Monday, March 28, 2005

Wall of Silence

I don't often post my poetry on here directly, but hey, why not? I wasn't expecting such a good response from the poetry chatroom on this one, but hey, they liked it. Hope you guys do too.

Wall of Silence

Not as inspirational as music
But doesn't hold things in

A wall between the mind
And the page
Too thick to break

Thoughts held within
The music a prison
Silence an opening
But it's still locked inside

Pointless musings
Not worth the time
Deeper emotions
Banging on the musical wall

It's still silent
I'm still blank

(c) Benjamin Solah 2005

Mailing list?

I was just posting a message on the Socialist Alternative mailing list via Yahoo Groups and noticed that they have gave it a new look. I'm on a few mailing lists, that mostly notify of upcoming protests and some writer's ones. This prompted me to consider making my own mailing list. Now I've made forums and other stuff and they usually lack in success, so before I do so, I want a show of hands of who's interested. The list will not be packed, just updates when I add new stories to my website, and special stuff on my blog, like big Articles, and maybe a monthly newsletter. Just asking to see if this is a feasable idea.

Spot the difference

I just made a few changes to my sidebar, just to make it look a little more personalised to me, rather than that boring font for the titles. I'm trying to get some better pictures for my header. Stay tuned.

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot -- Act 1

This is probably my all time most favourite play. I first read it last year for Drama, and it kind of summed up my whole beliefs/philosophy. It basically says we are here waiting to die, and we do things to help pass the time. Yes it's a little weird, a little depressing, with a little bit of black comedy, and that makes it great.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I wish I was there

Baxter protests forced action: Police - National -

I have seen much coverage on the protest that I was meant to be at. This included footage of my own Socialist group chanting. The protests were inspiring with their arms linked and not intimidated by the foul police, they chanted: "the whole world is watching." I really wish I had gone. The police were, however, disgusting. They've been using excessive force and bullying tactics. They are just puppets of a system that is trying to hinder a person's democratic right to protest.

a woman, was grabbed by a policeman by the hair, pulled to the ground and had her face forcibly pushed into the red dirt and scrub.

Doesn't that make you sick?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Government's new visa nothing but an empty sham. Surprise Surprise!

New visa is useless, say refugee advocates - National -

Everyone was shocked and a few welcoming of the Government's first concession to their policy. But further investigation reveals that the promise to release a number of long term Asylum seekers means nothing. The new visa is only available to those who say they will give up appealing for refugee status, and other promises that will effectively sign their life away. Further still, there are doubts that any long term detainee will be eligible for the visa because of their current appeals. The government have tried to look compassionate, but once again they have proved their undeniably sneaky ways of fucking over people.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Woo Hoo! First sale or should I say first two

Yes, I got my first two sales today, and it was my first real day trying to get sales. The first two days I was an 'observer' and trying to learn what to do, so I'm stoked. I didn't really tell you guys much about the job, I work for 3 mobile, you know the wicked video talk phones, and I have the most hated occupation, I'm a door to door sales person.

I had the same idea as everyone else. Go away I'm not interested, and my family did this even before he had the chance to finish saying his name. Sure, fine. No, it's not when your on the receiving end, it's even worse when someone doesn't answer the door. You can hear them talking, watching TV, and walking round the house inside, but it's just to their rudeness that they don't answer. But my first sale, two phones to an Indian family was great, they were very friendly, and what better I get payed! I'm not going to Baxter after all, I'm going to work tomorrow, mainly because I conned some money off mum in exchange for not going. It's her fault, she'll do anything for me not to 'give a shit'

Nothing but a little concession to try to shut us up.

Set them free: PM's first shift on boat people - Immigration -

Mr Howard is by every definition a dirty scumbag. He's now willing to release a limited number of long-term detainees, who for 'practical reasons' cannot be returned to their place of origin. But the scumbag insists they are not refugees. They cannot return, so they're in another country to seek refuge, but to Mr Bush bum licker they are still not refugees. This move, if still a very minute and scheming one, is proof that lobbying and protesting is working. Howard needs to make concessions to keep us at bay. Sorry Johnnie but it's not good enough, we want all Asylum seekers released and all the detention centres closed down. But this is something Howard will not budge on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Aviator

© Copyright Miramax films Posted by Hello

I have yet to have the pleasure of telling you about the weird and wonderful movie, The Aviator, ok maybe weird, but not so wonderful. The trailers are quite deceiving in what the film is about, and it is not just glitz, glamour and planes. The movie delves into his private life and most importantly his OCD (Obsessive compulsive Disorder,) These scenes frequent the movie and provide a different insight into the man. There are plane scenes, and they are great, the cinematography throughout the film was top notch and don't get me wrong some of the weirder scenes were quite good and Di Caprio nearly broke the boundaries of his acting. But the movie wasn't great, it was OK, some good bits, some bad bits, but it left me scratching my head, and not in a good way.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Habib loves Australia, and yes we love him too.

