Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Exam reflections: Modern History

Five down, and only two to go. Today was the biggest, Modern History and the first of my three hour exams. I have been studying for this one the most, and it's really hard to get everything in. Is their really that much room in your head to remember three major topics, and in depth? I had to answer a couple of short answer/mini essay questions on the First World War with the assistance of four sources. That was fine, the questions are on peace and I'm good at that one. Then I had to write two essays on Russia. The first one was a choice of two, and they were both crap questions, but I survived and came up with something reasonably coherent. The next was a two part essay on Leon Trotsky, and it was fairly straitforward. Then finally an essay on Indochina, which I loved because I get to say how stupid America was.
So another one down, and I've got a day off before Ancient History on Thursday