Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Woo Hoo! First sale or should I say first two

Yes, I got my first two sales today, and it was my first real day trying to get sales. The first two days I was an 'observer' and trying to learn what to do, so I'm stoked. I didn't really tell you guys much about the job, I work for 3 mobile, you know the wicked video talk phones, and I have the most hated occupation, I'm a door to door sales person.

I had the same idea as everyone else. Go away I'm not interested, and my family did this even before he had the chance to finish saying his name. Sure, fine. No, it's not when your on the receiving end, it's even worse when someone doesn't answer the door. You can hear them talking, watching TV, and walking round the house inside, but it's just to their rudeness that they don't answer. But my first sale, two phones to an Indian family was great, they were very friendly, and what better I get payed! I'm not going to Baxter after all, I'm going to work tomorrow, mainly because I conned some money off mum in exchange for not going. It's her fault, she'll do anything for me not to 'give a shit'