Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The problem isn't getting any better

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Today there came findings that ecstasy user's were also using drugs such as Viagra and anti-depressants to give them an extra high. This problem will increase the chance a fatality. The Green's drug policy has coped a lot of flak, most of it unjust. Well if people would look at the facts of the drug policy rather than what the Telegraph tells them, then the people of Australia would have had a much clearer picture of the real situation. The Greens concede that the drug problem isn't getting any better, and proposes that they discriminalise personal drug use, in order to make it easier for addicts to seek help. Heroin users would be slowly weaned of the drug, and the benefit of a clinic or hospital giving them it, rather than a guy of the street is that it won't contain other dangerous substances. This legalization of personal drug use, does not mean they are going to legalize other drug offences such as dealing and trafficking.

Maybe now with the Greens with a strong chance of getting a few more senate seats, the message can be put across.