Friday, October 15, 2004

My revhead week

OK, for those who haven't caught on or you probhably live in the US (I think the majority are US readers) this week has been packed with car things. Before, this blog, and my return to writing I ran a website with a friend mitch at which had no hits and 1 gallery of the motorshow, either 2000 or 2001. Well basically since about 1998 (when I started following F1) I wanted to become an F1 driver, (I guess people are either on the ground laughing right now or shaking their head in shame.) I gave up on that in about 2001/2002 when I realised I had no chance and started thinking about web design or journalism. Well I think journalism is what I want to do (besides write of course). Well if you have gotten this far into this post I applaud you. Well I am still deeply connected to cars, so this week has been 1. Bathurst last Saturday and Sunday 2. The 2004 Australian International Motorshow and 3. the motorbike GP this weekend. So this is my week of being a revhead (whilst studying of course.) Below is a pick of me (left) and my friend steve (right) in a Honda S2000, a very nice car indeed.

Picture courtesy of Ben Harris, and can only be reproduced with his permission, so if you wan't to use the pic contact me, and I'll ask him.