Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh the pain!

In a recent post I told you about how much fun I had a Newtown festival. The bands were great and the weather was perfect. Well I forgot that my medication I take for my acne makes me particuarly vunerable to the sun. So I got sunburnt, it was pretty bad, I can deal with sunburn. But when it started to peel yesterday, that's when it got worse. I'm sunburnt on my nose and forehead and when the skin peeled of it left raw skin. This hurts, it stings and itches, if you scratch it, it gets worse. The thing that makes this a big deal to blog about, is that my formal is tomorrow, and not meaning to sound like someone who is superficial (like my sisters) I don't want to look odd with my red raw nose and forehead. It seems to slightly getting better in the last couple of hours but we will have to see tomorrow how it looks then. On a positive note I picked up my suit, and it looks great. I'll be sure to get a digital pic for you guys to look at, but I wont be home till late Saturday/early Sunday. Also I have written more of my novel and I'm up to 1106 words.