opinion is not wrong because it is biased, I have gained my opinion from the truth. Bush bloggers have an opinion, however racist, but it is based on lies. Bush lied to the world when he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He lied when he said he would do anything to capture Saddam Hussein. Bush bloggers are just puppets to the Fox new channel

Saturday, October 30, 2004

'Florida 2004'

This is evidence of yet more 2004 'Floridas' and this is obviously aimed at removing potential democrat voters. This is because the majority of the African-American population vote Democrat. Other members of the Progressive Blogger Alliance have blogged this. Including, Progressive Blog Alliance HQ and In Search of Utopia.

Hey I got this new service in order to publish pictures to my blog with Hello, this is just a test, here's a cartoon from

Bin Laden taunts US with new attacks -

Bin Laden taunts US with new attacks -

Bin Laden has gone on television telling the people of America that in four years since September 11, he has failed to capture him. He was mocking the president and his diversion from the war on terror to Iraq.

He then told of his inspiration for the September 11 attacks saying "As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me to punish the unjust the same way ... to destroy towers in America so that it can taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women," He was referring to an Israeli attack on towers in Lebanon that the US was accused of supporting. Maybe people will realise terrorism is running both ways.

Excerpts from Bin Laden's message

What about the real target Mr. Bush

L.A. Daily News - News

An article in the L.A. daily news says that the pentagon know where Osama is but arn't going to get him because "There is an American presence in the area, but we can't just send in troops. If we did, we could have another Vietnam, and the United States cannot afford that right now."

Another Vietnam? Can't just send in troops? Excuse me Mr. 'I don't give a damn about a country's sovreignty' Bush, isn't that what you've done in Iraq.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ferguson sounds harsh note on refugees -

Ferguson sounds harsh note on refugees -

Like other refugee advocates I am appalled at the comments by Labors new shadow immigration minister, she claimed "they would have a more realistic view if they lived in areas where most refugees resided."

Ok I wont lecture people on the issue because I do it freqently on this blog, but he also said "a sizeable proportion" of asylum seekers had fraudulent cases and manipulated the legal system to stay in Australia.

Ok, these people are unable to obtain the correct papers, do you think countries such as Iran and China want to allow people to obtain refugee status. The fact is 93% of those detained for lengthy amounts of time are found to be refugees. The other 7% surely includes those that have given up on rejected claims, and gone back to their country to live the rest of their lives with a burden percecution, rather then the Australian government accepting their applications.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New post to 'In Search of Utopia'

I have posted to the blog 'In Search of Utopia' about the refugee issue, in order to express my view to the world that is relitively unaware of what is going on.

Guest blogger

I am now a guest blogger from In Search of Utopia, a political blogger that is also a member or the Progressive Blogging Alliance. This a majorly American blog, but it might give me a chance to spread the issue of Australian detention centres. Stay tuned I'll notify everyone through this blog of my post's, but they won't be frequent. Maybe once a week.

To End Detention of Children and Separation of Families in Australia Petition

To End Detention of Children and Separation of Families in Australia Petition

Please click the above link to sign the for the end of mandatory detention of Asylum seekers, including the detention of children, some who have been born there.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Today I received a letter from the University of Wollongong, notifying me that I have been short listed for selection in the Bachalor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing). This is great news and I think it has really boosted my attitude, as all the stress of the HSC is taking it's toll. I now have to go to an interview on November 24 where they will ask me about my writing and stuff like what makes me tick. I'll be on a high for the rest of day, hopefully my family won't ruin it.

Unethical scare tactics will lead to a viciously ill-made choice

Be afraid of the big bad wolf, voters warned - US Elections -

George Bush's latest ad and campaign angle is quite frightening, not that it reminds you of the real terror threat, but it plays with people's fears. People who don't really know, are sucked into the republican propaganda rather than an informed choice between the two parties policies. To say you would be better to throw your family to the wolves rather than vote for Kerry is absurd and unethical. George Bush did nothing before 9/11, and when 9/11 came he wasn't thinking of the tragedy of all the innocent Americans that got killed, he wasn't thinking of stopping Osama Bin Ladin. All George W. Bush cared about was taking out Saddam Hussein because he has lots of oil and George wasn't happy he beat his daddy a decade ago. Bush thinks about money, and that's it, not about freedom or doing things the humane. If he wanted to stop terrorism wouldn't the troops be better off looking for Bin Ladin in Afghanistan rather than killing people needlessly in Iraq.

