Tuesday, November 30, 2004

FictionPress.Com Profile : Benjamin Solah

FictionPress.Com Profile : Benjamin Solah

Ok, while I sit at this computer churning out my novel, here is a link to my profile at fictionpress.com complete with 6 fiction pieces and 3 poems. Please read them and leave your comments.

Keep a safe distance of 5 metres

I have no real desire to write today. My mum has screwed it all up for me, she seems to think if she tries to stop me from using the internet I will try tirelessly to get a job. I have applied for 10 jobs yesterday through www.seek.com.au, but no reply (yet). I don't usually write personal rants, but in a nutshell my mum pisses me off. She is so pushy, and hates technology, she seems to think we all live in the 60s where people at 45 still listen to everything there mother tells them (45? No I'm not exaggerating). I lost my cool and the way I blew up must have been very childish, but that's the way it is when you have my mother. I know there are mum's out there that will probably jump up and down at my feelings, and teens that will nod in agreement. Please say what you want, I don't give a fuck.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Novel update: Planning, Research and First draft - Prologue

Word count: 1255

Well I finally got the guts to scrap the first 1106 words I wrote, and replace them with better ones. But first I did some more research and planning. I did some character profiles so I could better understand my two main characters, Hadeon and Aleksander. What was more I went on some of those lame questionnaire sites and did personality tests for Hadeon. This let me gain a better understanding of this really quirky and out there character I have created in my head. The profiles and quizzes allowed me to fill in the gaps that hadn't crossed my mind.
Well I wrote 1255 words and later may follow tonight, and I am pleased with what I have produced as it shows more motivation and introduces Hadeon further. Overall there is more depth in what I have written which is essential in writing a novel.

A chance for change

Move to change migration law - National - www.smh.com.au

Writing has occupied my thoughts lately, but never the less, I have not given up on the refugee issue. This article says that a group of lawyers are working for reform, and they are trying to "demonstrate it was possible to achieve the Government's objective of national security while also maintaining people's right to liberty." Also I have been invited to write a series of articles for an e-zine on the refugee issue, the magazine is American based, and the articles will focus on all areas in trying to create world wide awareness of the issue. Remember that this is a human rights issue, these people have come to seek protection, they have done nothing wrong and they don't deserve to be locking in limbo in inhumane prisons.

Music and Writing

Music mixed with writing can be both good and bad. In my early experiences at being a serious writer I used music constantly to block out external distractions and as a great tool for encasing a mood or emotion that was needed to add authenticity to the scene I was writing. If I was writing a scene about an angry man killing lots of people, angry music such as heavy metal or death metal would be appropriate to bolster these feelings. However especially with loud music that contains alot of screaming this can have an adverse affect. In my experience writing scenes with blaring metal music, the writing tends to come out choppy and crazy, with little literary or intellectual comments. This may be good for a short story, or something that you are not trying to get published. Music should be used before hand but not during, silence, no matter how hard it is to obtain is the best soundtrack for writing, it lets your mind stay open. Also playing games like Grand Theft Auto are a terrible thing to play before or during writing. I am addicted to the games, but if you write after playing them, the writing is something you will not be proud of.

This post can also be found at A-Blog-y-mous Rants

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Novel Update: Research

Tightening the Sagging Middle

Ok, if you refer to my previous post, you might notice I am not feeling that confident about my writing. So I thought some light reading might be in order. I found this link via The Writing desk of the Scribe. It talks about "Tightening the sagging middle", and it did help...a bit. It's not the fault of anyone but myself, I just need to get it all together and start writing.

Novel Update: First Draft - Prologue

Word count: 1106

Ok for some reason I haven't written in a while. Not just because I have been busy. There are some nights that I have had a lot of time, but instead I wasted this time doing something completely pointless or mind-numbing. I thought about the first thousand words I have written, and I read it for a little bit. The writing is good, I sometimes surprise myself with the descriptions and ideas that come out of my head when I'm 'in the zone.' However, does it lead me anywhere? I think I've bitched about this in a previous post, but I am seriously considering re-writing the first thousand words to add a bit of meaning and introduction of the character. But I want to keep some of the great lines I have come up with. This is not the predicament I want to be in. Help?

