Monday, March 07, 2005

My thoughts on Blogging, Blogexplosion and the Blogosphere

I have now been blogging since July last year. It has been good, my blog has changed a lot, I think my writing has changed a little bit, and I have have learnt a bit from some of the smart and not so smart comrades in the blogosphere. I still have worries and doubts mainly to do with building a nice readership. It does worry me that I receive only a couple of comments, I wonder if anyone is actually reading. Whether anybody is listening to my rants against right-wing lunatics and my musings on the progress of my novel. I thought blogexplosion would move me forward in this aspect.
The problem with blogexplosion is everyone doesn't really bother to read, they seem to wait their 30 seconds and click on, and it's an empty hit, it means nothing really. If they had read I don't know about it, so to me it's like no one ever came by. The people in the blogosphere are out for hits of their own, they're too self-concerned with earning credits that they fail the key element of blogexplosion - reading. I have read blogs, and I have a few faves, I read them, and endeavor to leave a comment. Maybe that's why I don't have as many credits as others, because I usually stay longer than 30 seconds. I have found blogs I dislike also, namely the right wing blogs. They are full of hysteria, lies and concerns to do with the higher class of the world. They spread hatred against Muslims and anyone who isn't "American" i.e. a republican. Something I also find strange with both left and right-wing blogs is that they go on about Communism/Socialism as if someone involved in that movement is so bad. Do people really know Socialism is for the people, real Socialism not the previous countries that have turned into dictatorships and given a bad name. It really ruined the left when people were supporting Kerry and sledging Nader, the only truly left candidate. Moore supported pro-war Kerry and campaigned for Nader to be removed from the ballot, that is crazy. The blogosphere is one unique place, with smart, stupid and quirky people. I agree that it will continue to grow, I just wish my blog would grow with it, so in the spirit leave a freaking comment.

also Blogger's spell checker is screwed, it says Blog isn't a word. What the...