Monday, October 25, 2004

An account of forced deportation

An account of forced deportation

This is a man’s account of Australasian Correctional Management (ACM) and immigration department (DIMA) staff’s attempt to forcibly deport him from Villawood detention centre.
I’d been informed by the DIMA for the first time on 11 October 1999 I am denied a visa. So I expressed my denial by hitting the desk before the DIMA officer ... To prison for one week [for] frightening the immigration agent ... And from there I’ve been taken to the airport without any previous informing on the 17th October 1999 [and] handcuffed again.

Two policemen took me [and] treated me exactly like an animal. The first policeman drew me by my throat which caused me congestion and difficulties in swallowing and eating for the consequent week. The other drew me by my hand fiercely ... by the handcuff chain, [which] has left [an] obvious scar till now. They’d put me on the airplane which the captain had refused to carry me on after I discussed the matter with him, so they got me back to the prison.

One week later on 24th October 1999 and in the same unexplained procedure another correction officer attended my cell, handcuffed me and asked me to come ... to the reception where [I was] received by ACM officials, including a doctor and a nurse.

Soon the doctor entered the cell carrying an injection with four tablets asking me to choose either the injection or the tablets. I refused them both ... the doctor ordered the security officers to do their job and he and the officers laid me down on the floor and [both sat] on my back, took my pants down [so that the doctor could] inject me. So then I accepted to receive the tablets since I got an old medical problem with injections.

The doctor told me how those tablets are only tranquillisers. But they didn’t work. So they forced me to take a fifth tablet at the airport when they got me on the airplane with a wheelchair accompanied by a nurse, two companions and three other ACM officers. All that continued for about five to six hours with three types of handcuffs and ties of leather, plastic and steel around my hands and belly that gathered my arms to my trunk!

I stood screaming and asking for help from the passengers there. I immediately regretted that [because] those companion escort officers started to hit me and beat me fiercely and cruelly with kicks all over my body, especially my genitalia with their knees and feet which subsequently caused left testis congested lesions and pain. The testis swelling is still evident ...
The nurse on trying to inject in my leg missed my body [and] hit the plane seat where the needle got bent. but he didn’t change the needle and injected me again with the contaminated, bent needle in a completely odd side on my leg, immediately above my left knee where the scar and pigmentation still [can be] clearly seen.

I continued to scream and ask for help until a few passengers cried and [came] to relieve my oppression. But they [were] rejected ... So the officers got me to [Silverwater prison] for the third time where they put me in a special quarantine room for the addicts for five days because I became physically and medically sick.

On the 2nd December 1999 I’ve been moved from the prison to the detention centre again where I am now. Since then I haven’t consulted any medical personnel in detention since losing the trust in any of them who works for this ACM to deal with psychological trauma.
[Five years later, this man remains in Villawood detention centre. He resists any offers of help with his immigration case, which remains static to this day.]

From Green Left Weekly, October 20, 2004. Visit the Green Left Weekly home page.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

I was watching 60 minutes tonight and I watched a touching story about a couple from Canberra who adopted two children from Ethiopia. It was a very moving story to see the conditions they were in and then to see the impact the adoption had on the children and the new parents, how this drastic move acheived so much. It gives you hope in humanity

Sunday, October 24, 2004

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Ok, people such as shutuped and The Scribe have expressed there interest in this event and so I signed up. Basically everyone attempts to write 50,000 words in November, should be good, and it'll get me started writing my novel. Can't wait for November 1 now, when I start. Except for the fact that I have a drama exam in the afternoon, and a Modern History exam the next day.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I'm no.1

Ok, this is a special time, I'm am no.1 on So I took a screenshot so I can gloat.
Keep me there by clicking

Refugee link

I found this site via all my refugee activist friends, where you can sign a major online petition, so go and sign it if you live in Australia

also I'm going to the swearing in of our Federal Parliament, with ChilOut we're are picketing outside for a just refugee policy, so stay tuned I might be on the news.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Why hasn't Australia got a bill of rights?

Bill of rights needed now, says QC -

A feature article in the Age today argued that the treatment of refugees in Australia was among the best arguments for a bill of rights in Australia. AndI agree. Howard said a bill of rights would "get in the way of how the Government does business"

Refugee Article

Woomera detainee provoked into escaping, court told -

Ok I wont say much but here's an article about the trauma a detainee suffered whilst in Woomera detention centre, this trauma prompted him to escape detention. Mercy please, a criminal record will do only harm.