Don't leave Hicks behind, Habib tells rally - National -

Yesterday's anti-war rally in Hyde Park was awesome. The 'Red Bloc' group was by far the best. My throat was very sore after, but it was well worth it, with chants like, "1,2,3,4, We don't want your racist war. 5,6,7,8, we will not co-operate." and "George Bush, USA, how many kids have you killed today." There was a great surprisee when Mamdouh Habib took the stage. I really admire the man for his attitude after all he has been through. He thanked Australia for standing up for him and he said, "I love all Australians because you are all of my family." Which I found incredibly touching. He also made said that we should stick up for David Hicks to bring him home, this man has just got back, and it is his kindness that sees him turn to help someone else out.

In other news, I am going to Baxter Detention Centre from Thursday to Monday since Refugee Action Coalition just passed a motion to fund me to go seeing I have no money at the moment. I am very excited, I'm going to have to clear my memory off my camera and take some photos for you all to see.

And remember, Keep up the good fight.

Friday, March 18, 2005

In a crazy move, Bush henchman set to head the world bank

Wolfowitz set to head World Bank - World -

This is truly frightening, Paul Wolfowitz, a famous neo-conservative henchman of George Bush is set to head the world bank. Yes, I kid you not, one of the masterminds of such atrocities as the invasion of Iraq is set to have the problems of third world poverty put in his misguided and evil hands. He will not be in the interests of the people of this world, instead he will see to the interests of the unbelievably rich corporations.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No longer unemployed!

Yes that right, you heard it straight from the hoarse's mouth. I have a job, both interviews were successful and I got to pick which one I wanted. So now I am a sales consultant for 3 mobile. One downside, I can't go to my Socialist meetings anymore but I will learn to deal with it. I will be working four days a week, I'm really excited about starting.

On other news, there is an anti-war rally on Noon, Sunday at Hyde Park North, lots of people will be there. It's also my b'day that day, and I'm hoping to bring my friends along in a very different way of celebrating. Howard sent more troops in and lately at the stall for Socialist Alternative I did for them, more and more people have been coming up and talking to us, voicing their disgust at the government.

Quote of the day: "Help the Cops, Beat yourself up!"

Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm here

Yes, I'm here, I haven't posted in the last couple of days because, shock horror, I didn't have much to say. I could ramble on about the bullshit news story on 60 minutes last night, where they portrayed every person on welfare as criminals, overlooking police brutality in order to maintain the status quo of a capitalist system, but I wont.

Some interesting things though, I have two job interviews, one tomorrow and one on Wednesday, and someone found my site by typing, 'what the hell happened end of grudge' on Google. Sorry you wont find any answers here, I'm still scratching my freaking head.

...and Google is an error according to Blogger spell checker.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Vacant Funhouse

Vacant Funhouse

This Ezine has been in the works for a little while, they have been calling for submissions and I'm dissapointed I haven't been able to get something together for them yet. Well they launced Issue 1 on the 7th and it looks great. The site in general is a top notch design very clean and proffesional looking. I'm yet to read any stories and I'm already raving, just because it looks so good. Judging a book by it's cover so to speak? Well, yes. Give it a look for sure, maybe you might something by yours truly in there in the next couple of issues, hopefully.

update: ok, I've read the first story, Where Death Lives. The writing itself was great, well described, pace was nice and smooth and the language good. This made me a little unconfident of getting something published, however, and there is always a however. The story wasn't that great, no real conflict, or climax or hightened emotion in the story. The story didn't real fit into the horror genre anyhow. The writer is good no doubt, but the story didn't really go anywhere in terms of tension.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Labor no longer supports labour

Labor may back minimum wage changes - Breaking News -

The Labor party has not ruled out supporting changes to the minimum wage laws that the Coalition government has proposed despite Unions voicing their disgrace. You would think that a party brought behind the push of mass workers would therefore support the needs of the workers, but it seems with every election loss they move the other way. They are no longer the workers party, just a pale imitation of their nutty right-wing counterparts. This is a stark sign that the class divide between the rich and not so well off is not being closed. So many people in Australia are on the current minimum wage and struggling to be comfortable whilst people in the North Shore live in multi-million dollar mansions and sip champagne for breakfast. They are business owners that become richer and richer because they screw over their workers so much. Capitalism will always be unfair no matter how much Labor tries to sugar coat it.

