Friday, March 04, 2005

The Grudge (DVD)

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My sister wanted to get this out tonight, she said all her friends had thought it was really scary. Scarier than most, yes. I've given up on finding movies that scare the bejeebers out of me, but it was scary. It had a lot of bits that made me and my sister jump 10 feet in the air, and some really creepy bits too. So yea, it was scary, and had some good bits, the two zombies/dead people/ghosts were creepy, including another freaking wide eyed kid like from Hide and Seek. However, like most Japanese horror film, it really didn't make a lot of sense, Gellar's acting was a little dry, although not a surprise and it didn't really have a definite ending. Thankfully when I was searching for a shot to show you guys I found out a sequel is coming out in 2006, I'll see it just to ease the mind and try to figure out what the hell happened.

update: if your finding it strange that I've reviewed a few movies in the last couple of weeks, don't be, if you've been reading my novel updates you'll know that I'm lacking inspiration. Horror flicks kind of revive my mind set to the horror mind, perfect for writing.

update update: ok it's working, I've got a kind of horror like feeling, I even see myself wearily walking round my house, half expecting that ghost girl to be staring right at me, theatrical music and all. Believe or not that feeling's good when your writing, no so good when you want to go to bed. It's 12:45am now, and I'm starting to work on my novel, thank something for the time to think in the shower. I had begun to work on a piece in line with my novel that corresponded my spooked out feeling, but I've put it aside for the moment.