Exam reflections: Entertainment Certificate

Today was Entertainment. This is possibly the easiest exam in the history of the Higher School Certificate. It was set for 2 hours, I finished on one hour. The long answers went perfect but adequate, this exam doesn't matter that much though, it's only a backup in case I crash out of any of my other exams.

So now I have a week off to study for my four exams that are left, next is Drama on Monday the 1st of November.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Crayon box

I found this site, as many people have added a banner like the one above and the one now on my side bar. This is a great cause, and something everyone should follow, treating everyone equally and not judging them based on their race/culture/religion/sexual preference/etc please go to and get a code for a banner and add it to your site.

Downer has no idea

Journo's comments on hostages 'appalling': Downer - SMH

Ok, Downer today critised the comments made by the SBS journalist that gave a different perspective of the hostage situation. Downer can't critise. Was he there? No.

Mr Downer said today it was pretty much the most appalling thing any Australian had said about the Iraq war.

Well I'll leave that decision up to you

Of all the countries

France confronts a surge in racism - Sydney Morning Herald

An article in the Herald today states that France is facing a surge is racist and anti-semitist attacks. France likes to call itself the 'cradle of human rights.' Then what do you call the ban on religious symbols. I look up to France for their stance on Iraq and their general stance in most area's but I think the surge in racism has something to do with the ban. Maybe, some of the people believe it is ok to show resent against other cultures/religions by what the President has ordered. What is this world coming to?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Here's the other side of the story

My captors weren't savages: kidnapped journalist

So many times people have told me to look at the other side of the story, well that's all I ever here, The Telegraph in Australia is the most biased source of media aside from Fox News, of course their from the same company. Ok, so for all those Bush-lovers, and Howard lovers, and anyone else who loves their leader and he's a Bush ass-licker read this article. This guy got away because he didn't support the war. "They're not actually just killing people willy-nilly."
"They talk to you, they think about things."
"(From their perspective) there was a reason to kill (British hostage Ken) Bigley, there was a reason to kill the Americans; there was not a reason to kill me (and) luckily I managed to convince them of that."
I pose this question to all who are in favour of the war, what would you xenophobes do if someone invaded your country?

Note: In no way to I support the torture and cruel treatment of hostages by the kidnappers, but you have to look at their extremely desperate situation.

3 years since a disturbing incident that is still unknown to the world

The tragedy that Australia refuses to remember - The Age

Yesterday it was the three year anniversary of the SIEV X, I was unaware of this until I searched for articles, it was in the Age so I had to find it online, but this opinion piece horrifies me even more than the sketchy details I have been given by others. For those who don't know what happened, the Australian authorities guarding the coast of Northern Australia would not let a boatload of Asylum seekers into Australian waters as to keep them out of Australia's responsibility, but they fail to realize even though the International 'Law of the Sea' is not binding it still matters in the caring hearts of those who have a humane conscience. The boat sunk, 353 people drowned, and the government covered it up.
It is still barely known today as the majority of Australians refuse to remember that in a supposedly multi-cultural society, our government does this sort of thing and even worse gets away with it. As soon as an Islamic country does something everyone jumps on the media bandwagon and criticizes, but as soon as Australia is guilty of something as horrendous as this, the media is silent, or too quiet for anyone to hear and take notice.

I will leave you with a quote because quotes are powerful things, this quote is from the Age's opinion article.

"On October 19, 2001, a woman gave birth on a sinking boat en route from
Indonesia to Christmas Island...Like many of our ancestors, she was in search of
that precious gift called freedom. She was last seen drifting with her baby
attached by the umbilical cord."

This is a disgusting law

First French pupils expelled over headscarves - World -

I hate this law, they say the ban is to protect them, but to do so would go against their religion. The french government is just giving in to the racist people of France, they should try to educate and promote tolerance, isn't this why assimilation in Australia was scrutinised, for denying the right to practise their own culture.
I will leave you with a quote from 'The Russians' by Sting, I used it one of my essays today because it was a related text. "We share the same biology, regardless of ideology"

Exam reflections: English Paper 2: Modules

Ok, that's two down now and both English exams finished, and it feels great. Today I has to write 3 essays in two hours on three different texts (with related texts for two of them)
I wrote about 6 pages for all of them and now my hand really hurts. Overall what I wrote was good, I just wanted to write more but my hand wouldn't go fast enough, I wish I could attach a V8 engine. Because after a while my hand started to ache and as I forced my hand to write my hand writing started to become really messy, but still readable, I hope.
Well next exam is Entertainment on Friday, which is really easy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Virus alert

This is for users of MSN messenger, if ' asks you to add them to your contacts, say NO! If you do, you will be infected with a virus and it will be passed on to all your contacts on MSN.

