Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Keep a safe distance of 5 metres

I have no real desire to write today. My mum has screwed it all up for me, she seems to think if she tries to stop me from using the internet I will try tirelessly to get a job. I have applied for 10 jobs yesterday through www.seek.com.au, but no reply (yet). I don't usually write personal rants, but in a nutshell my mum pisses me off. She is so pushy, and hates technology, she seems to think we all live in the 60s where people at 45 still listen to everything there mother tells them (45? No I'm not exaggerating). I lost my cool and the way I blew up must have been very childish, but that's the way it is when you have my mother. I know there are mum's out there that will probably jump up and down at my feelings, and teens that will nod in agreement. Please say what you want, I don't give a fuck.