Monday, March 07, 2005

My thoughts on Blogging, Blogexplosion and the Blogosphere

I have now been blogging since July last year. It has been good, my blog has changed a lot, I think my writing has changed a little bit, and I have have learnt a bit from some of the smart and not so smart comrades in the blogosphere. I still have worries and doubts mainly to do with building a nice readership. It does worry me that I receive only a couple of comments, I wonder if anyone is actually reading. Whether anybody is listening to my rants against right-wing lunatics and my musings on the progress of my novel. I thought blogexplosion would move me forward in this aspect.
The problem with blogexplosion is everyone doesn't really bother to read, they seem to wait their 30 seconds and click on, and it's an empty hit, it means nothing really. If they had read I don't know about it, so to me it's like no one ever came by. The people in the blogosphere are out for hits of their own, they're too self-concerned with earning credits that they fail the key element of blogexplosion - reading. I have read blogs, and I have a few faves, I read them, and endeavor to leave a comment. Maybe that's why I don't have as many credits as others, because I usually stay longer than 30 seconds. I have found blogs I dislike also, namely the right wing blogs. They are full of hysteria, lies and concerns to do with the higher class of the world. They spread hatred against Muslims and anyone who isn't "American" i.e. a republican. Something I also find strange with both left and right-wing blogs is that they go on about Communism/Socialism as if someone involved in that movement is so bad. Do people really know Socialism is for the people, real Socialism not the previous countries that have turned into dictatorships and given a bad name. It really ruined the left when people were supporting Kerry and sledging Nader, the only truly left candidate. Moore supported pro-war Kerry and campaigned for Nader to be removed from the ballot, that is crazy. The blogosphere is one unique place, with smart, stupid and quirky people. I agree that it will continue to grow, I just wish my blog would grow with it, so in the spirit leave a freaking comment.

also Blogger's spell checker is screwed, it says Blog isn't a word. What the...

Friday, March 04, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Seven

Word Count: 13,243

I'm reasonably happy with myself, I have seemed to sit down and do some writing on a number occasions this week, last night after the Grudge I did some more. Usually it's only about 500 words, little more or a little less. But at least it's half a habit. The story seems to be a little clearer and have ideas for future scences and more of clear direction. I was a bit worried about alot of the drama I was putting into it, but I now realise that's what all the writers I have been talking to have been saying, pile on disaster or drama one after the other in order to make it look like there is no way out. But maybe I should slow down on the plot thickener just to be kind these people are in an awful mess.

The Grudge (DVD)

© Copyright Columbia Pictures Posted by Hello

My sister wanted to get this out tonight, she said all her friends had thought it was really scary. Scarier than most, yes. I've given up on finding movies that scare the bejeebers out of me, but it was scary. It had a lot of bits that made me and my sister jump 10 feet in the air, and some really creepy bits too. So yea, it was scary, and had some good bits, the two zombies/dead people/ghosts were creepy, including another freaking wide eyed kid like from Hide and Seek. However, like most Japanese horror film, it really didn't make a lot of sense, Gellar's acting was a little dry, although not a surprise and it didn't really have a definite ending. Thankfully when I was searching for a shot to show you guys I found out a sequel is coming out in 2006, I'll see it just to ease the mind and try to figure out what the hell happened.

update: if your finding it strange that I've reviewed a few movies in the last couple of weeks, don't be, if you've been reading my novel updates you'll know that I'm lacking inspiration. Horror flicks kind of revive my mind set to the horror mind, perfect for writing.

update update: ok it's working, I've got a kind of horror like feeling, I even see myself wearily walking round my house, half expecting that ghost girl to be staring right at me, theatrical music and all. Believe or not that feeling's good when your writing, no so good when you want to go to bed. It's 12:45am now, and I'm starting to work on my novel, thank something for the time to think in the shower. I had begun to work on a piece in line with my novel that corresponded my spooked out feeling, but I've put it aside for the moment.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Seven

Word Count: 12,834

Well I went and had a shower, hoping to come back inspired, I did. I sat back down and wrote, I revealled something else about one of my character's, there was a bit of conflict and a bit more explained. In a little less than 500 words, pretty good, then slowly it cam to a grindly halt, until the last sentence read. "Aleks stared back blankly." It kind of somes it up doesn't it?

