Monday, November 08, 2004

Author quiz

1. Do you have a favorite author? Who is it, and which of their works do you recommend that we read? (If you have more than one, feel free to list them!)
Stephen King - Best book, The Green Mile
I also like Dean Koontz

2. Who would you consider your least-favorite author? How many books have you read by this person, and why do you dislike them? (Again, if there is more than one, list away!)
Scott Monk - Read Raw for HSC English, I don't like him because his descriptions are very flat and the book therefore isn't interesting

3. Do you ever purchase a book solely based on the author's name, without even knowing what the book is about? Have you ever been disappointed by something they wrote?
I usually hear about a good author from friends and then start with their most popular book, and I've never been disappointed

4. Have you ever met one of your favorite authors, such as at a book signing or a reading? Did they act as you had expected, or were they completely different from the way you had pictured them?
Haven't met a famous author before

5. Do you check out your favorite author's website or blog on a regular basis?
No, to busy with my own site

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