Monday, November 29, 2004

Music and Writing

Music mixed with writing can be both good and bad. In my early experiences at being a serious writer I used music constantly to block out external distractions and as a great tool for encasing a mood or emotion that was needed to add authenticity to the scene I was writing. If I was writing a scene about an angry man killing lots of people, angry music such as heavy metal or death metal would be appropriate to bolster these feelings. However especially with loud music that contains alot of screaming this can have an adverse affect. In my experience writing scenes with blaring metal music, the writing tends to come out choppy and crazy, with little literary or intellectual comments. This may be good for a short story, or something that you are not trying to get published. Music should be used before hand but not during, silence, no matter how hard it is to obtain is the best soundtrack for writing, it lets your mind stay open. Also playing games like Grand Theft Auto are a terrible thing to play before or during writing. I am addicted to the games, but if you write after playing them, the writing is something you will not be proud of.

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