Team blogging

I have been invited to be part of A-Blog-y-mous Rants, a blog with a team of bloggers rather then one sole rambler. So have a read, the posts are a bit slow but we'll see how it goes.

Getting into a routine

Regular readers will notice that the 'Nanowrimo' meter has not moved in a while. Why? Quite simply, I haven't written anything. I might do some tonight, but I might start again! I don't like what I've written because a) There is not an introduction of the character and b) the killing is senseless and needs to have a motive or the fact that the killing is senseless needs to be made clearer. Something that would solve all this is, if I actually did some writing. In Stephen King's great book 'On Writing' he says writers should get into a routine of writing at least a thousand words a day, and that is something I want to get into the habit of doing. I blog at least once a day, so why can't I write once a day. This has something to do with the shitty keyboard I'm using. I can't type as fast as the words are being processed in my demented head. Also reading is another habit I need to get into. I'm currently reading 'It', which is good, it's just difficult to read reguarly because I am a slow reader, but I will make an effort, next book on the list is 'Grapes of Wroth' by John Steinbeck.

A friends story

It never seizes to amaze me when I read a friends story/poem and actually find that they can write a half decent story. Tonight, Micheal Jones, sent me one of his stories, The Wedding for me to look at. It's erotica, so not everybodies cup of tea, but hey nobody is forcing you to read it. It's well written with some nice description. Have a read if you don't think you will get offended.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Images of our own

Drawing compassion - Arts - www.theage.com.au

An Australian artist is holding an exhibition of works about the refugee issue. She said "This is the saddest it's been as a nation. There is no excitement in a country where most people are only concerned about the size of their mortgage."

Are you hinting at anything Johnnie?

PM riles Asia with snub to peace treaty - www.smh.com.au

Prime Minister John Howard has refused to sign a non-agression pact with our South-East Asian and pacific neighbours. Why? Every other country including China has signed. Are you hinting at anything? If I put myself in Mr Howards mindset this move still strikes me as odd. Why would Howard attack them, there isn't much oil in South-East Asia.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today I went to the University of Wollongong for my interview for a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing). Basically we had to talk about our styles, influences and aspirations and other questions. Everyone was nervous, except for me, the professors seemed pretty nice. I was lucky enough to go first, and it went great. The two interviewers asked mainly about my political writing and they seemed impressed. A lot of encouraging words from them just made me more confident and I seemed to mesh well with them. We seemed to mesh well, in relation to our political beliefs and spiritual beliefs (or lack of). The head professor gave me a reading list that included John Steinbeck, who I have heard of. Have any of you guys heard of him or read any of his stuff? If so, what's he like? Oh and with around five days till the end of Nanowrimo, I may have written the least in the history of the event, I've done like 2%. Oh well, there's still next year.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


What a better late night topic than the drink that keeps people glued to their computer screens doing mind-numbing things such as surf on blogexplosion rather than write the novel of your dreams. Well I went to the city today with two friends, mainly because it was a fare free day. This is because the trains are crap, so crap that this legal secretary got on the radio and told the whole of Sydney to not pay today. The Premier backed down and made it official. Anyway we caught a train that went half way round the world before arriving in the city. This really sucked because we were busting for breakfast at Maccas. So we got of at the quey, and bolted to the Maccas across the road. We arrived at 10:31 (I'm not joking), but there were three bacon & egg Mcmuffins left. Anyway back to coffee, my friend Ben wanted to go to the bank on Pitt Street, and next door happened to be a Starbucks. Now I have always been skeptical about chain coffee shops, mainly because chain hamburger places aren't as good as the local hamburger shop. Well since it was early (10:45 is early for me now, since there is no school) Me and Mitch got a small cafe late (pronounced in a strong aussie accent to avoid sounding like a stuck up yuppie) and it was nice. I mean one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. Why does globilisation have to taste so good. I think they're building a Starbucks at our local shopping centre with the Krispie Kreams and the ice rink. Well it's late, I have an annoying virus on my computer that I haven't been able to get rid of for weeks and I'm too lazy to make a cup of coffee to keep me awake. (Sorry for the spelling and gramma mistakes and all the annoying brackets)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Kingdom Hospital

