Sunday, November 28, 2004

Novel Update: First Draft - Prologue

Word count: 1106

Ok for some reason I haven't written in a while. Not just because I have been busy. There are some nights that I have had a lot of time, but instead I wasted this time doing something completely pointless or mind-numbing. I thought about the first thousand words I have written, and I read it for a little bit. The writing is good, I sometimes surprise myself with the descriptions and ideas that come out of my head when I'm 'in the zone.' However, does it lead me anywhere? I think I've bitched about this in a previous post, but I am seriously considering re-writing the first thousand words to add a bit of meaning and introduction of the character. But I want to keep some of the great lines I have come up with. This is not the predicament I want to be in. Help?