I don't get people who do this sort of thing, why would they want to cause so much trouble and what do they get out of it?

This is really funny!

Some one had posted the same thing on their blog, except it was someone else, I was brave enough to do it to myself

The Life and Loves of Coco Church

The Life and Loves of Coco Church

I found this blog, wow, what a kool concept, it's a novel as a blog and each page is a post. I get the feeling it's kind of like 'Bridget Jone's diary' except a heap more tasteful. I've added it to my blogroll so have a look.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The mission statement of the progressive blog alliance

We are an emergent self-organized network of independent citizens and activists whose broad agenda includes world peace, human rights, sustainable development, environmentalism, and social justice. We do not identify with a singular nation, but rather our world society as a whole. We recognize that on a fundamental level we are all one. Blogging is our medium; our message will be the story of a new world.

Join Us
Image Hosted by

Exam reflections: English paper 1: Area of study

Wow, one exam done , only six more to go. Today was my first English paper. Ok, for people who don't know what this entails, At the start of the year (actually Term 4 last year) we were given an area of study, for my class it was physical journeys. We studied the poetry of Peter Skrzynecki (hope I spelt it right). This also includes texts of your own choosing that relate. Well anyway the exam was questions on texts we haven't seen before, Creative Writing and an essay on Skrzynecki and other related texts.

Over all I did pretty well. I aced unseen texts, then I did my essay because someone on the Bored of Studies forum (yes I spelt bored right) said strong creative writers should leave it last. The essay went well, I wrote flat out, and managed to fill the whole eight page booklet. One of my related texts was a chapter called 'No room at the inn' from a book by Heather Tyler called 'Asylum - voices from behind the razor wire' So I could obviously cover that in depth as it's one of my favourite books.

Creative Writing went really well, I regurgitated the story I wrote in my half-yearlys and the trials. It's about a Russian sniper who kills a general of the german army, then he takes the general to Petrograd on a snowmobile. It worked really well, pity we don't get our papers back, just the marks. I would like to show it to you.

Well, my hand hurts now from writing so much. Next exam is English 2: modules, good luck all other HSC students for this paper, and it would be great to hear your comments on this paper.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Very funny anti-republican parody article

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

I was browsing something different to do a post on something else, when I came across this, I haven't read it all but I thought I should tell all you guys about it so you can laugh with me.

Oprah takes a much needed stand

I don't usually pay much attention to Oprah, but Michael Moore's website alerted me to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle where Oprah has been taking a stand against the Bush administration because of the likely hood that if re-elected Bush could return women's rights back to the 1950's. This is appalling, the Bush administration is so conservative they are in fact going backwards. They still see warfare as a logical way to solve problems and now they want to re-criminality abortion. I'll be sad to see Bush re-elected, but like in oz it seems sadly inevitable.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The planning process

Ok, The Scribe told me of the snowflake design process as a great way to plan out my novel and make it easier to write, becuase to tell you the truth, my first attempt seems a bit daunting and I could do with ways to make it easier. After reading the process and saving it to my favourites list, I now have ideas that shouldn't be there because I should be thinking about my HSC exam on monday. So I might do small amounts of planning but essentially until November 10 it's study, study, study.

Another Aspiring writer like myself

I have been in contact with another aspiring writer in Sydney online for a while, he has given me the first chapter of his story and I've put it on but it's yet to be titled so read, untitled and leave comments.

Cruel but funny

I was browsing many blogs on blogexplosion and found this post by Dan K. O'Leary, at his blog. It's called '50 ways to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend' Very Cruel but very funny. His warning is,
"Obscenity warning is in full effect, so hide the kid’s eyes and get ready
for entertainment. Some of these are real and others are fake, but all are worth
a shot."

Really sickens you in the stomach

link to article

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald tells of how the Chinese government brainwash followers of other political and religious sects. This is an example of how powerful countries such as China can bypass the scrutiny of the United Nations why Iraq has constantly been criticized.

