Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Bitter and Twisted Syndrome

Some journalists may have heard of this, I heard about it in tafe, and I'm fairly sure I'm a victim. I got into politics last year, I took the left wing approach thinking there must be more humane ways of dealing with problems, that there's so much inequality and I didn't think inhumanity warranted a inhumane response. Of course, seeing the majority of Australians voted for Howard and lack apathy I would have a fair share of opposition. Most of the time I let this go, it's expected, but a lot of the time it gets to me, I have arguments with my racist father who believes Muslims come here to convert Australians and most of them are terrorists. A lot of people have this unfair perception. These arguments can sometimes get heated, so I try to avoid them, but admittedly I have an opinion on everything and if I don't agree I can't hold back. I can half blame the media for this, being that the majority of news chosen to be broadcast is negative. I bet there are so many good news stories itching to be told and they're not because the news broadcaster wants to hook the viewers, making them feel as if they have to watch.

The recent events in Macquarie Fields where the police caused the death of two men was disgusting. Just so the cops could look high and mighty, serving justice at a price way to high. The arguments, 'we can't let them get away with it,' and 'it's they're own fault' just don't cut it for me, I never knew stealing a car warranted the death penalty. If the cops didn't give chase in a narrow street the kids would be alive, they're wouldn't have been the outburst of anger at the cops. What if there was someone else on the road, chases as a general rule should be avoided and used as a last resort, too much wrong can happen. The media coverage has been unfair, they seem to ignore police brutality, quote police injuries and forget the people. It's strange how cops seem to turn up in battalions at an anti-war protest and are never there when you need them. They're always there picking up people on trains without a ticket or always monitoring traffic, and so often I have heard of a horrendous crime where it takes the police an age to get to the scene.

Yes, I ranted again, yes I am solidly wound up in the bitter and twisted syndrome and stuffed if I know how to fix it because I can't help giving a shit.