I am a very big Stephen King fan. I'm currently reading IT, for the first time suprisingly. I have only got a very little way into it and it is already a great read. King has also written a TV series 'Kingdom Hospital.' I have heard a little bit about it on his webpage and some fan sites, but until recently it hasn't come to Australia. Well now it has, and I checked it out, and it's great. I must admit, at first I wasn't to sure weather it was going to be any good. The name turned me away from thinking it would be anything like his books or movies. But it is full of horror, violence and all the quirky stuff that makes his books so good, well it's on in a little under half and hour and I can't wait. Also I'm going to the city tomorrow by train because it's free.

Update on me

Hi all. A lot has happened since I last spoke to everyone in the blogoshere on Friday Afternoon. It involved a formal, an after-party, and a cool new game.

Well when I left you, I was leaving to get ready for my formal on Friday night. I met my friends at a park in Campbelltown to drive a limo to the venue. When we arrived our parents were snapping lots of photos and video, Geez! We went to Appin House, a very cozy venue. Everyone looked great. There were some speeches, dinner, and then some awards. Our group of friends did well snatching 10 of this years awards, including me as Bachelor of the Year! What the...
Afterwards there was dancing, where we had a ball, it included a congo line and a wicked mosh pit.

But the night didn't end there. I went to a friends house, for a mediocre after party. It was fairly calm, not much drinking was done, but we did watch Robin Hood: Men in tights, Shrek, and Pirates of the Caribbean till about four the next morning, where I was woken up at 8 to go to the dentist, Grrr!

When I got back, I was meant to go a family barbecue, but after one of my friends pleaded me to go partying with him, I got out of it. I went to his place, where he was going for his license so we could get to this wicked party. Lucky being only luck, he didn't get them and three of us spent to night playing a new game that I've been dying to get!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game I have ever seen. You can do anything, I found myself acting very childish as I got all excited when I discovered a cool new feature. The character can now swim, instead of just drowning when he fell in the water. You character's clothes can be customized, including hair and tattoos. You have to eat, and work out, you character gets better skills with experience, and that game is two player. Wow, I am a mega game geek aren't I, well I might be getting the game on Wednesday.

Friday, November 19, 2004

A history lesson for the ignorant

Ok, I am quite proud that I have kept my politcal rants to a minimum, but something has to be said to counter all the heartlessness displayed on the right side of the blogosphere.

After the Boar war before the 20th Century, the major powers held a talk in Geneva where they signed the Geneva conventions. These conventions established a set of rules for the humane treatment in the 'unavoidable' event of war. It established the Red Cross/Red Cresent. One clear rule stated that you can't kill someone if they are injured and/or unarmed. What happened with that US soldier killing that Iraqi resistance fighter (the term terrorist and insurgent are both incorrect), was a clear breach of these conventions and he should be held accountable. For those people who said he did it in the heat of battle, you are quite bluntly, stupid. That is problem with the army culture. It is common place knowledge that a heavy metal song with the words 'Burn Muddafucker Burn!' are played through the coms in some cases. A soldier has a job, and he should be responsible. A soldier is someone that defends our way of life, not someone who destroy's every other countries way of life.
Hi to all those right-wing bloggers that are reading this and bursting to make a comment of lies or hysteria or plain ignorance. All are welcome!

A poem

I have written a poem just now, I'm bored at home, I had some thoughts, I felt like writing, So I came up with this. It's bit mushy/deep, but poetry is a way I can release these thoughts. The poem is appropriately called 'Love'

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh the pain!