I'm going to weigh in on the American election

Ok, I haven't said much about the election in the US, but for those who know me it wouldn't be hard who to guess who I'm certainly not voting for. I agree with most things Kerry says except the thing about charging Osama Bin Ladin in an American court. Bin Ladin has done other things against other countries, so it would be best to be tried in either an international court or a court in Afghanistan. One thing I'm backing Kerry on for sure when he pointed out Cheney's homosexual daughter, he copped so much from it and it was undeserved because she is openly Lesbian. She is not ashamed of her sexuality only her homophobic father is. One more thing, from what I have seen Kerry has conducted himself far better in the presedential debates, Bush seems confused and his facial expressions don't reflect that of a President of the United States of America, more a child.

UPDATE: I had edit this post, sorry about the typos

Friday, October 15, 2004

Back to Writing!

Ok, this blog originally started out to be about writing, because my life long goal is too publish a novel, at least one. I have a great idea for my first one, and I wrote a pathetic two chapters of it a while back. I scrapped it and decided to postpone writing it until after my final HSC exam (for Americans this is my last year of High School/Secondary School.) In the mean time I have written countless short stories to keep my creative mind flowing and most can be found at my main website, Well lately I have neglected writing or blogging about writing in favour of my political rants, so as my exams are approaching I thought I might start thinking about my novel a bit more.

Ok, this will be my first real attempt at writing a novel, I have attempted it several times as a kid with no chance at all. I may work up the motivation to type them up so you guys can have a bit of a laugh at my lame story lines, bad gramma and mediocre writing in general. Anyway, with this being my first attempt at writing a novel I thought you guys who have knowledge could help me out (eg. The Scribe if you are still reading after my continuous political ranting.) I need info on length, and how to keep the plot moving smoothly. I think the way I go about writing a novel would be different to that of one of my short stories. So I'm calling for any help. (click the comment thing just underneath this.)

My revhead week

OK, for those who haven't caught on or you probhably live in the US (I think the majority are US readers) this week has been packed with car things. Before, this blog, and my return to writing I ran a website with a friend mitch at which had no hits and 1 gallery of the motorshow, either 2000 or 2001. Well basically since about 1998 (when I started following F1) I wanted to become an F1 driver, (I guess people are either on the ground laughing right now or shaking their head in shame.) I gave up on that in about 2001/2002 when I realised I had no chance and started thinking about web design or journalism. Well I think journalism is what I want to do (besides write of course). Well if you have gotten this far into this post I applaud you. Well I am still deeply connected to cars, so this week has been 1. Bathurst last Saturday and Sunday 2. The 2004 Australian International Motorshow and 3. the motorbike GP this weekend. So this is my week of being a revhead (whilst studying of course.) Below is a pick of me (left) and my friend steve (right) in a Honda S2000, a very nice car indeed.

Picture courtesy of Ben Harris, and can only be reproduced with his permission, so if you wan't to use the pic contact me, and I'll ask him.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Progressive Blog Alliance

I have joined a blogroll of other like minded blogs, basically we are all left wing bloggers looking for peace and equality within this world controlled by Warmongers such as Bush, Blair and our own John Howard, for more information go to their website

To many right wing blogs!!

I was browsing blogs via blogexplosion today, when I realised there are a shitload of right-wing/republican blogs. Damn don't these people think! Bush is a war-monger himself, you can't want to charge someone with crimes against humanity if you are guilty of war crimes yourself.

I found out a great way to get traffic for my blog today, I found BlogExplosion, and already I've started realing in the hits. It's great, go check it out.

Peace hero should be protected

link to article

A nuclear whistle-blower from Israel has asked for Australian citizenship once he it let out of prison, I hope for the sake of peace and freedom Australia answers his plea.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How can Howard make such rash assumptions!

link to article

Today Howard said that although many Australians had objections to the war in Iraq, Saturday's vote says that the Australian public wants to keep the troops there until the job is done. Am I the only one that thinks that his assumptions are a complete load of bullshit. Australia voted on the economy because that's all the election focused on, money was continually thrown here and there by both parties, with Issues like Iraq and refugees swept under their carpet. The public had forgotten to vote on values and real issues. And now we have three years to regret it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ignorance is not bliss, Ignorance is ignorance.

