Friday, November 05, 2004

I don't want your bombs Bush!

US bombs to be tested in Australia: report -

Reports in the Sydney Morning Herald today say that there are plans to test smart bombs on Australian soil. Do these people just do these things to piss peaceful people like me off? I don't want to have my country used as a testing ground so America can find other countries with lots of oil to blow up. I can't remember when, but a while back Britain tested Nukes in the Australian desert with disastrous effects on the Aboriginal population for year to come. I hate weapons, they cause so much suffering, not just to the countries they bomb, but to their own country. Instead of wasting ridiculous amounts of money on weapons, there could be more money spent on other things. It really sickens me that people continue to take the lives of innocents. Violence solves nothing, Bush claims to fighting for freedom, but you can't do that by taking over a country, it's a total contradiction. Please the divide between the west and the Arabic world will never be fixed until armed conflict is taken out of the diplomatic arsenal.