Friday, November 19, 2004

A history lesson for the ignorant

Ok, I am quite proud that I have kept my politcal rants to a minimum, but something has to be said to counter all the heartlessness displayed on the right side of the blogosphere.

After the Boar war before the 20th Century, the major powers held a talk in Geneva where they signed the Geneva conventions. These conventions established a set of rules for the humane treatment in the 'unavoidable' event of war. It established the Red Cross/Red Cresent. One clear rule stated that you can't kill someone if they are injured and/or unarmed. What happened with that US soldier killing that Iraqi resistance fighter (the term terrorist and insurgent are both incorrect), was a clear breach of these conventions and he should be held accountable. For those people who said he did it in the heat of battle, you are quite bluntly, stupid. That is problem with the army culture. It is common place knowledge that a heavy metal song with the words 'Burn Muddafucker Burn!' are played through the coms in some cases. A soldier has a job, and he should be responsible. A soldier is someone that defends our way of life, not someone who destroy's every other countries way of life.
Hi to all those right-wing bloggers that are reading this and bursting to make a comment of lies or hysteria or plain ignorance. All are welcome!