Wednesday, March 02, 2005

For the sake of the media industry

Habib launches defamation proceedings - National -

I was overjoyed to hear to news the Mr Habib is filing defamation charges against The Daily Telegraph and The Australian. Too long have big name Media companies got away with telling lies and swaying the public opinion in favour of the interests of the rich and powerful. However, the public's lack of apathy and ignorance to the plight of Mr Habib will take a long time to change. Mr Habib, a normal man who was targeted for his religion, will live the rest of his life with this stigma unless the full truth is sought out and more importantly the public accepts this. I really do hope the case goes in Mr Habib's favour for the sake of Mr Habib, the muslim community who have the unfair stigma against them post-9/11 and for the integrity of the media industry that is riddled with bias.