In a recent post I told you about how much fun I had a Newtown festival. The bands were great and the weather was perfect. Well I forgot that my medication I take for my acne makes me particuarly vunerable to the sun. So I got sunburnt, it was pretty bad, I can deal with sunburn. But when it started to peel yesterday, that's when it got worse. I'm sunburnt on my nose and forehead and when the skin peeled of it left raw skin. This hurts, it stings and itches, if you scratch it, it gets worse. The thing that makes this a big deal to blog about, is that my formal is tomorrow, and not meaning to sound like someone who is superficial (like my sisters) I don't want to look odd with my red raw nose and forehead. It seems to slightly getting better in the last couple of hours but we will have to see tomorrow how it looks then. On a positive note I picked up my suit, and it looks great. I'll be sure to get a digital pic for you guys to look at, but I wont be home till late Saturday/early Sunday. Also I have written more of my novel and I'm up to 1106 words.

Novel update: Planning and First draft - prologue

Current words: 190

Last night I managed to come up with a skeleton for the novel. All major doubts have been eradicated, and now I have a coherent story line to go off. So about 10 minutes ago I started! I have begun to churn out the prologue, the bit before the main story. This bit is the bit that really excited me. So I may reduce blogging to maybe one post a day whilst I continue to tell my tale. Here's one line from my first paragraph, hope you like it.

"The mark left from the first lashing was deep and encased all his pain, it stung like all the mistreatment he had received as a slave in one single blow."

Novel Update: Planning

Wow! Huge development in my novel, I now have a brief skeleton of how the book will go, I will let finer details work themselves out. Like the reader, I want to be suprised by what I find out about the characters. This is only rough, things could change, and the ending is still fairly uncertain. So I am in the process of typing out a slighty more detailed skeleton to go by. Then I'm off! Lots of caffeine ridden nights ahead of me. I will be sure to keep you all posted, through this process.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Novel Update: Research

The Supernatural World :: Telepathy

In order to fill a gap in the story, I went to do a little bit of research on the supernatural to trigger ideas. This is a page on Telepathy and may subtly be included in my story. I have some issues, would Telepathy weaken my story? Is it too clicé? Please leave your thoughts.

Novel Update: Planning

I think I have done enough research now, but as I go I will continue to do more. I have begun to use the snowflake technique to collaborate my ideas. I did step one a fair few days ago. Step two, however, has proved a hassle. This is good, as I found a gap in the storyline before it's too late. Thoughts have been swimming around in my head all day, looking for a solution to this problem. Elements of the supernatural may be incorporated, but not too much. Time travel, is something in this story I have to avoid making to cliché, but my head is spinning and I am dying to start. The prologue, is ready to go out on paper, but I don't want to start until planning is complete or I might ruin the story. Arggh! The HSC is over and I'm stressing over this one little thing that is preventing my story from starting. 50,000 words by the end of November looks impossible.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Me on 2UE!

Ok, I was on 2UE this morning at 7.30am. I was unable to hear it myself as I was on the bus to Canberra. Liz at promotions was kind enough to e-mail me an MP3 version of the editorial that you can all access through my main website, http://writingcorner.cjb.net or right click and select 'save target as' here.

Canberra convergence and Socialist Alternative

Today I woke up at 4.30am!! Why? To get into the city by 7am to catch a bus down to Canberra to protest for refugee rights on the opening of the new parliament. There were three bused organized by ChilOut to travel from Sydney to Canberra. My bus was really slow and so we missed the initial march, however we did get to chant outside parliament house, and march to the attorney generals office. One gripe about the protest, was the media. The protest was swarming with cameras, and the only mention it got on the Channel 9 news, was an incident where some protesters and police scuffled over marching in two lanes instead of one. Come on, is this biased, this is the whole reason why people simply don't care, they digest the mainstream media like a pack of drones, and fail to look into the real facts, such as the fact that what the US are doing in Fallujah* is a war crime.
During the day I hung out with Socialist Alternative, whom I met at the Fallujah rally on Thursday. Over the past year or so, I have begun to become increasingly self-conscious and therefore moving further and further left-wing. So with me agreeing with the true definition of socialism, I joined up and now am a proud member of Socialist Alternative. They have a cool magazine that can be found on their website at http://www.sa.org.au. I will definitely refer to some of their articles.