Today I finished reading, 'Asylum - voices behind the razor wire' by Heather Tyler. It was a great book, it spoke of the plight of Asylum seekers. I have a pile of other books that I have borrowed on the issue, but as I continually read more on it, whether in book, in newspapers or online at websites such as I continue to feel that the people that read up on this issue are the ones that are already convinced and want to know the truth. The problem is that many people refuse to look at the truth and blindly follow what ever the government wants to tell them. The ignorance of the everyday Australia is further aggravated by The Daily Telegraph, and other biased conservative newspapers that routinely follow the government line. If you are one that doesn't care about people being locked up when they have done nothing but seek our protection, the read 'Asylum'

Am I the only one that thinks we've been lied to...again

link to article

Reports into today that interest rates could rise, just after John Howard has been re-eleced. The man that said he would keep interest rates low. I don't know about you, But I think we've been deceived again.

The problem isn't getting any better

link to article

Today there came findings that ecstasy user's were also using drugs such as Viagra and anti-depressants to give them an extra high. This problem will increase the chance a fatality. The Green's drug policy has coped a lot of flak, most of it unjust. Well if people would look at the facts of the drug policy rather than what the Telegraph tells them, then the people of Australia would have had a much clearer picture of the real situation. The Greens concede that the drug problem isn't getting any better, and proposes that they discriminalise personal drug use, in order to make it easier for addicts to seek help. Heroin users would be slowly weaned of the drug, and the benefit of a clinic or hospital giving them it, rather than a guy of the street is that it won't contain other dangerous substances. This legalization of personal drug use, does not mean they are going to legalize other drug offences such as dealing and trafficking.

Maybe now with the Greens with a strong chance of getting a few more senate seats, the message can be put across.

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Liberal dominated senate just makes the loss the more painful

link to article

Now that it is likely especially with the looming threat of a Family first member of the senate, that John Howard will control the senate and make way for painful and outright elitist reforms. 1. The privatisation of Telstra, looking after yuppie business interests instead of saving Telstra and seeing to the need of the Australian people. 2. Removing the power of the Union, the savour of the working Australian. This is outright ridiculous, the Unions have done so much for workers, don't you think the ones that have to work so hard need the more help then those that can start their own business, or those that already own large businesses. 3. Tax cuts for the rich! The rich are rich they don't need tax cuts, come on Australia hang your heads in shame you voted in a governent based on lies, and a party that neglected the real issues.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Another 3 years of lies, Bush bum-kissing and inhumane immigration

As most people will gauge if you read my blog often is that last nights result does not leave me in a good mood. People will tell me that I should go on the people's decision and there usually right. Well the people of Australia could not make a fair decision because John Howard's campaign was 1. Biased, he focused on the economy too much and neglected more serious issues 2. He lied about issues. And 3. He used a tactic of scaring the public away from voting in Labour based again on lies. I am now more determined than ever to expose the truth. So I am studying hard to get a good UAI, go to uni, do Journalism and tell people the truth. Guess I wont be working for The Telegraph.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Liberal dirty trick sums up the whole campaign

link to article

The dirty trick by some Liberal candidates, by handing out Greens how-to-vote cards with Liberal preferenced over Labour basically sums up the way the Liberals have dishonestly conducted a campaign that will see them with a good chance of another term in office for the 'lying rodent' If the Liberals have to lie and go to low they did today to win votes, it shows that they aren't good enough to govern the whole of Australia. If I had been given Greens how-to-vote cards such as these it wouldn't have counted for anything, I know that Greens preferenced Labour over Liberal, and when I voted this morning, I made sure I put Liberal last.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Blog update!

- Thanks to blogroll, my 'other blog's' list is no really easy to add and delete blogs.

- I am ranked 2nd on! To vote for me click this link -

- I found a blog, the number 1 blog on Blogrank, and added it to my blogroll. It's called Omniverse.

- My blog received alot of hits today. For the third time in the election campaing, Counterspin mentioned me.

Have a good night/day, and if you are voting, Vote Green!

High court ruling doesn't mean a thing

link to article

Yesterday's High Court ruling stating that it is lawful to lock up children in detention centres was expected and doesn't count for anything. They ruled that the Migration act allowed for detention, may I remind you that the government was the one to set up the Migration act. Just because it is lawful doesn't mean it is morally right.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mr. Howard and the lumberjacks should take it from Dr Seuss

Today I was appalled to discover that my sister had borrowed a Dr. Seuss from the Library and was only reading the pictures. As a kid I loved the way Dr. Seuss wrote and although I now see myself as too old to read him, I still admire the way he writes. So in protest of my sister, I sat down and read her the first tale in the book. ‘The Lorax’, well I quite enjoyed reading this story, it was about how all the Truffula trees got cut down to make Thneeds. As I read how the last Truffula tree was cut down, I thought maybe John Howard and the lumberjacks might want to read this tale, and then reconsider their disgraceful forest policy.

