Sunday, October 03, 2004

There is still hope for humanity!

Today was the 'End the lies' rally. Merlin Luck, refugee activist from Big Brother said it was very encouraging to see so many people from so many different walks of life turn up to oppose Howard's continual lying to the people of Australia. The event received a lot of media attention which was good, I saw myself on the ABC news, holding a banner with a member from Resistance.

Resistance is a branch of Socialist Alliance, a party that stands what I stand for, humanity. When I first met the Socialist Alliance and Resistance at World Refugee day, I was hesitant in following them because I thought that they followed the traditional Socialist doctrine, as in Soviet Russia had. But once you get to speak to them and understand what they stand for, they are a very reasonable party and they may well get my vote in the Senate, behind the Greens. Although I like the Socialist Alliance I am well and truly a Greens supporter. But whoever you vote for on Saturday, vote for someone who is humane and caring, and remember some things are more important than interest rates.