* apologies for spelling Fallujah wrong in previous posts

Monday, November 15, 2004

The death of a 'freedom fighter'

I have yet to say anything about the sad death of Yasser Arafat, as he himself said "I am not a terrorist, I am a freedom fighter" And I sincerly believe that. He was fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people. The people who have been denied the right to belong to to a country based on religion and imperialist greed. What I don't get, is why do both sides have a problem with each other, why can't they live together. I am appalled at the attacks by world leaders that his death will renew a chance for peace. I disagree, the other side is too greedy to divide it fairly. I had a badge that read "Free Palestine" but I lost it. In regards to Arafat being called a terrorist, it is funny to call him a terrorist but when Bush slaughters thousands or Iraqi civilians in Falluja, no one says anything. Isn't a terrorist someone who creates terror, if so, put Bush in that catagory.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Novel Update: Research

Serial Murder

I found this site on the minds of serial killers, it's late so I haven't read alot of it, check it out it looks interesting. I am also watching a documentery on TV at the moment (it's an ad break right now) about the trail side murders, which is interesting.

Life after the HSC, that unfortunetly doesn't include writing at the present moment

Today I went to Newtown festival with Mitchel. It was a great day, with great bands, I did a bit of volunteering for Socialist Alternative, a group I met on Thursday at the protest to the US consulate. Also I got two new badges that read, "Deport the Liberals not Refugees" and "Unfuck the world", also Mitchel got a badge reading "George Bush, World's #1 Terrorist"
About writing, well I should start but I've been really busy, tomorrow I am home by myself so my meter might get off zero if you read this time tomorrow.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Novel Update: Research/Inspiration

All about Anatoly Onoprienko, by David Lohr

This is the short story of serial killer Anatoly Onoprienko. I found it whilst looking for serial killers from Russia or the Ukraine. I have not read the whole thing yet, but some things have given me ideas and I might be able to start very soon, because I'm itching to start.

Another picture from 2UE and ramblings from a procrastinating writer

Photo: Liz Waddle - 2UE, Red-eyes reduction: Ben Harris, Cropping: Benjamin Solah Posted by Hello

My friend Ben Harris removed the red-eye from this photo for me, plus I did a bit of cropping. Look at me, I'm a journalist...well kind of. Today was a bit of a bludge and I haven't managed to finish the last scraps of research just so I can start writing, but the night is young so I might get something done soon. But at the moment an old favourite of mine is on TV, Jurassic Park. I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was a kid, and I would watch this movie over and over until I got sick of it. Well I haven't seen it in a couple of years so it would be worth a look, the best parts are when the lawyer gets eaten off the dunny and the raptors in the kitchen scene. Have a nice day, and leave a comment.

Novel update: Research

Stefan's Florilegium

I found this page on slavery during 10th century Kievan Rus'. I really have a good angle and I am trying really hard to get started but there is life after the HSC, and it's been pretty busy. I went with my friends to see Bridget Jone's Diary 2, which was good considering it was a chick-flick. Tomorrow I might do a bit of planning, maybe even some writing, but Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and next Saturday are very busy days.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Today at 2UE

Photo: Liz Wadle, 2UE Posted by Hello

Today I went to the 2UE studios in Greenwich, North Sydney. I got to record my 45 second editorial and also got a cool tour of the studio from the promo co-ordinator Liz Wadle. My editorial will be aired a little after 7.30am on Tuesday on the Mike Carlton show at 954 AM. It will also be mailed to me as a cd and e-mailed to me as an mp3 so I can show all you guys even if you don't live in Australia. Also another picture is to come.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today has been great!