New story

Today, whether motivated or not I was convinced to do some study. So today I did the thing I needed to do the least first, Creative Writing. I sat at my desk and wrote for about half an hour, I haven't been in the greatest of moods and what I produced was 'Journey out of this place' It was only 600-700 words but at least it's something, have a look I published it on my website

Amanda Vanstone: pragmatic or compassionate? - Opinion -

Amanda Vanstone: pragmatic or compassionate? - Opinion -

This is a great opinion article in the age today, analyzing Minister for Racism and cruelty to children, Amanda Vanstone's approach to immigration since her succession from Ruddock.

TPVs not the answer

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Yesterday 20 Iraqis on TPVs and a mass of protesters, protested in Brisbane against the issue of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) and asked for permanent protection visas. When will the Liberal government learn that they will need ongoing protection because in fleeing their homeland, they have invited scrutiny from the country they are fleeing

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The real message

I found this poster, and blogs like Counterspin and Road to surfdom have been advertising this. Show it to all that are for the Iraq war and then see if they care.

Johnnie, there's mutiny in the ranks

article in The Age

It was interesting to find this article in the age today, saying Trish Worth, Liberal MP from Adelaide has signed a pledge to work for a just refugee program. And even stranger is the homophobic Family-First party signed the pledge too. If homophobes and members of your own party want fairer refugee treatment, doesn't that tell you something?

The truth comes out

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Today I found an article on the SMH website outlining the brutality and truth behind the forced deportation of asylum seekers. If you are skeptical about the people, like myself, that continually are trying to convince the public that you cannot lock up people who have been tortured and persecuted once they come here to seek our protection; and worse deporting them back to the country based on the governments blind hysteria of them being a security risk. So if you are skeptical, read this article and research into the truth rather than take the government's word for it.

I don't believe it

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Guantanamo bay prisoners are to be released, because they don't have enough evidence, this is a great victory for justice

It was expected from the US

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It was expected that the US would veto the resolution to stop the Israeli offensives. Remember early last year when countries were threatening to veto the resolution on Iraq if it came to that, and well the US went ahead and invaded Iraq anyway, but the UN has done relatively nothing about it. It shows money comes before values and that is how the US has become a superpower, rather than being a role-model for freedom and equality to the rest of the world

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My views expressed by Counterspin

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Today Antony Loewenstein posted on Counterspin, after I e-mailed him expressing my concern that the refugee issue hasn't featured in the election, and he has provided a link to my post. This is great in expressing my views and the view that some things are more important in this country than interest rates

The Daily Blurb

The Daily Blurb

Wow, I found this great blog from America. This guy really knows what he's talking about, his views are like mine a very left, well worth a look. I found his blog on blogarama, a cool blog directory

Congratulations for Latham

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It is great to see Mark Latham and Labour follow the lead of the Greens in taking a step to save the tasmanian forests, his policy is also clever in it asssists in re-training the tasmanian loggers. The loggers have complained but I think the tasmanian forests should be preserved, some parts have barely had human contact and this heritage far surpasses the need to sustain employment

Palestinians push for UN resolution

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This has been a contentious issue lately, but the truth is isn't terrorism worse when it is in fact a Government, Nuclear armed and American supported doing all the killing.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Howard is a dirty hypocrite

I am disgusted that John Howard sledges every bit of spending Mark Latham does, saying he can't pay for it all. May I point out that John Howard has made more spending promises than Latham. And now he's going to spend 6 Billion dollars on Battleships. Maybe we could save a lot of money if our next Prime Minister could take a peaceful approach to solving disputes instead of putting unreasonably high amounts of money into more military spending. Anyway the only wars we are fighting rarely need Battleships or other conventional weapons. The illegal war in Iraq is a guerilla war, and we are losing it because we are fighting conventionally, hasn't Howard learnt anything from Vietnam.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

There is still hope for humanity!

Today was the 'End the lies' rally. Merlin Luck, refugee activist from Big Brother said it was very encouraging to see so many people from so many different walks of life turn up to oppose Howard's continual lying to the people of Australia. The event received a lot of media attention which was good, I saw myself on the ABC news, holding a banner with a member from Resistance.