5000 hits

I am pleased to announce my blog has surpassed 5000 visitors, this is something I would have never dreamed of.

The lucky 5000th visitor was Dave Diamond from 'DD Sez' but full credit to Rich from 'Rambling's from Rich' who also landed on the 5000 mark, but his IP wasn't logged because he was a returning visitor. They receive, well, a mention here, on this post where kind visitors will click inquisitively to their blogs, to have the pleasure of reading the blogs of my two 5000th visitors.

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to my regular readers, if there are any out there, and of course Blogexplosion and it's members, for their empty hits where the majority don't bother to read.

For the sake of the media industry

Habib launches defamation proceedings - National -

I was overjoyed to hear to news the Mr Habib is filing defamation charges against The Daily Telegraph and The Australian. Too long have big name Media companies got away with telling lies and swaying the public opinion in favour of the interests of the rich and powerful. However, the public's lack of apathy and ignorance to the plight of Mr Habib will take a long time to change. Mr Habib, a normal man who was targeted for his religion, will live the rest of his life with this stigma unless the full truth is sought out and more importantly the public accepts this. I really do hope the case goes in Mr Habib's favour for the sake of Mr Habib, the muslim community who have the unfair stigma against them post-9/11 and for the integrity of the media industry that is riddled with bias.

Hail the Cedar revolution

History beckons for bold Lebanese - World -

These were great scenes as a mass of peaceful protestors brought about a resignation of their pro-Syrian prime minister. People are hailing it the Cedar revolution and it is the first time in history that an Arabic speaking people brought down their leaders by mass protest. This is really a history making event and a victory for people power. Even more suprising is the fact that when looking for a successor an outside chance may be a woman.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Bitter and Twisted Syndrome

Some journalists may have heard of this, I heard about it in tafe, and I'm fairly sure I'm a victim. I got into politics last year, I took the left wing approach thinking there must be more humane ways of dealing with problems, that there's so much inequality and I didn't think inhumanity warranted a inhumane response. Of course, seeing the majority of Australians voted for Howard and lack apathy I would have a fair share of opposition. Most of the time I let this go, it's expected, but a lot of the time it gets to me, I have arguments with my racist father who believes Muslims come here to convert Australians and most of them are terrorists. A lot of people have this unfair perception. These arguments can sometimes get heated, so I try to avoid them, but admittedly I have an opinion on everything and if I don't agree I can't hold back. I can half blame the media for this, being that the majority of news chosen to be broadcast is negative. I bet there are so many good news stories itching to be told and they're not because the news broadcaster wants to hook the viewers, making them feel as if they have to watch.

The recent events in Macquarie Fields where the police caused the death of two men was disgusting. Just so the cops could look high and mighty, serving justice at a price way to high. The arguments, 'we can't let them get away with it,' and 'it's they're own fault' just don't cut it for me, I never knew stealing a car warranted the death penalty. If the cops didn't give chase in a narrow street the kids would be alive, they're wouldn't have been the outburst of anger at the cops. What if there was someone else on the road, chases as a general rule should be avoided and used as a last resort, too much wrong can happen. The media coverage has been unfair, they seem to ignore police brutality, quote police injuries and forget the people. It's strange how cops seem to turn up in battalions at an anti-war protest and are never there when you need them. They're always there picking up people on trains without a ticket or always monitoring traffic, and so often I have heard of a horrendous crime where it takes the police an age to get to the scene.

Yes, I ranted again, yes I am solidly wound up in the bitter and twisted syndrome and stuffed if I know how to fix it because I can't help giving a shit.

Hide and Seek

Emily is one creepy little girl Posted by Hello

I had wanted to see this from the first time I saw the trailer, that doesn't explain much as trailers have the trend to deceive and disappoint, and horror movies in particular. I am one who has never seen a movie where I was truly scared. But a move can be scary or something like that without making you scared as you would think. Hide and Seek really took a step up from the duds that have come about, it really kept you edgy, had enough suprises to keep you awake, and a story line that was well thought out with a barrage of twists and turns to keep you thinking. Robert De Niro is always great, not on of his greatest by far, but a good performance. The girl who played Emily was really great, she really had the look about her. She has these really big eyes and this straight face that scares you. The twist at the end kind of made me scratch my head, but overall I was impressed. But if you look back through the movies I have told you about, I'm usually impressed. Some crap movies do include, the Blair Witch Project as my number one dud.