Monday, November 29, 2004

Novel update: Planning, Research and First draft - Prologue

Word count: 1255

Well I finally got the guts to scrap the first 1106 words I wrote, and replace them with better ones. But first I did some more research and planning. I did some character profiles so I could better understand my two main characters, Hadeon and Aleksander. What was more I went on some of those lame questionnaire sites and did personality tests for Hadeon. This let me gain a better understanding of this really quirky and out there character I have created in my head. The profiles and quizzes allowed me to fill in the gaps that hadn't crossed my mind.
Well I wrote 1255 words and later may follow tonight, and I am pleased with what I have produced as it shows more motivation and introduces Hadeon further. Overall there is more depth in what I have written which is essential in writing a novel.