Today was a fantastic day for everything. I went to the city with some friends to see the Living End play at Manly warf. They were there to play live for Triple M, but only two songs, however after the broadcast they continued to play for us. Then I went to a protest against the assault on Faluja, which went very well, considering people were only told about it two days ago.

Then the best news of all came by e-mail just moments ago. I sent in an editorial to Radio station 2UE for a contest expressing young people's views...and I won! I get to record my editorial and it will be played on radio, also I get a real cool NEC product.

I am glad I am given an opportunity in this country to express my points of view, and we in Australia and other free countries that we have the Liberty to oppose our government.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Novel Update: Research

Kievan Rus'

Some information of Kievan society in medieval times, with which my character comes from. Kievan society lived in modern day Ukraine, I never knew anything about this civilisation until I looked it up for myself, studies of the middle ages back when I was at school ('Back when' I like the ring of that) focused on England. If you don't like history don't mind me, I'm a history geek.

Novel Update: Motivation and other stuff

Earlier I expressed my interest in writing in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), well as my exams are over, I can begin writing my novel. Nanowrimo will give me a deadline to complete 50,000 words this month. So I've just got to put together some last pieces of research, and then I'm off. There's the meter to your write to count the words and I'll add this graphic somewhere on the sidebar too...if I can find the room.

ASIO to pay out after refugee blunder - http://www.smh.com.au

ASIO to pay out after refugee blunder - Breaking News - http://www.smh.com.au

ASIO has been made to pay $200,000 to a refugee who was mistakenly classified as a security risk and locked up for two years in a detention centre.

Another case, another tragedy, yet this decision won't change anything, unfortunately

Exam reflections: Legal Studies

Well, today was Legal studies, my final exam of the 2004 HSC. I was pretty confident about this one, and I studied for it yesterday with a few friends at the Library. I had to do a do a multiple choice section, a couple of short answer questions on the law, a few extended response questions on crime and two essays on Family Law and World order. Funnily enough the essay were my favourite, in one I got to argue for gay marriage and the other I got critisise America and their involvement in foreign affairs. So I did fairly well, but more importantly it's all over.

I have finished school completely, returned my textbooks, that include three just for modern history. I am free, and it hasn't really sunk in yet, hopefully Uni next year and a new experience for me. But in the meantime it's my novel, parties and a few protests, visit's to detention centres and promoting causes. Basically until March next year, I will be having a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Picture courtesy of Ben Harris Posted by Hello

This is me and my friends at our last official day of school at some dam for a picnic day. I have a lot of memories from High School, after tomorrow me and them switch to party mode.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Novel Update: Research, Planning and other things other then writing

Tonight I embarked on more information about anything, that might have something to do with the first part of my novel, that is set in Medieval times...maybe. As I stated before I'm looking for information to do with the punishment of exile in Medieval times, and other bits and pieces. History really interests me, especially when it doesn't involve exams, assignments and homework. I let my mind take me where it wanted to go, and since I did Soviet Russia for my HSC, I was interested in things pre-dating that. I looked up stuff to do with executions of the time and also found about Prince John, who my father said was exiled, but am yet to find that out for sure. So I'll give research a break till after Wednesday, when I do my final exam of the HSC and then I plan to write as soon as possible

Sites I visted:

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

Damn I've been doing to many quizzes but this one is to good to pass down

Author quiz

1. Do you have a favorite author? Who is it, and which of their works do you recommend that we read? (If you have more than one, feel free to list them!)
Stephen King - Best book, The Green Mile
I also like Dean Koontz

2. Who would you consider your least-favorite author? How many books have you read by this person, and why do you dislike them? (Again, if there is more than one, list away!)
Scott Monk - Read Raw for HSC English, I don't like him because his descriptions are very flat and the book therefore isn't interesting