Resistance is a branch of Socialist Alliance, a party that stands what I stand for, humanity. When I first met the Socialist Alliance and Resistance at World Refugee day, I was hesitant in following them because I thought that they followed the traditional Socialist doctrine, as in Soviet Russia had. But once you get to speak to them and understand what they stand for, they are a very reasonable party and they may well get my vote in the Senate, behind the Greens. Although I like the Socialist Alliance I am well and truly a Greens supporter. But whoever you vote for on Saturday, vote for someone who is humane and caring, and remember some things are more important than interest rates.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Corporate greed extended to the race track.

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OK, for those who don't know me personally you won't know that I am a keen follower of Formula 1 and since the opening of my blog I haven't mentioned this. But tonight I was on and I read a story that said that the British GP has been axed from the 2005 calander. I was horrified, and guess what it's over, money. Yep you guessed it, Formula 1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone has pulled the plug because the British Racing Driver's Club won't pay an extra 3 million on the contract.

I have been doing some research!

Today my parents expressed their concern at my stance towards the detention of refugees. They said because they came here illegally they deserve to be locked up. Well I wasn't happy about this so I am online tonight doing more and more research to try and convince them that what is going on is purely and simply inhumane. I want my parents and all others who support what the government is doing to know that this is not about whether or not they came her with the correct visas or not. This is about being humane to people that are desperately seeking our protection in a country that prides itself in being multi-cultural.

The United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees says:
UNHCR is concerned about the situation in Australia's Woomera detention centre and we are in daily contact with the Australian government, trying to help in finding a solution. In general, UNHCR opposes detention of asylum seekers, particularly when it is prolonged and when it involves minors, which is the case in Australia.We do not condone any acts of violence, including acts of self-harm committed by asylum seekers at the Woomera detention centre. However, though deplorable, these acts are a gauge of the degree of desperation of the people who commit them.

And also here is a link to HREOC's reports on the detention centres.

Music to our ears

This 2.5mb MP3, is an anti-howard song that is music to my ears. Thanks to the Greens for the link and Rose.

Friday, October 01, 2004

End Mandatory detention for refugees webring

I signed up for a webring, at the bottom of the page, to link to other sites that are concerned with the current policy of detaining Asylum seekers in detention centres. So if you want to know more there are plenty of sites that will feed you the truth and not what the goverment has been bottle feeding to the Australian public since 1992

500 hits!

Wow, at 3:51 today I received my 500th visitor to my homepage, This is great news, since the site opened in mid-April this year, but my blog alone has been catching up receiving 19 visits today last time I checked

Now you don't have to ask how I am

Well today I've been pretty bored so I clicked on 'next blog' on the blogger navbar and then coincidentally came across |d|otg|rl, blog about a girl daily life. But what really took my notice was a thing on her sidebar. It was a cartoon face showing her mood. Well you may now see the same feature on my site thanks to this cool html add on at Unkymoods

Hmm, is Howard looking after the rich more than the poor

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Today Howard announced a $200 bonus for self-funded retirees, and only a $100 bonus for pensioners. I would have thought the pensioners needed it more. But that's the way the elitist goverment sees things, Isn't it?


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The Road to surfdom pointed out to me this article in the age today giving evidence that Australia was involved in planning earlier than previously admitted. Another lie from the Howard regime, more reason to protest on Sumday, October 3 at the "end the lies" rally.

I am from the 'feral left' and I'm proud of it.

Today I was appaled to hear Alexander Downer call the protestor who was against an unjustified war in Iraq, from the 'feral left' side of politics. I am proud to say I am left wing. I call bombing innocent Iraqi's houses to apparently save them more feral then being concerned for their welfare.

Howard and Bush save their own pocket at the expence of next generation Australians

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Well now Russia have signed the Kyoto protocol, and the only major powers left to sign are the US and Australia. This is a clear example of Howard's uncaring attitude to a growing problem. One of his minister's claimed that they are following the terms of the treaty without actually signing it. That is a clear and cut lie! Both Australia and the US are to number one producers and green house gases. Lets take a progressive step to improving the enviroment, whilst keeping jobs. We can put more effort into alternative means.

I got mentioned on counterspin!


I hope this works, but here is a direct link to the blog post on Counterspin that mentions me.

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