Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Unethical scare tactics will lead to a viciously ill-made choice

Be afraid of the big bad wolf, voters warned - US Elections - www.smh.com.au

George Bush's latest ad and campaign angle is quite frightening, not that it reminds you of the real terror threat, but it plays with people's fears. People who don't really know, are sucked into the republican propaganda rather than an informed choice between the two parties policies. To say you would be better to throw your family to the wolves rather than vote for Kerry is absurd and unethical. George Bush did nothing before 9/11, and when 9/11 came he wasn't thinking of the tragedy of all the innocent Americans that got killed, he wasn't thinking of stopping Osama Bin Ladin. All George W. Bush cared about was taking out Saddam Hussein because he has lots of oil and George wasn't happy he beat his daddy a decade ago. Bush thinks about money, and that's it, not about freedom or doing things the humane. If he wanted to stop terrorism wouldn't the troops be better off looking for Bin Ladin in Afghanistan rather than killing people needlessly in Iraq.