3. Do you ever purchase a book solely based on the author's name, without even knowing what the book is about? Have you ever been disappointed by something they wrote?
I usually hear about a good author from friends and then start with their most popular book, and I've never been disappointed

4. Have you ever met one of your favorite authors, such as at a book signing or a reading? Did they act as you had expected, or were they completely different from the way you had pictured them?
Haven't met a famous author before

5. Do you check out your favorite author's website or blog on a regular basis?
No, to busy with my own site

From the Book Worm

Sunday, November 07, 2004

New things on my blog

Ok, my sidebar is now longer than my posts. I have added a meter to count how many words I have written for Nanowrimo. At the present moment it's a big fat 0.

Deportation to Fiji splits family of six

Deportation to Fiji splits family of six - SMH

A Fijian women who overstayed her visa, will be deported to Fiji leaving her Australia-born children behind. "I don't know when I will see them again," she said from inside the detention centre yesterday. I urge the government to have a little compassion, this was done a couple of years ago with a Russian women, who could not see her child because she was in detention. How can people see this as fair.

My political rants will begin to be minimized to maybe just the issue of mandatory detention of Asylum seekers, and rare outbursts of disgust at racism and the Iraq war. This is because I am about to beging writing my novel and so that will return the centrepiece of this blog, a it was before. As I write this post I am currently under attack from spyware. Oh and I have a look at my new tagboard/shoutbox, and drop me a line

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Novel update: Research

Medieval Sourcebook

This is the first update on the progress of my novel, which doesn't yet have a working title. Ok, because this is online and anyone can read I'm not going to give away the story or my idea, but will update you on various aspects.

Now I know I said I wouldn't start writing till after the exams, but this doesn't really count because it's only research. This is a link to a source book on stuff about Medieval history. I have always liked this period the most, but it isn't offered as a HSC course, like Ancient and Modern. I'm looking for information on the trial of murderers and the like, also to do with people being exiled. So I'm browsing this, I might set the prologue during the time of the war of the roses.

If you have any information/links that would help me it would be much appreciated.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Iranian to be deported from Australia in the middle of her final exams

Immediately after the [Australian] election a young Iranian Christian man was forcibly (let’s just think what that must have been like…) returned to Iran (see below). Those remaining at Baxter and Villawood are in a terrible state, thinking they’re next.

Jacarandas are in bloom. For countless generations of Australian students this time is always associated with exams. One unfortunate candidate who has lived here for three and a half years on a Bridging Visa E with study rights, sat the first day of her HSC and then kept an appointment with DIMIA relating to her permanent residency application. Her lawyer had been assured she wouldn’t be detained but – you’ve guessed it, she was.

Can you imagine it? All that hard work, that preparation, those years of preparation, that anxiety thrown away by the momentary actions of a bureaucrat. Whatever the circumstances, the girl concerned was not responsible for coming here. What would it have cost us to at least let her sit the exams and have something to show for the years she has spent here? She is very distressed, alone and has been told she will be deported on Friday. Please contact the NSW Minister for Education and Training, Dr Andrew Refshauge to ask if he is happy with this waste of investment in 18 year old Velicia and if he can intervene. Likewise we’d like to think our Federal Education Minister, Dr Brendan Nelson might be concerned? Couldn’t they arrange for her to access her study materials and still take the exams? She is only 18. Does she have to be treated like this?
Dr Andrew Refshauge's e-mail - marrickville@parliament.nsw.gov.au
- From ChilOut newsletter

I am also sitting my exams, and I can imagine what she would be going through, this just isn't right. Sorry I know many of you do not know the full details, but you still must be able to sympathise with these people, we have liberties that they do not

I don't want your bombs Bush!

