Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ignorance is not bliss, Ignorance is ignorance.

Today I finished reading, 'Asylum - voices behind the razor wire' by Heather Tyler. It was a great book, it spoke of the plight of Asylum seekers. I have a pile of other books that I have borrowed on the issue, but as I continually read more on it, whether in book, in newspapers or online at websites such as www.chilout.org I continue to feel that the people that read up on this issue are the ones that are already convinced and want to know the truth. The problem is that many people refuse to look at the truth and blindly follow what ever the government wants to tell them. The ignorance of the everyday Australia is further aggravated by The Daily Telegraph, and other biased conservative newspapers that routinely follow the government line. If you are one that doesn't care about people being locked up when they have done nothing but seek our protection, the read 'Asylum'