Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hide and Seek

Emily is one creepy little girl Posted by Hello

I had wanted to see this from the first time I saw the trailer, that doesn't explain much as trailers have the trend to deceive and disappoint, and horror movies in particular. I am one who has never seen a movie where I was truly scared. But a move can be scary or something like that without making you scared as you would think. Hide and Seek really took a step up from the duds that have come about, it really kept you edgy, had enough suprises to keep you awake, and a story line that was well thought out with a barrage of twists and turns to keep you thinking. Robert De Niro is always great, not on of his greatest by far, but a good performance. The girl who played Emily was really great, she really had the look about her. She has these really big eyes and this straight face that scares you. The twist at the end kind of made me scratch my head, but overall I was impressed. But if you look back through the movies I have told you about, I'm usually impressed. Some crap movies do include, the Blair Witch Project as my number one dud.