Friday, November 05, 2004

Iranian to be deported from Australia in the middle of her final exams

Immediately after the [Australian] election a young Iranian Christian man was forcibly (let’s just think what that must have been like…) returned to Iran (see below). Those remaining at Baxter and Villawood are in a terrible state, thinking they’re next.

Jacarandas are in bloom. For countless generations of Australian students this time is always associated with exams. One unfortunate candidate who has lived here for three and a half years on a Bridging Visa E with study rights, sat the first day of her HSC and then kept an appointment with DIMIA relating to her permanent residency application. Her lawyer had been assured she wouldn’t be detained but – you’ve guessed it, she was.

Can you imagine it? All that hard work, that preparation, those years of preparation, that anxiety thrown away by the momentary actions of a bureaucrat. Whatever the circumstances, the girl concerned was not responsible for coming here. What would it have cost us to at least let her sit the exams and have something to show for the years she has spent here? She is very distressed, alone and has been told she will be deported on Friday. Please contact the NSW Minister for Education and Training, Dr Andrew Refshauge to ask if he is happy with this waste of investment in 18 year old Velicia and if he can intervene. Likewise we’d like to think our Federal Education Minister, Dr Brendan Nelson might be concerned? Couldn’t they arrange for her to access her study materials and still take the exams? She is only 18. Does she have to be treated like this?
Dr Andrew Refshauge's e-mail -
- From ChilOut newsletter

I am also sitting my exams, and I can imagine what she would be going through, this just isn't right. Sorry I know many of you do not know the full details, but you still must be able to sympathise with these people, we have liberties that they do not