US bombs to be tested in Australia: report - www.smh.com.au

Reports in the Sydney Morning Herald today say that there are plans to test smart bombs on Australian soil. Do these people just do these things to piss peaceful people like me off? I don't want to have my country used as a testing ground so America can find other countries with lots of oil to blow up. I can't remember when, but a while back Britain tested Nukes in the Australian desert with disastrous effects on the Aboriginal population for year to come. I hate weapons, they cause so much suffering, not just to the countries they bomb, but to their own country. Instead of wasting ridiculous amounts of money on weapons, there could be more money spent on other things. It really sickens me that people continue to take the lives of innocents. Violence solves nothing, Bush claims to fighting for freedom, but you can't do that by taking over a country, it's a total contradiction. Please the divide between the west and the Arabic world will never be fixed until armed conflict is taken out of the diplomatic arsenal.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Scribes new writing desk

For a while now I have been a regular reader of the Scribe. She has moved to her own domain name, as you notice the link to that blog has changed on the blogroll. The blog is about writing and is really useful she also talks about history which I like too so you can go to her site at http://www.fantasyscribe.com or her blog at http://www.fantasyscribe.com/blog/

Exam reflections: Ancient History

Today was probhably the hardest exam I had done, I didn't feel ready at all, the exam is so confusing to know what questions you have to do, and the broad range of the topics means study is not at all fun. Well I got in there, nervous as hell, and I just did it, I wrote as much as I could. The essays were fine, I did one on Augustus, the first emperor of Rome and one on Egyptian burial. By the end I was extremely pleased that I was able to write until the end.

Now just one more, Legal studies and I'm pretty confident I'll do well in that, it's on next Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Canberra Convergance

The ChilOut Bus to Canberra - Tuesday 16 November

ChilOut invites you to join us in Canberra on Tuesday 16th November outside
Parliament House. It is the first sitting day of the new parliament, to be opened by the
Governor-General at 12:30pm. Refugees and their advocates will be on the front lawn
reminding the politicians that we have not gone away! We will plant a sea of hearts.
ChilOut Ambassadors and others will address the crowd. Sydney people can come on
the ChilOut bus (details below).

Departure time 7am sharp

Where Jones Street, Ultimo. Coming along Broadway towards the city, turn left before
you get to the UTS Tower. Coming along Broadway from Central Station, cross Harris
Street on the UTS side of the road, and it's the first right after the UTS Tower.

Return time: bus will return to Sydney at around 6pm.

How to book: first phone Kirsten on 0402 434 601 to reserve your spot.

Cost: $35 (Concession $25)

How to pay:
Cheque or money orders - make out to Refugee Action Coalition, to PO Box 433,
Newtown 2042.
Cash - take to the Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale.
No credit cards. You must pay by Sunday 12 November to secure your spot.
We hope you can make it!

Well I'm going, I've paid my money and it should be good, if you live in Sydney please consider going, even if it's not on the bus.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What is your life rated

My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?

Exam reflections: Modern History

Five down, and only two to go. Today was the biggest, Modern History and the first of my three hour exams. I have been studying for this one the most, and it's really hard to get everything in. Is their really that much room in your head to remember three major topics, and in depth? I had to answer a couple of short answer/mini essay questions on the First World War with the assistance of four sources. That was fine, the questions are on peace and I'm good at that one. Then I had to write two essays on Russia. The first one was a choice of two, and they were both crap questions, but I survived and came up with something reasonably coherent. The next was a two part essay on Leon Trotsky, and it was fairly straitforward. Then finally an essay on Indochina, which I loved because I get to say how stupid America was.
So another one down, and I've got a day off before Ancient History on Thursday

Monday, November 01, 2004

Exam reflections: Drama

Four down, three to go. Today was my one and half hour drama exam where I had to write two essays on two different types of drama: Australian and The theatre of the Absurd. I must admit I didn't think I was ready for this one, I was too busy studying for Modern History tomorrow morning. But once I got inside the exam room and started writing it just seemed to flow out of my pen. I wrote an adequate amount and I live to tell the tale.
So it's Modern History tomorrow, this is a big one. So no Internet tonight because I'll be cramming my little brain out.
If you are a HSC student or anyone please leave your comments.