Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today has been great!

Today was a fantastic day for everything. I went to the city with some friends to see the Living End play at Manly warf. They were there to play live for Triple M, but only two songs, however after the broadcast they continued to play for us. Then I went to a protest against the assault on Faluja, which went very well, considering people were only told about it two days ago.

Then the best news of all came by e-mail just moments ago. I sent in an editorial to Radio station 2UE for a contest expressing young people's views...and I won! I get to record my editorial and it will be played on radio, also I get a real cool NEC product.

I am glad I am given an opportunity in this country to express my points of view, and we in Australia and other free countries that we have the Liberty to oppose our government.