Sunday, November 28, 2004

Getting into a routine

Regular readers will notice that the 'Nanowrimo' meter has not moved in a while. Why? Quite simply, I haven't written anything. I might do some tonight, but I might start again! I don't like what I've written because a) There is not an introduction of the character and b) the killing is senseless and needs to have a motive or the fact that the killing is senseless needs to be made clearer. Something that would solve all this is, if I actually did some writing. In Stephen King's great book 'On Writing' he says writers should get into a routine of writing at least a thousand words a day, and that is something I want to get into the habit of doing. I blog at least once a day, so why can't I write once a day. This has something to do with the shitty keyboard I'm using. I can't type as fast as the words are being processed in my demented head. Also reading is another habit I need to get into. I'm currently reading 'It', which is good, it's just difficult to read reguarly because I am a slow reader, but I will make an effort, next book on the list is 'Grapes of Wroth' by John Steinbeck.